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Diamond and Jewelry of Christina Onassis are Auctioned

While the price of diamonds is through the roof, a spectacular selection of jewellery from the collection of the Greek multimillionaire Christina Onassis will be auctioned on June 11 in London, announced the House Christie’s on Friday (11) AFP.

Rings, earrings, necklaces of diamonds: about 40 jewels of Christina Onassis, who grew up surrounded by rich and famous and died in Buenos Aires in 1988, at the age of 37 years, will be offered in Christie’s jewelry, which calculates that will total 8 million pounds (about 27 million dollars).

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La Sportiva Launches First Mountain Running Clothing Line

You know the Italian company La Sportiva shoes as a manufacturer of hiking, trekking, climbing, and mountain running . Now, La Sportiva, is after the introduction of the first winter clothing line, also his first mountain running line for summer ago. This is primarily aimed at ambitious runners who place emphasis on highly functional clothing. Continue reading

News from the Outdoor Blogosphere in January

For a year, there was no news from the blogosphere. This was especially due to the lack of time on my part. This year, however, I decided to concentrate again on this blog and continue this series again. Unfortunately, in the German UL scene is just a winter break, which is why this month is slightly English-heavy. Here is a little excerpt from readable articles from this month:

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Kate Middleton Makes a Pair of Shoes

The Marks & Spencer made a copy that is to be a success

The Duchess of Cambridge became an icon of fashion and everything she wears is a sales success. Fans of the style of Kate are enthusiastic and the Brand Marks & Spencer which is currently have a success with a pair of shoes very similar to ones that the Princess has already used in several appearances. The shoes with that Kate Middleton has arisen in actual tours and public events are the LK Bennett brand.

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Meet the Author of Vintage Culture Clicks

Fabrizio Minghini, the “Pepe”, is the third character in the series “Click: the music behind the cameras”, which investigates the work of the photographers of the electronic scene.

Think of the unpleasant task faced by a photographer who is dedicated to the music market.His job is to record in the best possible way, visually, a spectacle that is mostly auditory.How to convey all the energy of a moment, of a beat, of a simple image?Without a doubt, it is not a job for anyone.It requires talent, dedication and a deep connection to music.

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Antonio Bernardo Jewelry Come to Curitiba

Today the opening corner of jewelry Antonio Bernardo, in maison Bazaar Fashion. The franchised, Paola Malucelli’s Manager, receive guests and impose

ANTONIO BERNARDO-more than a jeweler, Antonio Bernardo is a designer.
Self-taught, he began creating jewelry in hardware store for goldsmiths and watchmakers of your father. Engineering student, if disillusioned with College and dropped his studies to dedicate himself to his creations.

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Materials Science: Wafer-Thin Fiber of Fixtures Designed

The heroes like also villains of stylish glowing overalls wearing in films such as Tron. Especially in the film Tron, much in futuristic blue lights. The materials in the film glowing used but by no means were substances which easily weave themselves in clothes made. Scientist Huisheng Peng and Fundan University in Shanghai as well as the University of California, Los Angeles have now developed a new webbares fabric, which glows blue and used for futuristic clothing can werdn en. The neueMaterial’s is electrochemical cells (PLECS), which can be compared with light-emitting diodes in bending tight TV displays 1-millimeter-thin fibers in polymer light emitting end. The new fibers, however can easily weave themselves in clothes and so it could happen soon, that more and more people actually run with leuchtenen, futuristic overalls through the streets. Continue reading

Jewelry Pawn is Easy Credit Option

Search for registers growth mode; in the region, amount of money lent jumped from R to R $13 $10.4 mi mi in the quarter

Low interest rates, lack of bureaucracy and quick release of credit are some of the factors that lead more and more people pawning jewelry. The line of pledge of Caixa Econômica Federal loans took place across the country in the amount of R $1.42 billion in the first quarter of this year, 8.8% amount above the same period last year.

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On the Piste, Ready, and Go

It is finally time again! Winter is practically already at the door, and thus it is an also for the or other back SKIFOANNNNNN! Is the anticipation you also here? You look forward already to beautiful ski slopes in splendid sunshine, on rustic lunch breaks at schnitzel and Almdudler? We present you exclusive tips on where you can best go skiing this season. Of course we have also new and trendy fashion tips. Thus, you will give off a good figure with security not only on the slopes, but also on the legendary after ski parties. Let’s go! Continue reading

4 Foolproof Tips to Never Lose Your Jewelry

Jan 22, 2017 | The discovery, useful tips, Look how cute

4 foolproof tips to never lose your jewelry

If men love wallets, hats or ties, women have a big fall “for shoes, bags and jewelry. Each with your and OK. The problem is when these passions spread everywhere and they lost the trail. For example, we women have a tendency to drop earrings and rings in any place we work. Or then putting everything in boxes, completely losing track of what we have and eventually damage to some parts. So that this doesn’t happen again, we must think about storage solutions for the jewels. It is not difficult and it is to choose the earliest convenience to you, depending on the space you have! Meet here 4 foolproof tips to never lose your jewelry and get inspired.

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Outdoor Clothing for Children from Fjällräven

Recently only I have presented the Outdoor collection from ISBJÖRN of Sweden for children and babies. Now is also the well-known Swedish manufacturer Fjällräven serious child heritage clothing collection and manufactures in accordance with same high quality requirements as adults. Continue reading

Serralves Heritage Inspires Portuguese Jewelry Collection

Six domestic brands are inspired by the beauty of the gardens and architecture of the iconic buildings of the Serralves Heritage to give rise to an exclusive jewelry collection , the Portuguese Serralves Jewellery Special Edition. A limited edition that was the result of a partnership between the Serralves Foundation and the Jewellery and Watchmaking Association of Portugal (AORP).

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Bracelet Misfit Shine (Speedo Version): Analysis, Testing and Opinion

We have had the opportunity to try Misfit Shine, particular activity bracelet model Misfit Shine “Swimmer” Edition “, carried out in collaboration with the brand specialist in swimming Speedo. A bracelet of activity which has as its main novelty compared to the model “Shine”, and the rest of monitors market activity, the accurate record of our session of swimming pool thanks to the algorithm of calculation provided by Speedo. The three-axis accelerometer integrated in a package no bigger than a coin 2 euro, as well as monitor our daily activity and sleep quality, accurately records the number of lengths of the pool. Once synchronized the data recorded by the mobile application via bluetooth bracelet can consult the number of long, swim away, while we have been swimming and calories we burned during this activity. Continue reading