Summer Fashion Beach Wear

In city style. It arrived the heat and we are left in the city. Overcoming the desire to be in a cool place, where even touching the 30 degrees in the shade, you can refresh yourself with a dip in the water, we must remember an important rule: in terms of style, warm does not mean that everything is granted. Especially not in town!

Flip-flops  rubber. Let’s face it, the  Havaianas, are not really suited to the city. According to breathtakingdresses, beach dresses are granted only if you are in unacittadina sea. If you prefer to avoid the heels opting for comfort, choose pretty sandals or ballet flats. Not to forget the platform shoes, definitely  in  for summer 2011.
A sound  not  even for the crocs, the rubber clogs, and boots.

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Moncler Gamme Bleu Jacket

The French fashion brand Moncler Gamme Bleu was presented yesterday on the catwalk during the second day of the Milan fashion week, the event of Milan where the brands we are presenting their collections of men’s fashion for autumn winter 2012 2013. Moncler was one of the most anticipated brand, especially from younger people who like sporty style and casual . For the next cold season Moncler sublimated his essence sport by producing a collection that draws inspiration from one of sports most famous and beloved, the motoring. Here is what brought the French brand on the runway of Milan fashion week.

With Mens Spring Jackets, MONCLER Gamme Bleu has created a highly unusual collection that I did not expect to see on a catwalk. The brand has paraded the models that appear in all respects of Formula 1 with padded jumpsuits , quilted jackets and trousers with rib stretch ankle. Continue reading

How to Wear Leggings Right

No other garment are the ghosts so much as with leggings. Except, of course, perhaps at Ugg- Boots and have been officially recognized as a not so nice, even if they are practical. But with us today is about leggings. There is really no one who stands against them neutral. Either you love leggings or you hate it. Point. We you might still be able swayed because Leggings are a practical garment, we show you today how you can wear leggings properly.

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Underwear that Makes You Slimmer

After the winter revelry, in May I started again with the gym and a healthy feeding regime that allowed me to throw down the extra pounds I had accumulated. Now I’m back in my size 42 but, I admit, some roll and cocoon I have left. I hate-hate-hate. According to many then, there’s no gym that holds and those will remain there probably!

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Buy Designer Anklets Online

Anklet is a beautiful accessory that has a touch of rebellion and tradition in it. Anklet worn around one or both ankles together with toe rings sterling silver free shipping. This sweet piece of jewelry originated in Southeast Asia where it is still worn by married women as a sign of prosperity and happiness. In India and Pakistan anklets are known as Pajeb and usually made of silver or gold. Traditional ankle bracelets have figures attached to it, creating a beautiful sound while walking. These days, anklet and especially charm sterling silver anklet is receiving very popular as an accessory for all occasions. Contemporary charm anklet designs are made with a number of materials such as glass beads, pearls, precious stones and other. Anklet is one of those accessories that suit almost every outfit. From jeans to the chest from short dresses to full length gowns ankle bracelets look good with everything. Although anklet is mostly associated with young girls designer charm anklet can be worn by women of all ages, thanks to their wide range of designs. Ankle bracelets with freshwater pearls or Swarovski crystals look very elegant and suitable for older and younger women. Charm sterling silver anklet also makes for a very good gift item. Since most of them are adjustable sterling silver chains, you even need to know the ankle or foot size to make it a gift to someone.

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Enrico Coveri Shoes

Even Enrico Coveri tells her the last day of Women’s Shoes for Small Feet of Milan Fashion Week for spring-summer 2012. The fashion brand gives us a great show in the days of glamor capital of Lombardy, which have attracted the eyes of the city of Milan and the ‘attention to fashion insiders and visitors who just want to see the trend of the next season hot. Today is the last day of the fashion week in Milan Men: let’s see what we proposed in detail Enrico Coveri with its amazing collection of fashion for the male wardrobe. Continue reading

The Beauty of Ethnic Necklaces

In summer it is a must put on new colors and absorb all the energy of nature, sea and sun. Will serve to recharge our batteries for the next few months! One way to give us a special light is also to wear colorful necklaces, rediscovering the ‘joy of glass beads or ceramic, creating lively and original combinations.

Wear necklaces richly colored part by centuries of culture of many peoples, especially those tribal, for which the shape, materials and colors often have a tradition and a precise meaning and jewelry in addition to give beauty to the women who wear them are also the powerful amulets.

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Select the Large Swimwear

You are mushy and you do not know what to choose as swimwear this summer? Tired of Monokinis you get older and you want to play the star on the sunny beaches? Solution: Swimwear flat stomach. If your curves are present evenly over your body and your waist is highlighted, your goal is to work out. To give you big when choosing your swimwear, here are some tips.

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What to Wear Plaid Pants with

Cage returns to the catwalks of. However trousers in a cage for long been exclusively male wardrobe, to date a variety of models plaid pants female impressive.

What to Wear Plaid Pants?

In this case, as with any print or pattern of the dress, most importantly – do not overdo it. With plaid trousers best worn hard top, blouse, socks, shirts, turtlenecks. It is worth to remember one rule of wearing plaid pants: a brighter cell – the more moderate elements of other colors clothes.

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Summer Skirts Womens Fashion

Summer skirts caught not only bright colors, but style: Today fashion democratic, and not taking advantage of it is simply impossible, because now it can be put as close mines and the beautiful maxi: even difficult to imagine first glance, how many different images can be achieved by wearing such a fashion this summer, something like sex.

