Women’s Bra with Underwire and exclusive Blonde in Ivory

Exclusive and beautiful romantic bra in big sizes.

The bra has deep convolution with elastic edge at the top so that it follows the bosom nicely. The bowl is 3 divided by the extra amplification with double layer in bottom and sides as barmen centers.

Women's Bra with Underwire and exclusive Blonde in Ivory

The upper part of the bowl is a very pretty blonde, who makes the BRA easily and elegantly.
The same type of lace is also sewed on the wide elastic straps for complete the romantic look.

Bridgat has extra width and double-layer in the back and sides. It sits just well and it is also suitable for you who have a heavy conscience.

Objectives on the perimeter is specified in the bra size in cm. Bra’s circumference can be adjusted 2-3 cm.

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