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Gianfranco Ferré White Shirt Exhibition

The Textile museum some of the famous fashion designer creations, sketches, multimedia and more.

Can one show to remember all the work, project work and the works of a genius of Gianfranco Ferré caliber? Absolutely not, but the white shirt in my opinion. Gianfranco Ferre has nevertheless set itself the goal of treating, through a monographic exhibition, part of the immense production of the Milanese designer. A defined production even bulimic Rita Airaghi, Director of the Gianfranco Ferré Foundation, founded in February 2008 to pass and let the world know the great contribution that Ferré has given not only to the Italian fashion, but at the international fashion system.

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Importance of a Good Sports Bra

If you regularly practice a sport you have certainly noticed that standard lingerie is not really adapted to the exercise, so it is strongly recommended to wear a special bra.

Renounce it could weaken the breast tissue and make him lose its firmness and shape.
During a simple jog, breasts toss and thus solicited they distend.

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Autumn-Winter Trend: How to Combine Your Clothes

Combine our footwear and other accessories with the rest of the clothes is not always an easy task, since it makes the question of the what to wear?

Fashion, colours and styles always change can be combined in different ways and style, but there are some basic rules which we must take into account when combining our clothes with shoes. Continue reading

How to Match The Denim Shirt: All Outfits Ideas

It is important to know how to match the denim shirt and to do that we must have clear all of outfit ideas that we can achieve. This piece of clothing is definitely an evergreen timeless and you need to find your perfect look to look glamorous, sophisticated and impeccable in every single occasion. Anyone who’s in the closet a denim shirt, can not help but to wear it, and those who still do not have it, do not wait to buy it. So, we do not waste any more time and find all the outfit ideas to understand how to match the denim shirt with style.

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The Tops of Fashion Are from Zara: All Wear Them

No, they are not Balmain. The tops with shoulder pads which all carry, are from Zara. Were discussing it yesterday itself to root to see the collection of spring-summer 2010 signature: it is one thing to spend a fortune in an evening gown, in a spectacular costume, a pair of shoes or a bag. But trends of those who come and go like the beaked and exaggerated shoulder pads or even less stained t-shirts, do not deserve a disbursement of absurd money even by that most have. Continue reading

How to Combine and Choose Spring Jackets. My Choices, American, Denim Jacket Or Leather Jacket

A friend asked me to Council as select and combine Demi-season jackets. It has lost enough weight and has to go to renewing the wardrobe. As it needs to do so slowly due to lack of budget (who was Carrie Bradshaw…) I wanted to buy well and to use it long time. This came to me great because it gave me the idea to write this post and thus help to all that need it. As his style is very formal or very sport, I searched intermediate ideas, with looks that are worth a little for everything. Continue reading

How to Choose Your Sports Bra

The run, in each stride, produced continuous movements that make that chest to move with swings up and down, side, and also forward. This occurs in all the breasts, but how much more there is, the greater the movement. This event, uncomfortable and painful, worse if we use a fastener normal especially if they have rings. Continue reading

Pregnancy Fashion Autumn-Winter 2016-2017: What Do You Wear?

This season arrives loaded with novelties in fashion maternity. Warm knitwear, sporty t-shirts, mini-dresses, eighties… We offer you a selection of clothes that will be trend this fall-winter 2016-2017. Discover them! Continue reading

Antique Jewelry: Gold And Pearls

Jewelry is known from ancient times and even the ancient Romans and Greeks used a variety of ornaments to look good.

All over the world there are many jewelry finds, dating back thousands of years and usually featuring figures of animals and birds.Later, the Greeks began making metal jewelry, using gold to create simple and strange shapes.

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White Autumn-Winter 2009 / 2010: Boots, Ankle Boots and Shoes

I know, I am aware apart ment that it have told me thousands of times: the footwear of White It does not have the best quality in the world. Yes, normally it is plastic. And Yes, if something is worth spending money on a good pair of shoes. But when one goes just for budget or want to move from flamboyant without breaking the Bank, one of the best options is low cost. Continue reading

How to Combine Your Boat Shoes?

The name of the boat shoes derived from the element of functionality in them. Originally, the boat shoes were made for the sailors of the ships and as a suggestion to the name due to its construction and material have been of great help for the sailors to keep his feet firm in the humidity of the cover. In recent times, in addition to the purpose to which serve, the boat shoes have become more than one staple of fashion ensuring a timeless appeal and no tendency. Continue reading

Women’ Secret, Collection Autumn-Winter 2009 / 2010

While we are still analyzing the collections of clothing, footwear and handbags that await us in stores this fall to update our wardrobe, it is necessary to also review the lingerie and sleepwear. It is so important to take care of our style for outside and inside.

As all seasons, Women ’ Secret bring us your precious collection of lingerie autumn/winter 2009 / 2010 to feel beautiful and feminine. We must also be attentive to his precious variety of Pajamas, Nightgowns, house slippers, and other accessories that make it easier for us to comfort at home. Continue reading

Fashion Tips: the Best Swimsuits and Bikinis For 2014, Depending on Your Type of Silhouette

Five silhouettes and different proposals so that you can make the best party this summer

Sure, you’ve already look at bathing suits and bikinis this summer of 2014. A ‘mission’ that can become a nightmare for a fun day of ‘shopping’ but get to see you with any model. To facilitate this work what better than knowing your figure and, based on that, go in search of the perfect design.

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Patek Philippe Watches

A rare rarity from the House of Patek Philippe. The glass dial offers insights into the delicate movement of the Grand complication REF.5104P.

If watch lovers earlier laid to an elegant timepiece, they went to the jewelry store of confidence, could consult and took the precious pieces scrutinized on site. But as in many areas moved the business himself of High Clocks propagated on the Internet. So, the platform for watches of chronext for a rare Patek Philippe recently reached the record price of over half a million euros. But which are to justify this price: is it the precious timepieces or something more behind? Continue reading

How To Choose A Good Helmet For Bicycling

When we got on the bike, it is vital to bring helmet. At the end, and after we move at high speeds and a fall could be fatal.

For this reason, it is advisable to take it always, regardless of the route you are going to perform. As there are many types and with very different prices, buying a MTB helmet, it must take into account the morphology of the same so that, depending on the use we give, we decantemos us by one or the other.

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