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5 Tips for More Safety in the Use of Social Media

“Even your house keys stolen?” was the first question of my friend, as in Barcelona, my belongings and goods out of the car was me steal.

I was quite offended about this erste(!), insensitive question, but as it happens occasionally, my friend thought a little more. Finally my passport was stolen in addition to umpteen valuables also along with my address and who knows where the yield was good, there to get yes maybe even more.

“No he wasn’t.” “Thank goodness.”

The relief in his voice was almost tangible.

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And There It Was

Da sind die also, meine ersten Shooting-Bilder aus Island.

Actually only a “Tadaa” on this map is missing, because I spent the last few days and weeks as on hot coals, to can you show looks full of anticipation to and my island.
The beginning of the very first shoot of mybestbrands and one of my first Virgin Island makes impressions of course. When namely the question arose, where are we going to shoot because, I wanted to uncannily like a waterfall, because I had seen until then not.
Said – done.

So it was that I saw not only my first waterfall, but also equal to shootete.
I have to admit that I it slightly easier imagined, when in fact it was, because when I first stood on the edge of, completely drenched a deep gorge with raging masses of water water bouncing off and among themselves was a little queasy. Although it was not a real risk because I had enough distance, and it was not too windy, but it’s the same feeling when you walk through glass floor with the city among themselves.
Suddenly one is aware of his tiny and hardly any meaningful existence and, how quickly she can be actually over, there must be also the fact…
Well, and from the moment it is nonsensical.

Still couldn’t get the force of this natural spectacle to admire and perhaps also of her inspiration. And so is the mood in the pictures:
A little dreamy, a little romantic, but above all emotion, kinda like my old pictures un exactly as the small country itself.

Exactly this mood is why I fell in Iceland, also because this spot can be calm and quiet as the desert itself, but it may be too loud and powerful.
And exactly my thing is loud and powerful.


The Mountaineer

I look out the window.
The sky has opened up now and the first time the Sun is shining, after it has rained out three days. The first time since 3 days I can see the landscape in all its glory and especially in his whole large size. Because that hardly any trees grow on the island extends the horizon in a small eternity. The landscape seems endless and deserted. Only the rare passing car remind you that there are still people on the island. But above all tourists.

I look out the window.
I see lava stones and wild grasses, lichens and MOSS.
MOSS and lichens seem generally to be probably the most common greenhouse on the island and only here I understand the beauty of in its full glory. Continue reading

Oh, So Comfy!

Move in the autumn once with all its facets, you can get without having a bad conscience a comfortable time at home, cuddle hold with loved ones on the couch or hour-long series marathons. The weather is so times night out unfit, on weekends or after work time then you can create is the cosiness factor based on items of clothing and the right atmosphere. So will the dreary Office life in the right outfit to a relaxing day at work! And the work is in a cozy home to a relaxing evening whilst out there quite literally the world. Continue reading

Ins Netz Gegangen

“Only those who see the sky in the water can look at fish looking at the trees!

I remember when Lina offered me fishing nets as a location in Iceland, I was initially somewhat skeptical. Probably that’s why, because there are such things, it is usually in sight has not. I never thought to myself “hey, I’d have to time to a fishing port shooting.” I simply never came up with this idea, and it is often the closest places that give the best Shootinglocations. When we have arrived there so I knew immediately what she meant: the bright colors, the cool structure – I was down and away. Perhaps it is precisely that which makes true creative: they perceive things differently and see it through different eyes.

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There are places that are just unique in this world.

is such a place, as it gives him only on island.
A unique glacial lagoon, which has charmed me immediately.

Where else is there a black beach with ice blocks that look like diamonds?
It is a truly magical place and so fascinating that I was simply just speechless before and I could not imagine that this is just really real.
But that was it.
I was standing there, surrounded by huge ice diamonds.
No wonder that this beautiful spot called indeed Diamond Beach. Continue reading


Autumn is my favorite season and last but not least is the autumn colors. As are mainly dark red, clearly to my favorite colors. I love not only the colors in nature and the image of Berlin, when the streets and avenues in colorful leaves are dressed, but also in my outfits when I back to the street scene matches.

But dark red is not only the ideal cast for the fall, but also perfect for the Christmas season after that. Especially the classic combination with gold is hard to beat this elegance. If so, the days get shorter again, I dig out my favorite parts in dark red and combine with other colors of autumn. Continue reading


To all the beautiful island posts, there are today a beautiful landscape of Berlin. The fact is: our capital has a lot to offer, such as the Zoo. The special thing is: it is located in the middle of the city and so also these photos in the middle of the city and at the same time just yet in the countryside have arisen. This contrast is what makes Berlin so special and at the same time to one of the greenest capitals in Europe.


