21. Interesting Work If Tea Want to Dedicate to Fashion

As Miranda Priestly in the Devil Wears Zara, “everyone wants to be one of us”. The works in the world of fashion they can be really envied but the truth is that most are not as glamorous as they seem, and involve work too many hours without charging too much. However, If you clear your vocation is fashion and you want to devote to it, look at these 21 professions related to fashion that can be designed for you.

Fashion designer

Obvious. We start with one of the first professions that occur to us if you really like fashion. It takes talent and great creativity, be unique and draw a road different from what others do. Most start designing for others until they end up in your account. You can also specialize in shoes, bags, accessories, jewelry, leather, textile, etc..

Pattern Designer

The designer imagines, and the pattern Designer It is responsible for portraying what the designer has devised. It is a work less creative and more practical, very interesting if you like doing reality and convert to something physical that is only a drawing.


They were the most envied in the 1990s. The top models They reigned and claimed that they stood not for less than 10,000 euros from the bed. Today things have changed, and triumph models with many followers in Instagram, since the brand knows that if you hire this model will have greater visibility.


Specializing in fashion can be really interesting for a photographer, because a field is opened in which anything goes and that has unveiled to great geniuses such as Mario Testino, Helmut Newton and Annie Leibovitz.


The fashion illustrators they are living a great moment of success. Sometimes we like to over see a drawing a picture, they provide a more personal image.

Graphic designer

The graphic designers also they can specialize in fashion. They form an essential part of the image and communication of brands both in stores and online, as in all types of channels.


Formerly they were women in the shadow of the red carpets, but now we know the names of the stylists that you wear to the famous. Also you can work stylist on television, deciding how to dress presenters and choosing the image dan.

Specialist in stage costumes

It is one thing to dress for real life and another very different dress for the scenarios. If you want to take care of the costumes for theatre, movies and series, studies of scenic costumes fit with you.

Personal shopper

Many times the profession of stylist and of personal shopper they will hand, but not always. In department stores, you have personal shoppers who you advise on shopping to do for you take advantage of your budget on clothes in the best way. Sometimes the personal shoppers are dedicated to shopping too-busy people. Buy for others can be really fun. If you take a look at the curriculum you can see what it means to be personal shopper.

Wedding planner

It is a variety of the personal shopper. The responsible for organizing a wedding It helps with the choice of dress, and have to choose invitations, decoration and details to make perfect wedding.

Fashion editor

The fashion journalists they have always had much to say in the world of fashion. You can write about fashion, but also prepare the fashion editorials, select vestvuario, select locations. It is normal to be so demanded work. The September Issue documentary made many dream of that position.

Organizing of events

Fashion requires the many events. You can take charge of organizing gateways, showrooms, fairs, exhibitions, conventions, fashion, etc. It sounds interesting, but at parties, the Organizer is the person who passes it on worse. You have to deal with that everything goes well.

Public relations of the mark

If yours is the marketing, fashion needs people with good ideas, specializing in communication and advertising. It’s communicate the brand image to the press, prepare press releases, devising campaigns, etc..

Visual merchandising

The Visual merchandising or window dresser is responsible for the management of the product at the point of sale, place the windows and mannequins to make the product, fashion, still more attractive.

Retail Designer

Halfway between the profession of decorator and visual merchandising, the retail designer It is that designed commercial space, the store, so that optimizes space. Should take into account how lighting, spaces, place products so they convey what we want, what kind of consumer we headed, etc. If you’re curious, here you can find out a bit more than these studies.


The profession of coolhunter It became fashionable for a few years, and everybody wanted to devote himself to this. Hunters trends crawled the streets looking for what will be, and now also dive in the hunt and capture of most networks in the time.


Working for the Department stores, the buyers Department stores in New York, Paris and shopping online multi-brand luxury are not lost any fashion week. They decide what to buy and what will therefore buy their clients, making some brands to grow as foam and others move to the background. With men like Justin O’Shea, this profession has also gained in prominence.

Product manager

Within the fashion business, the product manager He is basically responsible for managing production, relations with suppliers, with customers. Everything has to go perfect in the moment that need you customers. Are usually divided by categories or types of products, depending on the type of company and its product.

Community manager

The world of social networks has created new professions. Community Manager It is one that is on everyone’s lips. It is responsible for carry the social networks of the signing of fashion, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other, interacting with fans, and helping to transmit the best image of the brand.

Blogger, youtuber or instagrammer

Years ago never would have thought that Open a blog or post videos on Youtube It was a profession, but today we know that there are many people who earn large amounts of money with his image on the networks. You can dedicate yourself to the three media or focus on any, but to your fashion blog a profession requires many efforts before getting results.

Fashion Business Manager

If yours is to direct and the management, you can specialize in the fashion business. Because fashion is not only creativity, talent and design, it should be a financial mind to grow the business. There are many colleges and schools that offer specialization in fashion business and management.

Have you already thought what like to be your profession of fashion in the future?

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