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Best Fashion Maternity Swimsuit 2016

There are raring summer and take a dip at the beach. And of course, we are prepared to go well beautiful and comfortable. Currently there are many brands that offer maternity clothes bath current and with very flattering lines. To whet your appetite we present a preview of the best bikinis and swimsuits for maternity.

Bikini with flowers

Bikini with halter neckline with floral pattern in navy blue and white with matching panty Envie de fraises, for 39,99 euros.

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How to Buy Lingerie for a Woman

You come to the store of lingerie and all your around seem to move in slow motion. Trembles pulse. You enter. Feeling inquisitive glances. The styles you head spin. The colors are too many. You don’t know what to buy or how to do it. Wake up! It is just a nightmare.

Many men are afraid to risk buying lingerie as a gift for their partners based on the discomfort that generates them not knowing how to do it (in fact, this was the way in which came Victoria´s Secret). Is that your case? Here you will find a list of tips to buy lingerie for your special woman will be child’s play.

Style – make sure you know the style of the woman who is on your side. Watch it closely. Is it a daring lingerie for woman? Is it classical? Is it elegant? Do fun? Get closer to your lingerie drawer and see models of clothing that most repeat. If you see a panty model or a bra style that is repeated, almost certainly that that is her favorite and feel comfortable using it.

Waist- The waist is an essential aspect to know when it comes to giving underwear. Don’t try to guess the result could be a potential disaster. If you buy a size larger can offend her. If you buy a size smaller it can make you feel insecure about your body. Women have a complex psyche, but there are exceptions to the rule. To avoid any drama, I recommend that you to get closer to your lingerie drawer again and take note of the sizes that appear on different garments. Write down them. So many numbers and letters can mingle at the time of purchase.

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Luce Pregnancy Glamorous Shine Through

Now comes the time of weddings and commitment ceremonies look different pregnancy and glitter look. Garments with sequins, metallic colors, glitter, beads and other details that make take a unique styling and stylish. Do not abuse shine, they are perfect in perspective. Choose discrete ons for all attention is focused on clothing with glitter.

Dress with ornaments on shoulders

Maxi dress navy blue chiffon with sparkling beads at the shoulders. It adapts to the different stages of pregnancy Asos Maternity, for 87,99 euros.

Combined Dress

Dress combined in two fabrics and colors, with top and white chiffon skirt with gold metallic fabric of Vertbaudet, for 39,99 euros. An ideal place for a communion or a christening dress.

Maxi dress plumeti

Maxi Tulle oil plumeti in blue Deep V – neck, belt rhinestone details on the shoulders of Alía and satin, for 89.95 euros.

Dress with ornate top

Chiffon midi dress in beige with top decorated with colored sequins to layers Asos Maternity, by102,99 euros .

White Dress

Dress – white style skateboarder with crystal necklace removable from Asos Maternity, for 56.99 euros. As a white dress is best reserved for a christening or a communion, not for a wedding.

Dress Lavender

Beautiful short dress in lavender color chiffon skirt and bodice embroidered with sequins and beads glitter of Asos Maternity, for 81.99 euros. So you have available in navy blue and fuchsia.


Satin dress in pastel pink satin finish, sleeveless, round neckline and detail of front folds of Alía, for49,95 euros.

T with beads

Short sleeve shirt soft spot in gray with rhinestones and beads ornaments with glitter Maternity Asos for 47.99 euros. Pair it with dress pants or a skirt midi adjusted.

Maxi Dresses Maternity to Enjoy the Summer

Maxi dresses are perfect for spring and summer season. Choose comfortable maternity models, with fresh fabrics and modern design. Long knitted dresses are perfect for everyday and looks for a wedding or a party evening / night choose maxi dresses chiffon with elegant and timeless lines. Here are our favorite models of the season.

Chiffon and lace

Maxi chiffon dress in navy silk empire cut, body and delicate lace in black satin tie Seraphine, for349 euros.

Casual striped dress

Long dress patterned knit sailor stripes with crossed straps and neckline red Esprit, for 79.99 euros.

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Winter Fashion 2016 Colors

The 2016 autumn/winter’s fashion color is burgundy (=Bordeaux, red Burgundy).

In English, it is burgundy. A lot of people prefer to use the name of the color in English, but in the end it’s the same color.

