How to Choose Casual Sneakers

Sneakers – shoes that are practically in the arsenal of every fashion. Such popularity is due to the comfort and practicality. Before shoes are just sports and intended for use purely professional purposes, such as running, sport or fitness training, today this type of footwear perfectly complements the daily images. Stylists successfully harmonize fashion model with stylish clothes in kezhual style. However, choosing shoes for everyday socks, you need to know which model is suitable for this purpose, and in no case should be worn every day professional version.

Please note that the main difference sneakers every day and models are only sport. In the first case, it is straight and flat. In the professional version of sole relief designed to absorb and pass air.

Casual Shoes

The best models for everyday socks considered pregnancy sneakers made of lightweight material with straight soles. This type of footwear can easily select from the variety. Leather or suede models are ideal for frequent use and long wear. They have the feet to breathe and properly distributed load. Designers offer shoes for every day of the platform or flat rubber sole. In rubber, which is not so good for long wear, designers are increasingly using polyurethane foam. This one is much easier and cleaner.
For warm season designers offer casual sneakers network. In such models, the leg will steam and air circulation is many times increased. Now, even in hot weather can not part with your favorite shoes and created all new stylish images for every day.

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