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Summer Fashion Trends 2013

Waiting for the summer that never seems to come, we think positive and attune to the new trends. We have now learned long ago that the bright colors are perfect for any occasion during the summer months and in fact it also reconfirmed for 2013. The colors pop, especially fuchsia, were the protagonists on the runways and now we see them in large quantities even in low cost shops and makeup collections. Big brands such as Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Lancome have in fact long since launched their campaigns in which abound pink lipsticks on and lacquered enamel. If temperatures exceed 35 °, on the other hand, you can throw yourself on transparencies: lace blouses or tops see-will be perfect for your evenings in town or, for the more fortunate, by the sea. And what if, like me, you are not exactly of the models? Bets on transparencies, yes, but in the accessories! Clutch and transparent plastic bags, they will be fashionable, without discovering the quirks! Continue reading

Ask For Joker: Three Different Ways To Wear Black Jeans

Everyone has, ever had or will still have a black jeans in the closet, right? The dark wash variation of “our everyday jeans” is already a classic of contemporary clothing. And this status is more than deserved! Besides being a basic joker, comfortable for day to day, this pant does wonders for the silhouette and dresses well all the biotypes and styles. Doubt? From the stripped down cool to the chic minimalist, let’s teach you three different ways to wear the black jeans.

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Miu Miu – from the Catwalk in the Magazine

And welcome back to the section „ a dress, thousand cover „. The difference this time: it is not just about a single dress, what we currently may look at us on the various fashion magazines, but the autumn collection 2010 by Miu Miu. The entire pieces arrived so well during the fashion shows that now Vogue and co. want to decorate it. We don’t want to complain at this point, because we do not afford the good bits us eh. So we are all the more in that wonderful dresses in great editorials to see and to be smiled at by the all covers, and our dreams have invited. Continue reading

Fall Winter 2016 Jeans

When it comes to jeans is good to see all the trends to follow and also next season autumn/winter 2016-2017 there are must haves that we suggest you not to miss. The world’s most popular pants, used by every woman, chose in his usual blue variant, but also in other colors, especially black, back to keep us company during the colder months of the year. There are designers who made couture creations, enriched by decorations, embroidery, jewelry and other details, and there are also other maison viewing silhouette more decisive or larger to dress their customers. What are the hottest ones? In our article we reveal all jeans fall/winter trends 2016-2017. Continue reading

Nude: How To Dress One of The Colors More Social Network Babes Pinterest

Based on ideas shared by more than 150 million monthly users, Pinterest recently launched Pinterest 100, a list of the 100 greatest trends for this year. The social network has analysed data from 2016 to identify the main bets to 2017 in 10 different categories–among them, fashion, of course.

Nothing really new if outlined in regard to style, since compilation was made from the perspective of the most different users and not only trendsetters, but between the stakes, one of them crush on our heart: the nude.

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The Row Pre-Fall Collection 2011

Typically I am of the opinion that every where should remain, what he can do best. Musicians make music. Writers write books and actor play movies or the theater. That doesn’t mean, that even outside the box should look beyond, may also inspired other things, should try out yet. And Yes indeed, there are people where you can demonstrate multi-talented. But especially commercial actor and musician but not just rarely tend overestimation and the urge to fully exploit their notoriety. Only your own perfume, then the fashion line comes and finally the decline in the actual career.

All the more, it pleases me when when looking outside the box but once what excellent really comes out. Just like the latest collection of the actor designer brothers and sisters duo Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and her label the row. They show that they prove a style, not only on the red carpets of the world, but above all on New York’s streets. And there is close to the classic conclusion: his own collection, far away from their own children sitcoms, but all adults. And since I also squeeze an eye and am open for actors with their own line. Continue reading

Stella McCartney Breast Cancer Bra

It was to try to ease a little bit the lives of women who have undergone mastectomy that designer Stella McCartney has created a special bra for those facing breast cancer. Named Louise Listening Bra, the play was named after English’s mother, Linda Louise McCartney, who died at the age of 56 years in 1998 after three years battling the disease. The compression Bra will be released along with Pink October, month chosen to educate women about the importance of self-examination. Continue reading

Ultimate Mens Leather Jacket

The Styles of Jackets

Among casual leather jackets, there are three quite common styles:

-The bomber jacket

One of the most popular and versatile forms of leather jackets. They were originally designed for pilots in OPEN cockpits and are therefore intended to hold really warm and well insulate. From here come the famous elastic ribbed edges to the sleeves and waist to prevent air from infiltrating and with a lining and a fur collar to keep warm. They can be worn in a casual or slightly more dressed outfit. Continue reading

How to Wear a Perfecto Jacket

Obviously, we avoid the total look outside transferred motorcycles. Question subtlety!

