Fix Design Fall Winter

Fix Design offers us a small preview of the autumn winter 2010 2011, Fix Design collection is a cute and imaginative designer labels, the motto is “ideas factory”and it’s easy to guess why! The new Fix Design collection is inspired by the world of fairy tales, we garments and accessories with the Seven dwarfs, with Alice in wonderland characters, in short, as always Fix Design world is a journey through fairy tales, fables, fantasy and trend, only a tendency sweet and chic that to me is absolutely irresistible. Continue reading

How to Wear Yoga Tops

Proper diet, refusal of bad habits, sports and holidays – all now considered an integral part of an active and exciting life of young girls. It makes corrections and modern fashion wardrobe: there is not only bright clothing, comfortable clothes for every day, but also a variety of things, training for cycling or inline skates for vыlazok of nature. Sports shirts, pants, suits, shoes – today it is not only convenient, but also beautiful and stylish and modern. Over creation of these things work very famous designers such as effort and skills to do the usual workout more enjoyable: Agree, indulge in beautiful clothes – it’s great.

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Salvatore Ferragamo Red Carpet

Bringing back the Emmy Awards, and return the red carpet that count and of course one of the big players is our Salvatore Ferragamo, the fashion designer has been chosen by various celebrities for the look, clothes, shoes and accessories. On the occasion of the Primetime Emmy Awards 2010 held on August 29 in Los Angeles celebrities have preferred the style of the Italian designer to be beautiful and be noticed, the stars are doing everything to be beautiful, composed but also to make your mark with a particular that the face distinguish from other appearances on the red carpet. Continue reading

Grace Coddington Vogue Editorials

These two miniature versions would give satisfaction to even the most hardened fetishists. Or wanting to be evil even to those who, unable to afford to respond in kind to the queen of fashion, the most authoritarian helmet fashion industry able to nip any career or would-be, Anna Wintour, could take off some pebble in the shoe on the two referring reproductions. note is that if you heard the need to get into a miniature teddy, a doll in a nutshell, the queen of fashion, and his red alter ego,Grace Coddington, the talented right arm more and more in sight in the corridors of fashion since has given proof of good character and professional awareness in the docu-story “September Issue”, you should tune in on the various initiatives that New york has in Serbia for the Fashion Night Out. Continue reading

Tom Ford Cocktail Dresses

When Tom Ford calls, you answer, even if your name is Stella Tennant, and no longer extensions for a long, or if your name is Beyoncé Knowles, but care more about music than fashion, or you’re an actress Julianne Moore and fame international. When Tom Ford calls you answer simply because in addition to being one of the most talented designers of the fashion industry is also one of the most charismatic and charming characters in the fashion industry, able to attract the press and curious as honey with bees. And so it was. As we had anticipated in the fashion aisles ran the gossip he wanted Tom Ford ready to present his first collection of womenswear blindatissimo during a cocktail, then the news proved founded. Continue reading

New Collection of H&M

Are you ready for the latest news from H & M? The now summer is over even if the temperatures do not say, but unfortunately we all came back on battle stations to those who work to study and bathrooms and holidays even the shadow! Fortunately, however, the fashion never abandons us, and even H & M which presents new accessories collection autumn winter 2011 2012, it is still early to wear them but certainly not to buy them, you will see that will be snapped up, are too cute! Continue reading

Look Good Feel Good during Pregnancy

Pregnant famous beauties continue to look great, regardless of changes in waist circumference them. This star style for pregnant will help all expectant mothers to draw ideas for inspiring outfits and raise your mood.
Because no matter how you enjoy growing their bellies, sometimes the inability to wear your favorite beautiful clothes makes them feel less attractive as before.

Maintaining a stylish vision during pregnancy can be a real challenge. The easiest way to choose something inspiring, comfortable and chic, is to “steal” the idea of a celebrity. In the gallery below you can see inspirations from always dressed expert Kim Kardashian to stylish combinations Chris Teagan.