The color burgundy is a wine with a touch of brown. Burgundy is a gorgeous color that brings elegance and seriousness visually.

It is in vogue in this season, but actually it’s an absolutely timeless color, which is classical and elegant for any time. So, having a piece of that color in your wardrobe must be an exciting thing and you will never regret.

Probably, who is in love with the wine will fall in love with this color, which is suitable for various occasions – from work to party, with a fashionable breath both for men and women.

It is interesting to think about the symbolic aspect that each color brings. The color burgundy brings a sense of alignment, seriousness, power and sophistication.

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Three of Maternity Party Look for Different Occasions

Depending on the occasion we take styling or another, it is not the same afternoon wedding christening. When buying your look think about the time, place and the party you go. But above all you must choose maternity clothes that fit you well and is comfortable. There is nothing worse than going uncomfortable or not being yourself and being pregnant.

For a christening

A two – tone look is always a hit and a classic that never goes out of style. They are also garments that you can use separately.

  • Sundress with double layer gauze and white with tie to the waist Esprit, for 79.99 euros.
  • Striped cardigan in black and transparencies fine point with three – quarter sleeve Esprit, for 69.99 euros.
  • Clutch with polka dot print sequined Asosfor 35.49 euros.
  • Heeled sandals with ankle bracelet midi and buckle Mangofor 35.99 euros .

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Maternity Fashion Spring 2016: Basic Halftime Jackets

It is less for the spring, no desire to heat and wear and lighter clothes. In spring time you can not miss in any closet a good pair of coats halftime. You can purchase jackets specially designed for pregnant or normal models that are a little wider and allow you to be comfortable. Our proposals for spring from classic trench coats through the denim jackets. What is your favorite model?


Navy Parka

Nice parka in navy blue cotton blend slightly flared towards the low and adjustable notching of Esprit, for 119.99 euros. A jacket sport but we may well serve to estilismos work.

Cowboy vintage style jacket

Vintage denim jacket style oversize 1969 Heritage Collection of Gap, for 64.95 euros. The denim jackets are a staple that should not miss in any closet.

Cazadora leatherette

Hunter green leatherette with water up collar and front pockets Mamalicious, for 69.95 euros. The pastel shades are absolutely trend this spring, so this biker jacket can go very well.

Classical Raincoat

Classic style trenchcoat in beige cotton quality can Topshop Maternity, for 103 euros. We raincoats can serve both for a look more party like more sport.

Raincoat in black

Modern style trench coat in black with zipper and hood inside Kiabi, for 30 euros. This black gabardine is ideal to protect us from the spring rains.

Navy Trenca

Cotton trench coat in navy blue patterned lining Vertbaudet, for 62.99 euros. The trench coats are a very flattering jacket that not only wear in winter.

Yellow Blazer

You want to give a little color to your outfit? Bet for viscose blazer button yellow lemon Isabella Oliver, for 209 euros.


Lightweight long jacket with striped pattern in light gray and white Alía, for 25,95 euros. The cardigans are great for those days when cool a little, always good to have one in our closet.



Tory Burch

Season after season, Tory Burch dazzles us with completely unique pieces. Learn a little more about life and the beginning of this important designer and see where his inspiration comes.

The girl from Pennsylvania:

Tory was born and raised in Pennsylvania. He was born on June 17, 1966 and she spent her childhood surrounded by three brothers on a farm of 250 years old in Pennsylvania. Perhaps this influenced his style.

His parents (his mother was actress and his father a successful investor) are always surrounded the glamour of Hollywood with the elegance of high society. In fact, Steve McQueen and Grace Kelly are among older couples of their parents, until they formed a family together. Perhaps this also influenced his style.

His entire life was spent circled characterized by elegance. Attended a very popular school among high society and then he entered the University of Pennsylvania, in 1988, obtaining her diploma in art history.

The Medal of the double T

Life in Pennsylvania was completed when, motivated by his true love for fashion and design, Tory decided to move to New York. It was in this city where made contact with her true love having worked for the Yugoslav designer Zoran, in Harper´s Bazaar magazine and then in the area of advertising and public relations firms such as Vera Wang, Polo Ralph Lauren and Loewe.

