4 Foolproof Tips to Never Lose Your Jewelry

Jan 22, 2017 | The discovery, useful tips, Look how cute

4 foolproof tips to never lose your jewelry

If men love wallets, hats or ties, women have a big fall “for shoes, bags and jewelry. Each with your and OK. The problem is when these passions spread everywhere and they lost the trail. For example, we women have a tendency to drop earrings and rings in any place we work. Or then putting everything in boxes, completely losing track of what we have and eventually damage to some parts. So that this doesn’t happen again, we must think about storage solutions for the jewels. It is not difficult and it is to choose the earliest convenience to you, depending on the space you have! Meet here 4 foolproof tips to never lose your jewelry and get inspired.

1-A good strategy is to separate categories. For example, those that use more and using less, that uses at work and that uses the weekends, the day and the night, the metal and wooden… Do you realize the idea. The criterion is up to you, after all you have to do the split in little boxes, plates, bags or any other enclosure in the drawer. The image is also quite ingenious: enough plastic containers. So it saves time to decide what to use and lose nothing of vista according to entertainmentdns.

2-Another way to organize your jewellery so that no damage is hanging them. Prevents if emaranhem each other and they stay with us, or wrinkles. Can use hangers of various shapes and sizes. The imagination is the limit! Can use, for example, handles of door nailed on the wall, or tree branches hanging on the wall pretty. The choice is your and the idea is to use all your creativity.

3-One of the best ideas for organizing earrings or necklaces to Cork frames or frames framed and cushioned. With one of those can hang several pieces without having to drill many times the wall. Are all organized, and can easily view the entire collection to be able to choose what to wear.

4-If you don’t have a knack for arts and crafts, can use everyday objects to improvise exhibitors for their favorite pieces. For example, a cheese grater, or a cutlery drainer… The holes they have serve perfectly to fit pairs of earrings that uses during the week.

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