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Accessorize Accessories Online

Change the season but our passion for accessories and Accessorize is well aware! From brave fashion addicted (or victim if you really can not think of anything else!), We know that without the right accessories, jewelry, handbags,scarves or shoes that are, even the most beautiful dress loses the charm, right? So here are the first images of the catalog designed by Accessorize for the ‘fall-winter 2011-2012, a full line of more or less colorful ideas depending on your taste, but certainly varied as always, let’s find out together! Continue reading

Sunglasses Ray Ban 2014

Among the many innovations in the spring-summer collection 2014 Ray Ban, stand out the most classic models, such as the Aviator and drop lenses.

It is not summer if we do not wear a pair of sunglasses. In addition to being essential, it is the most fashionable accessory of summer, suitable to beautify our looks, especially with all the trendiest proposals that we find in the store, but also online with a wide selection of sunglasses, to good and favorable prices, as the new collection Ray Ban for the spring-summer 2014.

Ray Ban Wayfarer

Always been the well-known brand of sunglasses offers many models to suit every face. For this season the news are many, from colored and printed frames, such as the new model Original Wayfarer Urban Camouflage. Not even Ray Ban resist the print comouflage season trend, and proposes the small rods, in shades of ‘orange and blue.

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H&M Marni Collection

It ‘s official: for the spring summer 2012 H & M has relied on Marni, one of the historical brands of the made in Italy, to create a capsule collection dedicated to men’s fashion that is stylish woman. The news is really fresh and the Swedish fashion company, after the sold out of the capsule collection created by our Donatella Versace, wasted no time releasing a press release made known this new collaboration. I must admit that I did not expect that H & M thought to an exclusive line for spring 2012, mainly involving another signature of Italian fashion. All ready to Marni for H & M? Continue reading

Casual Bags and Backpacks

A stuffy briefcase does not fit the fashionable hipster look. Young men prefer unconventional go messenger or stylish backpacks. The look unconventional and match their spirit. In the practical shoulder bags and messenger allows the office life easy stowing. The casual companions have a clear design, are durable and functional. Your subjects are clever split with padded extra compartment for laptop and compartments for paperwork, folders and documents. So the office life is perfectly organized. Each model has an individual classification system. Processes are the bags made from robust leather authentic, in canvas or in the material, all in masculine colors. Practical chic bags come in all sizes and for every type of man.

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Marc Jacobs Christian Dior

He ‘s official: Marc Jacobs, the famous American designer known for his love of Prada and for masculine look with a skirt, as well as for his unquestionable talent of course, declined the role of creative director of Christian Dior. For him, at this point, nothing will change: will remain to direct Louis Vuitton and two other brands that bear his name, Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs. In short, what we had predicted there a few days ago has not proved entirely wrong: it seems that Christian Dior is unable to replace John Galliano. Continue reading

Fashion and Gadgets for the World Cup 2014

Saturday, June 14 the Italian national team made its debut in Brazil and we tifiamo … showing off one of the many gadgets that during this sporting event were realized!

Not really miss anything in the top list of gadgets cuter, funny, and why not useful, that bear the colors of the Italian national team, from the classic tricolor blue sky, and all the football teams participating in the 2014 World Cup.

There’s something for all tastes and many brands have created real collections of special edition and limited to celebrate the World Cup Brazil 2014, ranging from t-shirts to suits, from bags to suitcases, from watches to jewelry, from jewel sandals flip-flops and espadrilles, helmets for the bike until you get to design objects to create a table of mise en place unique and original in perfect world “style of football”!

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Marc by Marc Jacobs Stripey Lips

Christmas is coming and the time to buy gifts begins to tighten, I know you still miss a few weeks but you will see that with the frenzy of the last time to spend more and less beautiful gifts. The trick to doing well chosen and beautiful gifts you think about it in time, or before and prepare well in advance, so as to make even a trip to watch the prices. Make gifts in advance is also a great excuse to resort to online shopping, as we know, always has the lowest prices. Continue reading

David Beckham H & M Swimwear

In May, the former footballer David Beckham launches her own line of swimwear for H & M.

