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How to Match Accessories for Pregnancy Women

Whether noble or simple: Accessories are something for questions after the matching accessories is of course first and foremost a question according to the personal taste and type. Some pregnant women may prefer some it smart dressed up, a casual and cool style and again others love to draw everyone’s attention with striking and provocative statement pieces. See for more. To as the more restrained type slowly to the colorful world of accessories to grope you, you can try’s first with a classic leather belt. This goes great with jeans and chinos, is also in narrower form particularly well around the waist, for example about a pretty dress. In addition to the belt, there are of course other articles that guarantee a simple and classic look: especially accessories and bags in grey, black, beige, brown and white colors are reluctant and at the same time make the difference between ordinary and perfect.

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Fashion Accessories for Women Review

Selection of Accessories

Without this magic word would probably be no woman. Whether shoes, belts, jewelry, each outfit sunglasses or towels – without these accessories may be boring. These accessories change according to the season: In winter hats, scarves and gloves are the most popular accessories, in the spring and summer, however, sunglasses and bikinis are totally hot. A true must-have among the accessories is also the perfect bag: clutch bag or classic ESPRIT bag – for each outfit is the perfect bag. But there is also a different accessory that can be worn any time of the year, fashion jewelry. This probably belongs to the most popular accessories from women, as rings, bracelets and necklaces beautify not only the woman but also the clothes that she wears, and remain to do so also still timelessly beautiful. Also accessories are subject to the trends of the time: at the moment, the large sunglasses heard how the stars also wear them to the most sought after. But also when it comes to accessories the old motto remains: it can be worn what you like, as long as you feel good!

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Phree Smartpen for Smartphone and Tablet PCs

Phree conceals a digital pen that digitally transmits written on the Smartphone or tablet. Particularly suitable pin also drawings or plans. All can serve as a writing surface, what is just available. It must no longer be paper. A matching kickstart campaign has surpassed already the funding target.

OHMT has launched a campaign on Kickstarter to fund the serial production of the Phree. The new PIN digital transmits written, drawings, diagrams with arrows or comments on the Smartphone, laptop, or tablet. Laser units that can work very precisely and use almost any surface as writing pad can be found in the Phree. For the campaign which runs 39 days, $ 100,000 should be collected. Even now, it is but at almost $ 300,000. Pre-order the digital pen and you must spend approximately 150 euros.

Phree Smartpen for Smartphone and Tablet PCs

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