Best Fashion Maternity Swimsuit 2016

There are raring summer and take a dip at the beach. And of course, we are prepared to go well beautiful and comfortable. Currently there are many brands that offer maternity clothes bath current and with very flattering lines. To whet your appetite we present a preview of the best bikinis and swimsuits for maternity.

Bikini with flowers

Bikini with halter neckline with floral pattern in navy blue and white with matching panty Envie de fraises, for 39,99 euros.

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How to Buy Lingerie for a Woman

You come to the store of lingerie and all your around seem to move in slow motion. Trembles pulse. You enter. Feeling inquisitive glances. The styles you head spin. The colors are too many. You don’t know what to buy or how to do it. Wake up! It is just a nightmare.

Many men are afraid to risk buying lingerie as a gift for their partners based on the discomfort that generates them not knowing how to do it (in fact, this was the way in which came Victoria´s Secret). Is that your case? Here you will find a list of tips to buy lingerie for your special woman will be child’s play.

Style – make sure you know the style of the woman who is on your side. Watch it closely. Is it a daring lingerie for woman? Is it classical? Is it elegant? Do fun? Get closer to your lingerie drawer and see models of clothing that most repeat. If you see a panty model or a bra style that is repeated, almost certainly that that is her favorite and feel comfortable using it.

Waist- The waist is an essential aspect to know when it comes to giving underwear. Don’t try to guess the result could be a potential disaster. If you buy a size larger can offend her. If you buy a size smaller it can make you feel insecure about your body. Women have a complex psyche, but there are exceptions to the rule. To avoid any drama, I recommend that you to get closer to your lingerie drawer again and take note of the sizes that appear on different garments. Write down them. So many numbers and letters can mingle at the time of purchase.

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Luce Pregnancy Glamorous Shine Through

Now comes the time of weddings and commitment ceremonies look different pregnancy and glitter look. Garments with sequins, metallic colors, glitter, beads and other details that make take a unique styling and stylish. Do not abuse shine, they are perfect in perspective. Choose discrete ons for all attention is focused on clothing with glitter.

Dress with ornaments on shoulders

Maxi dress navy blue chiffon with sparkling beads at the shoulders. It adapts to the different stages of pregnancy Asos Maternity, for 87,99 euros.

Combined Dress

Dress combined in two fabrics and colors, with top and white chiffon skirt with gold metallic fabric of Vertbaudet, for 39,99 euros. An ideal place for a communion or a christening dress.

Maxi dress plumeti

Maxi Tulle oil plumeti in blue Deep V – neck, belt rhinestone details on the shoulders of Alía and satin, for 89.95 euros.

Dress with ornate top

Chiffon midi dress in beige with top decorated with colored sequins to layers Asos Maternity, by102,99 euros .

White Dress

Dress – white style skateboarder with crystal necklace removable from Asos Maternity, for 56.99 euros. As a white dress is best reserved for a christening or a communion, not for a wedding.

Dress Lavender

Beautiful short dress in lavender color chiffon skirt and bodice embroidered with sequins and beads glitter of Asos Maternity, for 81.99 euros. So you have available in navy blue and fuchsia.


Satin dress in pastel pink satin finish, sleeveless, round neckline and detail of front folds of Alía, for49,95 euros.

T with beads

Short sleeve shirt soft spot in gray with rhinestones and beads ornaments with glitter Maternity Asos for 47.99 euros. Pair it with dress pants or a skirt midi adjusted.