The collaboration between the former most famous footballer in the world David Beckham, and the Swedish low cost brand H & M. After having selected as his ambassador to represent the new collections for men , is coming a line of affordable swimwear for H & M designed right from Beckham.

The collection is available from the month of May 2014 in stores H & M selected and consists of three different models: slip, available in solid colors: white, blue and khaki green color, boxers and Bermuda shorts in color block version and lines.

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Prada Christmas Edition

A Christmas to discover what Prada has designed for us this year, the proposals of the fashion house in the field of accessories and then the gifts are many and some really amazing! There are key rings in the shape of a bear, but also guitar and the inevitable letters of the alphabet, there are plenty of chic gifts such as bags and briefcases in bright colors, or even wallets and even find more technological as beautiful USB flash drives ! Short of gift ideas in there are many, we give them a look together! Continue reading

The Beauty Secrets of Rihanna

How does Rihanna to always be beautiful and stylish? The importance of makeup and the inevitable jewels do their part. But what to choose?

Rihanna is without a doubt the King Midas of our generation. Everything he touches turns to gold, or does: thousands of fans and followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, its songs and features are international hits, the continuous change of look (albeit eccentric) are now trendy, so much so that many houses fashion and make-up have chosen it as a testimonial or have wanted for important beneficial collaborations .

But where will the inspiration Barbadian pop star, she seems so unattainable but thanks to social networks remains close and in constant contact with his Navy? To give her a lot of ideas are the profiles of the Middle East following on Instagram, much loved by celebs platform here share images of their private life. By extension to the colored wigs, the make-up (his secret? L ‘eyeliner MAC), to simpler and elegant look to other much more daring and eccentric.

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Stussy x Hello Kitty

Stussy and Hello Kitty work together to create a capsule collection which includes many offering delicious T-shirt colorful and imaginative but also various accessories such as clutch bag, key chain and so on. Another double birthday, this time we have the Stussy brand blowing out his first 30 candles and Hello Kitty, as we all know, has reached 35 years. This new capsule collection is fantastic, one of the nicest to tell the truth also is good for everyone, first of all because there is a wide choice and then because in addition to T-shirts are also various accessories and for those there is no age. Continue reading

How to Decorate a Bikini


With the arrival of warm summer and begin the first trips to the sea and the first glimpses of summer explodes the desire to show off an enviable bikini, maybe art cimentandoci of do it yourself. For those with manual dexterity it is not difficult, you just acquire a needle and thread and so much creativity. But even those who are not very practical in DIY can follow this simple guide to decorate herself a bikini. To do this you need some decorations such as sequins, beads or Swarovski, who expertly applied in the right places will give a very chic touch to the costume.


Make sure you have on hand:


Sequins, beads or Swarovski choice;

Needle and thread; Continue reading

Hermes Advertising Campaign

Hermès focuses on fairy tales. Even as a little ‘advertising campaigns of one of the most popular luxury brands in the world have a kind of fairy tale, and I am absolutely determined to carry clients into a fantasy world full of magical atmosphere and imaginative. We saw together the advertising campaign that Hermès has proposed for autumn-winter 2010/2011, it is a series of photographs taken by Paolo Roversi, one of the most respected fashion photographers of the moment when a mysterious thief wrapped in a ‘close-fitting leather suit clearly signed Hermès is haunting hunting avenues and alleys of an impenetrable and smoky city of orange boxes of prestigious brands and exceptional items and winter accessories. Continue reading

How to Repair Sunglasses


The Sunglasses: an invention created specifically to protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays, and overexposure to sunlight.

However, the sunglasses in recent times, and their purpose was passed, making the use of these a matter of fashion. In fact, especially among young people, you are literally competing to see who has the model most innovative frame and processed. In frequent, especially in summer time, it happens that the delicate frames go to break and repair (in addition to cost a lot) is very difficult in an independent manner, without the help of an expert. On the other hand, there are techniques that allow the repair of the frame, in a simple and much cheaper. In this guide I’m going to list a few, and the most common of repair sunglasses. Continue reading