2004 was the decisive year. It was in that year that Tory, already converted into Tory Burch after her second marriage, launched his first collection from your comfortable apartment on the Upper East Side in Manhattan. From that moment things occurred at an impressive rate and the business of Tory, marked with the double T medal did not make anything up. In fact, opened its flagship in NoLIta, the store was sold almost entirely in a single day.

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Modelling Underwear for Men

The concern about how it looks the lower body clothing is not something that only afflicts women. Although one much smaller percentage, men have become increasingly open to the possibility of clothing from lingerie to help them gain a more attractive look under your clothes by reducing and hiding certain excesses. The options are various and it is time to know them a little more thoroughly.

1. Compression t-shirt

Compression shirts are one of the favorite male meeting its mission without any hassle and without much differ from an ordinary t-shirt. It’s one of the basic elements in the sports underwear drawer since, apart from avoiding the discomfort of friction of the skin with clothing by doing certain physical activities, it helps keep the muscles of the torso in position during exercise.

Beyond the advantages which can represent for the sportsmen, compression t-shirts (short or long-sleeved shirt or muscular “tank top” style) are used increasingly to achieve a slight compression of the torso – especially belly – achieving tight shirts look a hundred times better.

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Men’s Sports Underwear Review

Like sports man, he likes to talk about them, watch them on television, seeing them live and direct, comment on them, think about them and also, of course, practice them.

Although the love for the sport is installed in the heart of men, very few take seriously the provisions that should have to practice it. As in the case of the woman, where the sports bra is extremely important, the man need support to avoid tears and other damage in the crotch area, such as friction and spread of certain infections by conservation of the moisture in the skin.

It is here where the different types of sports underwear and materials that are made come into play.


The choice of materials of sports underwear is very important since they contribute not only support but also the health of skin cover.

The materials most commonly used in this type of underwear are:

  • Natural fibers: cotton combed, Egyptian and Pima – cotton is one of the favorite materials for the manufacture of underwear. In the case of sports underwear are assigned special cotton known for its excellent properties.

Combed cotton is the one at the removing le short fibers and other waste, resulting in a genus soft and ideal to prevent rubbing. Egyptian cotton which is available on is known for being the softest in the world and choose not to damage the skin while performing resistance exercises. Pima cotton is a combination of Egyptian and American cottons, which makes the genus tough but soft like silk.

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Black Summer Dress with Pink Lips

Amazing print with pink lips on a black background. Classic and elegant model with straight neck both front and back. The dress has the classic 70s length to just below the knee. And it closes with a hidden zipper in the back.

Vintage Inspired Bridesmaid Dress

In the photo is the dress shown with a tulle run under in order to highlight the fullness. You can also complement the dress with a tulle run on, which helps to create or accentuate the classic 50s hourglass figure.

So does the narrow belt in imitation Suede is included. The strap must sit completely solved and has only tasked to focus on the waist and perfect style. The dress has been addressed in cotton satin of high quality, with a bit of stretch, so that it fits snugly over the bust.

New Brand Shoes for Cheap

Tadaa, the Mannheim label footwear Mannheim is now in the online shop. The young company has designed a shoe collection for men. The first ten models can be purchased already. Casual masculine look, expressive, innovative forms – this is the handwriting of footwear Mannheim. These shoes are designed for men who define themselves not about age, but about style. There are just men’s shoes with character: handmade, masculine casual, always on the move. They exude passion, spirit, success. Anyone dressed stylishly, can complete his outfit with trendy shoes from footwear Mannheim and give impression during leisure time, as well as in the business. Most of the men’s shoes are kept in the Budapest style and are available in black, blue and brown leather or black lacquer. Thus, a part of them have the following characteristics:

-made with a broad, relatively straight bars

-high and relatively broad rounded tip

-Double-stitched construction

-Double sole

-Leather sole

-Derby style with heel cap


-Perforations ornament

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ZTE Reveals Voice Control Functionality for Its Devices

The Chinese manufacturer ZTE wants more footholds outside China. In addition to some new products such as the blade S6 or the star 2 to create this in the future, especially with the voice control.

ZTE is pushing into Europe. Now the CEO mobile devices with ZTE, Adam Zeng, announced the strategic direction for this. Here, in the future especially voice control to serve as a core component of the business development strategy. The technology is already used in the new Star 2 smart phones and soon also in other smart phone models should be used. The new Star 2 Smartphone advance showed the company at CES in Las Vegas, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and also at the CeBIT in Hanover.

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