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Trussardi Jeans Homme

The fashion label Trussardi took part in the Milan fashion week for next spring-summer 2013, with a line absolutely amazing and a decked out to pay homage to the city that hosted the Festival fashion. Live streaming online on his website, the fashion brand has walked almost to the homes of all the fashionistas who love the style of this maison: it was like being in the front row at the Trussardi fashion show to steal live the secrets of women’s wardrobe of next summer. The Italian fashion house has reserved all women of pleasant surprises, with delicious and hyper-feminine trend, which we are deffo.

Tomaso Trussardi, still in love with Michelle Hunziker as boyfriend jeans, and his entire family were treated to Italian women and not just a wonderful show, with elegant clothes but simple at the same time, sophisticated and glamorous, ideal for a modern young woman who likes to stand out with the creations that she wears every day, both in casual occasions that in most important situations. Continue reading

Selection Guide Coat (or Hangers)

A problem common to all homes is that the space is never enough. Of any size is our home, the more it is populated by people and objects, plus the space starts to run low. Especially the space to put in place clothing items, bags, to give an impression of order and general cleaning for our guests.

Additional space-saving furniture, or element that allows little space to provide accommodation for small items of daily use, is the jacket hanger.

For its exceptional functionality, the hangers can be considered an “evergreen furnishing”, capable of crossing all styles, from classical to modern, confirming its extremely useful in every corner of the house.

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Wear Lingerie to Shape Your Body

Corrective dress does a great concealing lingerie, which put in its formal or casual outfit. Matter of all these secret weapons is “breathable”, so there is no danger of unpleasant sweating.

There is also a corrective ladies pants who successfully fight the orange skin and cellulite. They are proven to increase circulation. Tighten and visually reduce the circumference of your hips at the moment.

You can stop and corrective skirt. This option is especially recommended if you wear straight skirts on the body. This will look flawless.

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Summer Dresses with Round Shoulders

Dresses with round shoulders, hyper-feminine fashion for spring summer 2016 prefers models with round shoulders puffed sleeves, rounded or balloon, to decline in several pieces. Here is a new trend that seems destined to last over time, as confirmed by the latest fashion show in Milan.

The backs of the dresses spring summer 2016 will no longer be squared off, but will have a gentle curve that will make women look more feminine, giving a special feeling of lightness. The sleeves have this form which is perfectly adapted to jackets, sweaters and skirts, creating new editions, but above all give the outfit that unique touch, Belle Époque style that transforms the dress in a romantic experience. Continue reading

Perfectly Imperfect Jewelry Yoko Shimizu

Will the rigor and lightness of Japan, the country of origin of the designer, dressed in Tuscan sauce, that is, the region of which they are original and I… do not know where she resides. I know that to me the jewels Yoko Shimizu like to go crazy. Read: Someone stop me or I make a killing (the euro on bank cc)!

It is a simple and harmonic style to this fantastic jewelry designers experimenting with shapes and materials, building her jewelry a piece at a time, stopping to see what effect they have on the body. Sometimes the imperfection is needed, other times must be removed, but remains something unexpected, a sort of hot voltage.

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Vintage Clothes

What’s Vintage Fashion?

As Vintage Fashion besides garments and vintage (vintage cars), old furniture and musical instruments are called. A distinction “in old” cope trimmed pieces between models of old epochs and. This may be, for. Example, clothes from the period 1930-1970. Vintage fashion thus includes many different eras and is nowadays often called a retro look. The old garments in Charleston style come just as again stand out as the dotted Rockabilly dresses of the 60s or the flowery garments of the 70s. Because Vintage Fashion includes many different sectional shapes, it is suitable for almost every wearer and every carrier.

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How to Wear Seamless Underwear

Lingerie – usually quite conservative in function garment. And the new trend it is usually associated with the new requirements or the use of new technologies. The appearance of seamless underwear meets these two conditions. Seamless underwear can be considered to attach the new millennium – in the twentieth century it almost was not. Its production is based on the same principle as the production of socks, knitted fabric. And the first customers seamless underwear were women. After all, who wears tight clothes and delicate, dignity stuff convincingly – if there are no seams, and they will not be visible. Then the advantages of this type of clothing valued and women who are addicted to sports, fitness and dance.

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Sunglasses for Summer 2014

The sunglasses are the must-have accessory par excellence in both winter and summer. A special accessory, which some consider only functional to protect the eyes from sunlight while the majority considers it a real habit to use even in the absence of the sun to give a tone and an ‘air of mystery. For this 2014 summer the trend wants rounded frames with a fondness for oversize measures, or the tip of original and artistic forms and bright colors and shades powerful.

Let’s find out what are the trends for 2014 large oversized sunglasses in this article.

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Luxury Watches: the New Trends of 2015

Do not pass unnoticed the new watch collection 2015 signed by the most exclusive fashion houses, new lines and a redesign of the flagship models, with limited editions that have movements of craftsmanship and quality materials.

Squared and essential or round and super valuable in gold, platinum and silver, are mainly characterized by a leather strap or steel, combined with a natural mother of pearl dial on which stand out small diamonds or precious stones.
a unique preview of these fabulous and elegant objects of great value, suitable for any occasion and who accompany us in everyday life.

Automatic watch Chopard “Imperiale”

L ‘automatic watch “Imperial” is the most exclusive expression of femininity and elegance. In 18-carat rose gold polished, resplendent in all its beauty through the checkout with diamonds and white mother of pearl dial.

Additionally enhanced by loops, from the line and the hour markers with diamonds, this sophisticated timepiece reflects perfectly the watches style Ehotelat.

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