10 White Dresses for the Spring-Summer

And again forecast rains and cold for this weekend… but at the wrong time, good face, or not, better still: 10 dresses of Spring-Vernano 2010 that can be found already in the shops of White. Cheap, comfortable, perfect and useful both for the scourge of light that does not give us a truce (over just a parka, a denim jacket or a trench, and stockings if needed) as for the wave of heat that will come as soon as we keeping us.

We begin by direct competition to the clone of Miu Miu of Zara. This other model rather than bet on the cat pattern leaning towards swallows. Which of the two do you prefer?

Useless IE at this point Yes or Yes you need a models of flowers. This proposal I stay with the Sweetheart neckline and it’s very little nono.

They are Bustier type dresses to look soft navy Peto like this other.

And for sailor’s style fledged nothing like the pattern of anchors.

The honeycomb applied to the neck it gives a hippie touch to any garment. Add flyers and ares them bohemians are insured.

If what you want is a style lolita the flyers best apply to neckline.

We do not forget the aires lingerie or ad lib: a dress like this is perfect for a Beach day.

One of the combinations that I like from the repertoire that offers white is this model of African print y Silhouette balloon.

The same as this tunic psychedelic motifs.

Already said at Shoesespecially it a while ago, the woven cowboy It is not only suitable for pants. Denim can also be an ideal fabric for spring dresses.