Collection Wedding Dresses Pepe Botella

The bride Pepe Botella 2012 is romantic but sensual at the same time: Despertar wears the bride of silks and soft draperies that caress the body, turning it into a modern Cinderella.

Inspired by the awakening of spring new collection of gowns by Pepe Botella, which combines elegance and natural beauty to the artifice of laces, silks, Ruffles, and lace. The shapes are soft and voluminous, and caress the natural body line enhancing the feminine silhouette. Discreet, modest dresses in the style and not so Princely States, ideal for a modern Cinderella in step with the times and fashion trends. Continue reading

Sexy Lingerie

For the wedding night the bride leaves aside the push-up Bra and thong, deemed too ordinary, instead opting in 41 percent of cases for a more mischievous babydoll, or alternatively by choosing a fine coordinated Culottes and balcony (31 per cent).

The color a few doubts: rejected the animal prints, collecting a paltry 3% approval rating, the bride does not mind the nuances of fashion (31 per cent according to AllUnitConverters), but the traditional black conquest over the majority of the votes (53 percent). Continue reading

Short Dresses for Women

Photos of dresses preserves for women. There are different models for young short dresses, being these short films, which are increasingly popular in every occasion and mainly in the summer; the fashion short dresses, which are a combination between the traditional and current, and can be used with boots, because to be short ahead, boots combine very well, but in general these dresses have very voluminous skirts, and can be used on different occasions.

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How to Replace Watch Band


The watchband is one of the most important accessories since complete in the best way the watch that is matched. Each bracelet tells and reminds new experiences and many of the features of the person wearing it. There are different types: from sports steel strap or rubber strap, durable and comfortable, to the more elegant in gold, metal or on different skin types. Just why complete the watch and outlines the wearer the strap can be changed whenever it sees fit, to follow a momentary fashion, to bind it to a particular dress, to simply change color or style. This fantastic guide, therefore, will make anyone can replace a damaged strap with a new one without the intervention of a watchmaker and saving some money.

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3 Reasons to Buy a Women’s Shirt

Autumn and upcoming winter season is ideal for warm and flattering shirt. Who thinks that wearing the shirt belongs only to men, is very wrong. Women shirts can be very feminine, elegant and sporty. Therefore suited for various occasions. Whether you go to a party or in the countryside.

Among the good old classics include checkered or checkered pattern. Shirts are cool and comfortable for leisure activities, but very elegant work well for social events. They shirt from light and cool materials that will welcome the warm weather but also warm to the touch comfortable, perfect for chilly days. In this article we bring you the reasons why women’s shirt to like and incorporate into your wardrobe.

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Short Dresses for Weddings

If these getting ready for your wedding this year and still not know that dress choose to look beautiful and very elegant.

Today we will share with you a few beautiful dresses short for weddings so you know which you like and thus can send make or buy it made.

Mainly short dresses in lace, belted waists and asymmetrical necklines and semitransparencias, help us to show our side more sensual and sophisticated.

Short dresses are designed with great care and perfection, each dress is full of originality with waists snug and tight, lace applications, fun skirts with flight and carved bodies.

If you want to show a little skin, join the trend of short and waisted dress to perfectly frame your figure.

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Pull & Bear Swimwear

Summer comes and the Spanish brand Pull & Bear is pleased to show us his collection of swimwear for the summer. Pull & Bear, as you will know all, it is a brand of the group Inditex that we hear so many heads d apparel and accessories from cool style and really reasonable prices. Summer 2012 even swimsuits fully respect this philosophy with many lively solutions, colorful and very simple in which the main protagonists are the floral prints and bright colors or patterned. Let’s find out the sea collection of Pull & Bear.

Pull & Bear is a brand that we like very much for his youthful style and trend. But not only its collections of clothing to capture the attention of the fashion victim but also the accessories, are an example of the beautiful scarves for spring summer 2012 that we presented a few days ago, colored and decorated with precious prints and eye-catching.

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The Little Black Jacket Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld. Of course he knew the answer as well as a designer of fashion house Chanel and author of the exhibition Little Black Jacket, which is currently touring the world. Karl has personally photographed all 113 persons for the exhibition and the styling was made by Karen Rothschild. According to himself this is the most iconic garment created by Coco Chanel, more universal, even from the little black dress.

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How to Choose Sleepwear Size

A good night’s sleep will have a great impact on the well-being of the individual. The biggest factors contribute to a good night’s sleep in the bed, room temperature, lighting, and comfortable nightwear. Good nightwear is the most important thing.

There are a lot of options for women, when he is looking for a band, and the same is true of nightwear too. There are alternatives to a lot of that is guaranteed to make them feel as well as sexy and nice.

Probably, you have, at least, is one of the favorite nightwear that you love to lounge around.

Here’re some pajamas options that are sexy and stay the same.

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How to Shorten a Leather Jacket


Nowadays you are looking increasingly to carry out repairs on our clothes independently. Just do a bit of research and especially to eject the creativity that is in all of us. This article will evaluate some tips on how to shorten a leather jacket, a material that requires great care and attention as well as where to buy vintage coats. Let’s see the steps to follow to make a change on one strand of this material.

The measures

First you need to take measurements of our amendment, which shorten jacket sleeves or regards this bust has little significance because this procedure must be carried out in both cases. A little thing: you have to understand how many centimeters the jacket should be shortened, through the help of a tape measure and then mark with a pencil the exact point where you want to make the cut.

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