2-in-1 Blouse for Maternity & Nursing

Super delicious and super soft, comfortable and practical blouse from English Seraphine. A blouse, you can enjoy all the way through your pregnancy and breastfeeding, as it is wait blouse and nurse blouse in one.

Séraphine, a well-known English brand that has been around for over 10 years and as celebrities like bla Danii Minogue, Jessica Alba, Halle Berry, Kate Hudson and many, many others are seen in. If you have first had a blouse like this by hand, you will understand too well why, because it is wonderfully soft and is simultaneously smart and perfect as both maternity wear and nursing wear. And actually a lot more, for whom will believe you when you for instance says that it is a nursing blouse?

Nevertheless, it is a blouse, which has length and stretch enough to be used as wait blouse and so has the press studs at the shoulders, so it also can be used for breastfeeding. Take possibly a nursing top before under, so you’re not completely devoid on shoulder and chest when you buttons up 3/4-length sleeves and boat neck bats. Wrinkly on the hips can cause it to sit nice. Super soft and cuddly and one of the kind of blouses, you take on and then you are just dressed up and ready!

Maternity Clothes & Nursing:

Can be used for both:-)

2-in-1 Blouse for Maternity & Nursing  2-in-1 Blouse for Maternity & Nursing