They Are Richer (And Powerful) 9 Women in The Fashion Industry

A few days ago the news that Liliene Bettencourt, heiress and main shareholder of the L’ Oréal group, He managed to surpass in fortune to the luxury Tycoon Bernard Arnault, left in shock to the fashion and beauty industries. Is estimated that his fortune might exceed the 31.200 million euros (about 36.1 billion dollars according to Forbes), leaving over even, of Sandra Ortega Mera, daughter of the founder of Zara, Amancio Ortega, two of the world’s richest man. But who are the? of the fashion world’s richest women? We have studied the women published by Forbes billionaire list, and here they are! Continue reading

By What The World of The Fashion Supports a Hillary Clinton (Though Not like His Eternal Suit)?

If you have an Anna Wintour convinced then you have (almost) all of the fish sold at least as far as the world of fashion terms, and that is something that Hillary Clinton knows well. The favorite Democrat candidate to the Presidency of the United States has large support among famous designers, actors and fashion editors, but what is it that leads them from a lance in favor of Hillary Clinton? Continue reading

The Future of Fashion Is in Danger? This Is The Landscape That Designers Have

Even the largest began from below. The great names of fashion also had somewhat modest origins, until it reached its moment of glory. But, How is the start of the path which has to go through a young designer to be named? Is it easy to jump into the adventure of having your own brand? Do we treat well to these promising young? Continue reading

Pharrell Williams Is Passed to The World of Fashion at The Hands of G – Star

The musician Pharrell Williams He became famous thanks to the single “Happy” and as the producer of groups like Daft Punk. The musician is now in co-owner signature G-Star. Pharell is a lover declared of the fashion world, has in fact made collaborations with other firms such as Adidas. The musician will be part of mark across-the-Board creative, from the collections of fashion through signature campaigns. Continue reading

21. Interesting Work If Tea Want to Dedicate to Fashion

As Miranda Priestly in the Devil Wears Zara, “everyone wants to be one of us”. The works in the world of fashion they can be really envied but the truth is that most are not as glamorous as they seem, and involve work too many hours without charging too much. However, If you clear your vocation is fashion and you want to devote to it, look at these 21 professions related to fashion that can be designed for you. Continue reading

The Instagrammers of Fashion, Them Have Removed Them The Post to The Bloggers in 2015

Today fashion blogger now it is not. We live in a world where governs the law of the do minimum effort?, that’s why upload different photos to the blog next to an entry with several meaningless phrases, it is too much work. Now what is is hanging a picture on Instagram and charge lots of money for it. We already know that in function of the followers may have one can disburse astronomical figures that the majority of humans don’t see at end of month (after waking up early every morning). And is this 2015 the Instagrammers fashion they have ousted the bloggers. Continue reading

The Fashionable Spanish for Children Christmas The FelcitacióN Conquest of The Dukes of Cambridge

On December 18 the official Christmas card of the British family was spread by the Kensington Palace on the occasion of the festivities. What were unaware, however, is that after her hide Fine Ejerique y M & H, the two firms responsible for Spanish from dress up the sons of the Dukes of Cambridge. Continue reading

How Can They Have Changed Fashion Social Networks?

How have social networks changed the fashion? The first time you I heard this question I stayed with guiri face as they try to explain in Swahili where is an address. But with time and the question macerating in my mind, today it could give an answer with a bit of sense. Or at least try. There is one clear thing so we can begin to argue this issue: social networks have accelerated a process I was going to snail’s pace (or that it was simply stuck at a point. Continue reading

Why Is Fashion So Interested in China? The Reasons for a Millionaire Love

China looks like a few years fashion puts eyes. Fulfilled, parties, large events and tributes in the most exclusive sites. Western fashion brands are aware of the potential of that country, for only you can reach exceed the sales generated on other continents. The Millionaire love has their reasons, This time it is not necessary for the heart to understand, business is business. Continue reading

El Delgado Buil, Autumn-Winter 2010 / 2011 at The Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week

El Delgado Buil I have always loved, but never has so much monopolized my attention as now that I see your collection Autumn-winter 2010 / 2011, especially the male part. A magnificent collection of very inspired by the British world (that now will be timeless), with the hunt as protagonist. Fur Fox, pants English hunting and vintage prints that have fascinated me. Continue reading

Inditex and AndréS Sardá among The Winners in The National Awards for Fashion

Spanish fashion deserves awards and since last year they created the National fashion Awards. Today have been held in the Costume Museum Madrid II Edition, with the great absence of the Reina Letizia, upon the death of his maternal grandfather. The Minister of industry, energy and tourism, Jose Manuel Soria, and the Vice-President of the Government, Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, have been responsible for delivering the awards. Continue reading

It Boasts Shoulders This Summer with These Beautiful Blouses

He said Donna Karan that shoulder was one of the best parts of the woman to be shown: clear sensuality and is a beautiful area whatever your size or your age. None has complex of ugly shoulders right? So this spring-summer Welcome to the blouses that leave Bare shoulders. They are very sexy, and you get a Bohemian style ideal for good weather. Always remember me the traditional Mexican costumes, so this type of tops I find joyful and funny. Continue reading