Monthly Archives: September 2016

Jackets in Flannel

We paid attention down jackets sewn in elegant wool fabrics last year. This year, the phenomenon seems stronger than ever and can be seen in everything from light cover vests winter serviceable gowns. Many appreciate the idea of light clothing while this for many years and remains an incomprehensible combination. Continue reading

Down Jacket

In complete contrast to last week’s article on the elegant paletåer and ullrockar we thought of today’s article treating a much more sporty outerwear – down jacket. A garment that truly undergone a change in recent seasons, functional jacket from the ski slopes and is today a style conscious jackval. Continue reading

Isaia Down Jackets

Isaia has long Charmed men’s fashion industry. With an idiosyncratic style where impeccable craftsmanship meets bright colors and patterns representing the Neapolitan tailoring firm a clear playful style ideals. Though it may mainly jackets and suits which brand is primarily known, they have produced some of the season’s clearly looking down garments. Continue reading

Fioroni Cashmere Crew Neck

The market has in recent years been flooded with cashmere sweaters. Not least of examples where low quality, unfortunately, often leaves much to be desired. Meanwhile, the price of manufacturers Cucinelli and Fedeli sometimes feel well juicy. An interesting option of high quality level while not ruining your wallet is full Italian Fioroni. Continue reading

Inspiration, Sid Mashburn

There are a number of recurring style personalities on the network many men’s fashion blogs. The brothers Ricci from Bari tailor Sciamat, legendary Lino Ieluzzi and constantly tough Nick Wooster are just a few examples of people who for the masses are totally unknown, but in a style circles closest canonized. Another Sid Mashburn, who with her store in Atlanta, managed to create a completely unique interpretation of American style. Continue reading