But in the Tiergarten, you can make not only good pictures, but devoted above all the sports. There are countless joggers and walkers, and so I got me a little too sporty and relaxed Berlin dressed, just typical.

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Herbst-Edition: Jacken

Every year, there’s this a decision that a lot of nerves and time costs one: Yes, also, but beforehand is what Christmas gift you give whom, much more important: what jacket should be this fall/winter?

Probably have some models in the closet and buys a new one, also not every year but there are a few models, for which is still a bit of room in the dressing room with security…

It may be that some people will be deterred by the length of these coats. But nobody needs this piece of it are afraid. The calf is well combined, up to ankle-length version of the mantle of every woman. Another plus this part of the trend is definitely the heat. Since the coat is so long, and often consists of wool or a wool blend, he protects well us the upcoming winter. And when the winter comes earlier, no problem, you can also much longer wear the good piece. Continue reading

To Me for Me

Christmas is fast approaching and so slowly but surely we are approaching the end of the year. This year was really special for me and thought I’m almost at my traditional annual review. Grade this year I made incredibly much, which I at the beginning of the year would have never thought possible.

That makes me proud, though, but at the same time, it is still a long way off and I have to achieve many goals and that is why I shall not rest on my laurels. I think in this respect I am particularly with regard to the blog sometimes just yet to perfectionist. I want further faster, higher, – without falling in the spin cycle. A real tightrope! Continue reading

10 Tipps: The Perfekte Location Finden

In some things, I’m very perfectionist, in other things back less, but when it comes to locations I’m going to the absolute nerd. I’m incredibly meticulous with the places where I shoote and they must not only look cool, but be somehow special and fit to the outfit.


Over the years, I have developed a very good eye for that, what locations “work” and which it does not, because not every place that looks good in the #reallife, also on images and vice-versa. Some places look inconspicuous, but work perfectly as locations. I’m often asked how I find it because always the many locations and do keep in mind what makes if you would like to shoot photos, that’s why I’ve put together some tips to finding (and photographing) the perfect location.

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4 Tipps: Berlin Style

As Berlin blogger, I am often asked what it is in fashion “typical” Berlin .

The hype surrounding Berlin seems to have spoken out, namely abroad but a real image of the Berliner style it seems not to be – and that’s a good thing! Because it is also true that everyone in Berlin can walk around as he pleases. To really get noticed, you must go to have real guns and even risking a naughty at a glance: Wat kiekst’n so? ” The best one kiekt so jar Nur. So everyone in Berlin has the possibility to be able to develop his style completely free, but certain trends are not without a trace passed also at Berlin and shape the image of the city. Also my style has himself strongly developed since I live in Berlin and was greatly influenced by the city.

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Outfit: Festtagsstimmung

After I already announced you, that I am in Christmas, follows today the first festive outfit.

It is unusual to season sweet, a bit sexy, but it also fits. Generally fall into I this time of year unusual his bulk kitsch. But at the same time would I stay true me and do without but not so quite black.

The look was I incidentally, made on the first day of the Christmas market on Gendarmenmarkt, one of my favourite Christmas market in Berlin (we have very many!) and there immediately after the shooting to run my outfit and pulled the one or the other look at me.

But what a festive outfit, quality time is also part of the Christmas season?
Properly – gifts! Continue reading

Weekly Retrospect # 49

Happy third advent you all!

Is that not awesome, that is already the third advent? How fast is the time elapsed please? It seems that the time would just rush and now there are only a few days left until Christmas. Me has the Christmas fever at the latest this week permanently and have Christmas decorated the whole apartment this week.

But otherwise I was very busy and would like to end so much as possible cross list off my to do, because every single item on this list is like a burden, I would throw you off to start fresh in the new year, because finally I want to dedicate myself very many great projects in the new year.

Particularly liked seems to have fallen you this week, for example, the look in my bedroom . Maybe should I make more interior posts?

But that would be something for next year… Continue reading

Kurzgeschichte: Grun Oder Rot?

“What should I get?”

Sometimes in our lives we face major forks of life who decide whether the way to choose now which should go to the right or to the left, unless there is a return. It is these moments that you would remember for ever and there are decisions that affect the rest of our lives. This question was such a groundbreaking decision, this one was clearly: what dress do?

Green or red?

Red or green or red but?

Take a deep breath and just not fall into panic. Not lighter dress that would attract them to the party of the year and, more important, what wassaid than done, finally speaking we here by any dress, but the , he would be there. Continue reading

Brown Is the New Black

Elegant and sporty
-is it?