Faith Personal Shopper, his perfecto can marry studded ankle boots, or a small detail a little rock-rebel, question of overall coherence, but avoids the leather trousers, torn jeans or too washed out, which will not chic at all. The gray is slim handle with care if you want to avoid looking too much for my taste Bad Girl Kate Moss. Prefer shoes if you want to slim gray! Continue reading

Remember The Fashion Trends That Took in 2016

Enter year, year out, and not for fashion! Every season, the catwalks dictate what you would see in the Windows and on the streets in the coming months. In 2016, was no different: we saw the heels and thin lose room for the comfort of the metallized flatforms turn and hit the bomber jackets fall once in taste of Brazil.


At first glance, the platform shoes caused a certain estrangement in the majority. But soon the comfort spoke louder and the fashionistas

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BFW: Swedish Invasion – IDA Sjostedt, Diana Orving & Camilla Norrback

Sarah had been already talented Scandinavians love kids in riot in the interview with stylish and one thing is certain: it is not alone. The German fashion maniacs are already addicted to them and now I lean towards the Nordic design. It is the group show of the three Swedes Ida Sjöstedt, Diana Orving, and Camilla Norrback.

The first model entered the runway, wearing a creation by Ida Sjostedt. A Bustier dress in pale pink, decorated with delicate lace. Mind movies. I see a four-poster bed, a girl see how it sticks carefully in a leather album shine pictures. Girls dreams come true. It is glitzriger, old white, cream and Brown bark and mirror pattern dominated the collection. Ice Princesses and winter fairies float through the room – how beautiful they are, freeze would still in the light creations of the designer with a penchant for tasteful kitsch. Continue reading

Best Mizuno Shoes for Running

Welcome to the site testers Outdoor! Want to improve your running? This is a FREE GUIDE to 40 pages to download immediately: 10 keys to improve your running
This article answers a question about Eric looking shoes Mizuno running for 3 sessions per week. You will find data sheets, photos, and comments.

Regularly, through this blog, we receive many questions both on sports nutrition, training or material. We often respond by mail, and if this benefits obviously to a person, we are a little frustrated that it does not benefit the largest number. So we decided to create a topic Q & a, questions / answers.

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Buy Leather Wallet Online

The portfolios serve us notes and cards workbook. They need to be large and rigid to contain necessary. On the online shops you will find in all forms, of all brands and all subjects. Leather remains the better because it is more resistant. As fakes abound, we must be vigilant to avoid falling into the trap . You have to have the eye for a genuine leather portfolio.

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Without Error: looks For Use on Holidays From Work

Indecisive about what to wear on new year’s Eve events work? We have the solution! At the request of Donna, the stylist Bamiduro Haas set up different suggestions of looks for three profiles of celebration with the staff of the firm: happy hour, dinner and ballad. Adapt to your style and happy holidays!

Happy Hour

Happy hour is a casual event, but, to be reunited with fellow company, worth to be informal in the right measure. Look for balance in the look a piece a little bit more formal with another well stripped, so that production can go directly from work to the happy hour, changing only a few accessories, if necessary.

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MBFWB: LeVer Couture A/W 2011 Invites to Dream

We have dreamed the past few days and lived in the fashion bubble, have geschwärmt of great clothes, well dressed people stared at, a mood between omitted be witnessed hectic and everything went so well it absorbed what we was. And above all a show to which I had no expectations at all, was Couture sure LeVer. Without great performances, without a high level of claim and without a great Foreshadowing what could expect me there – it all started: the show by LeVer Couture should begin. Front row next to Rolfe. Just like that. Somehow. But somehow exciting. The view from the front row is just different. You can make better photos, being closer and you get the magic that can trigger such a show, unfiltered. The collection of LeVer? Simple artworks. Continue reading

Affordable Vintage Style Watches

Well, then I break me times. The background: I already have a post on the topic of new watches in the vintage style written – they were all under $500 at that time. In this article I would like to once again reduce the price mark-Maximum 200 euro will cost them. One of the watches is even far below 100 euros. And of course you’ll find quartz in this price category rather than mechanical watches. The mechanical watch presented in the aforementioned article Orient Bambino (amazon affiliate link) is an

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Mom in Leggings

I have always proclaimed loud and clear that leggings, it wasn’t some fuckin’ pants. That unless you have the perfect shape of Beyonce, the people did not want to see your cellulite through your leggings purchased at the grocery store and which, as a bonus, are made by the hands of children younger than yours. Worse, I wake up at my ignorance and I realize that I became a MOM in leggings that indulges. Continue reading