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Would You like to Have a “Perfect” Autumn?

It is clear that we all want to have an autumn full of good news and new projects but also a new season full of fashion and trends. So today I wanted to speak of the jackets biker also known as “perfectos”. Will take much this season, already anticipated it designers of the likes of Tommy Hilfiger in New York or Chloe in Paris. This fall you can not pass without having one of these jackets in the closet. Continue reading

What I Buy after The Sale? All The Style Keys for Shopping

It seems that rebates are sold out in stores already, many we love depleted last-minute markdowns, but already in September should consider what purchases do for the new season. So there is nothing better than a ride by your favorite stores but also of course look magazines y parades to see that it will be what takes this season. If you have not much time, today in Jezebel do a review of these trends so the choice is much easier. Continue reading

A Skirt What You Let The Pictures [50 Favourite Spots of Fashion]

New collections for the coming season Autumn/winter 2013 / 2014 already begin to see down the street, and one of which most goes to petar (and perhaps we get tired of seeing in short) is the of tartan pictures with a dot grunge. There are many firms that presented months ago their proposals and were criticized)Saint Laurent Paris It is the example that comes to mind), but now everyone copies them. And in the 50 arrows of today’s fashion We propose miniskirts on this print fashion. Continue reading

Trends Low Cost Autumn/Winter 2013 / 2014: The Flowers Are Also for Fall

Who said that the? flowers were they only for the summer? This new season is not so. First on the catwalks and now stores low cost, the floral print It will become a protagonist of this fall.

Extra large flowers

Bimba & Lola

The flowers XXL they take our wardrobe. Designs of brightly colored as if it were a canvas, dress shirts oversize, ideal to wear with jeans, skinny pants or pencil skirts. Pull & Bear and Bimba & Lola are committed in its collection to large flowers Continue reading

We Continue with The Pandemic of Yellow Fever. Are You an of The Affected?

If I have to pick a color I am with Yellow. but when you dress cost me: is so striking that I use it in small doses and in summer (playing with the contrast of my brown skin). But it seems that every day is gaining more ground and appears in large doses and in all types of garments. I think it great to be a trend for this Spring 2013, as SueMissIndie said it this week, but there are some who have not been able to resist and have already taken to the streets with the … it seems that yellow fever strikes again, do you affect your day to day? Continue reading

What a Single Skirt Can Do: an Infinite Number of Looks

There are times that a garment look at it and know that you like but you’re unable to bear it, it will succeed. That is what happened to me to see the campaign autumn/winter 2012 / 2013 Zara where Freja Beha Erichsen He was wearing a skin, ruffle and studded skirt. Yes, I fell in love instantly of her (garment) but I knew that: he bought me to the now and wore it during these days of late September and early October or the dejariaen Cabinet since stockings not just it I imagine. Well, these girls know how to get him out and all agree with it, but the result is completely different. Continue reading

Write Down It Well: The Pants a Pictures Will a Stick Strong, Much!

I can’t be more happy to be writing this post: one of the items that more I like they enjoy from trend this season. Yes, a few years have obsession for finding the Plaid pants (large and dark preferably) that were part of my day to day. I think that my obsession dates back a decade ago (or slightly more) when the Lois flared were the most. Yo me emperré a model dark blue and green Plaid (Scottish print but in those colors) never found. Continue reading

Trends in Shoes Autumn/Winter 2012 / 2013: Dress by Feet

If we start to build a House, we do it for the foundations, and if we start to search our complete outfit for this season, also are going to do starting with the feet. The footwear define all your day look. Flat siquieres go with high heels and comfortable, if you are looking for a more sophisticated image, we like any style depending on the day and the occasion. These are the trends in shoes, boots, and boots you expect this autumn/winter 2012 / 2013: Continue reading

Watch That Skewer! More Cool Shoes of The Season

Click that you skewer, the sharp tacks they have become the most for this season. It no longer means that you like punk or pimp fashion. Take it in your day to day is not synonymous with having that look a peak in hair or a leather collar with large skewers. No, the tacks are cool much and above all in what to footwear It concerns. And firms know this, so that we show it in every batch of models throwing. You do have your dose? Continue reading