Earlier, for me, an elegant style also automatically meant the cliche of ‘black and high shoes’. That was just my naive, youthful idea of “elegant” as well as “classic” it was a rather distant term for me, describing the style of adults, so people beyond the 25? It was somehow not really tangible and I knew that I would be adult time, if I would be “elegant” dressed. Should be in my opinion that the moment of my adult-being mean, but imagine I not so could I.

Well, it has taken several years to complete, but today I am guess, grown up and not only my life experience has expanded, but also my understanding of the term “elegant”. To be elegant and timeless dressed not only which means “little black dress” to combine with high heels, but to experiment, to produce a total outfit at the end, which is not only consistent but also timeless fabrics and cuts. Continue reading

Weekly Retrospect # 50

As I write these lines here, I am full of anticipation, because I am just preparing everything for a Christmas dinner with my closest friends in Berlin and also my parents are coming in less than 24 hours. Physically, my condition is rather not as plump, emotionally for it but all the more. To cook together with friends and host a dinner is one of my highlights, because it has some incredibly intimate and honest and there just no party in the world can keep up with. For me, namely exactly those memories are the really important moments of life, so those who draw life in new directions at the end and lasting shape.

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When I was still small, Christmas was not exactly my favourite Festival: there was to eat things one icky found (red cabbage!) and somehow was so a stress in the air. Moreover that it was cold and you could not play. Christmas at the time but had a big advantage: you’ve got Santa Claus visit the uncle and the broke great gifts with.
He was by far my favorite uncle and I annoyed me that he came only once in a year.

My favorite party was therefore also my birthday: everything revolved only around me, I got gifts, my absolute favorite food served and I was allowed to make me feel very special for a day and especially also older, because at a young age the age plays a big role and decides on the hierarchy in the circle of friends.
But with time the tide began to turn: birthdays lost more and more in importance, was the real gift during family time. Continue reading

Weekly Retrospect.

The soul usually knows what to do to heal itself.

The challenge is to silence the mind.

So slowly ending my vacation in Cape Town and I’m trying to enjoy the last Sun hours before it’s back to the cold and snowy Berlin. I’m used so quickly on the life and the Sun here, that it seems almost unthinkable to fly back in a cold Germany, where at 17 o’clock, already no sun shines. Greater the contrast could hardly be comfortable.

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Mein Handy blinkt und ich bekomme eine Nachricht auf Snapchat.

“Hi Maria here TINA’s (name changed) from your level.” Hey, remember me? I glad that you’ve become so successful.”

In my head is a big question mark. The first sign of a spreading sense of the WTF.

Of course, I still knew Tina. Finally told we 8 years together, were in a group of friends and even if we do not so well knew each other, so you will not forget people, you 1/3 your life regularly seen. I can remember on her laughter and gestures, which were typical for them, rather than at specific moments that we have shared, more so in a sense that I connect with her.

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The Gästeliste

The fashion week is over, and looking back, I consider the whole thing with mixed feelings, but bring despite their contrariety quite well in line.

On the one hand, I am met by pride.

Proud of the fact that the fashion week in Berlin has placed at last time positively and with the new location came also new self-confidence. A while or else the Kaufhaus Jandorf has called “too shabby”, I’m absolutely thrilled: concrete pillars, where the plaster almost falls off, large bright Windows, plenty of space and an unspectacular entrance located in the heart of the city with easy access, high safety requirements and exciting hotspots trappings. In my eyes, it’s the perfect place, because Berlin is not Paris or Milan, but has just this rough charm that reaches not only the city, but finally his fashion. Bomber jacket instead of coat and sneakers instead of high heels. Berlin is evident from his unprät page – or even: real. They still exist, the hope. Continue reading

175 Years of Tiffany & Co. – a Great Party in Munich

If one of the largest jewelry-Imperien of the world controls the legendary 175th anniversary, there to align more than only a small party in the narrow circles. Tiffany & co. celebrated in Munich a great birthday party with friends, loyal customers, and celebrities of lots of.

The Managing Director of Tiffany in Germany and Austria, Gitta Countess Lambsdorff, welcomed the guests in the Munich post garage. Stefanie Wirnshofer PR was the location extra shine to the event in the Tiffany design: the subtle turquoise of the legendary Tiffany packaging and the backdrop of a New York turned the post garage into an elegant party location. Among the guests, celebrities from all sectors were: Isabelle Minzi Princess of Hohenlohe-Jagtsberg and Quirin Berg, or Christian Medweth, who like many other male guests, of course came with the jewelry-loving wife to the event. Continue reading