5 Simple Tips for Getting a Handbag

Want to know more about the American Education System? Check out 5 tips you must follow to get 100% of the US scholarship!

How to get a sports bag?

My name is João Vitor, I’m a consultant at the company Go Usa and today I’ll tell you a little about how to get a scholarship in the USA. Steps, tips and more, come with me!!

1- What should I do to win a scholarship?

To start, you need  trained professionals who can develop a qualified project with you and your family, offering all the support and advice possible!

If you want to fulfill your DREAM of joining a university through a scholarship and playing for the American university leagues, you are in the right place! Here I will get all your doubts about this process!

2- How do I get this bag?

Any active athlete can get a sports bag, just have a good accompaniment and a good advice to assist you in this step. To win a sports bag, the athlete will need  TWO very important factors.

2.1-First: Video material.

The coach will offer the bag according to the level of the athlete, so the importance of making a BOM video according to PREORDERHANDBAGS.COM.

2.2-Second: A good grade in the compulsory tests of English(TOEFL and SAT).

3-Do you need fluent English to earn the scholarship? What are TOEFL and SAT exams?

No, fluency in English is not necessary, because the athlete will only acquire fluency in English when he goes to the USA and lives in his university every day.

The TOEFL test is simply an English proficiency test. The event consists of 4 sessions and has a total value of 120 points. Already the SAT we can say that it is the”Enem americano”, this, is composed of Text Interpretation and Mathematics(all proof in English).

4-Why should I do these tests?

It is of great importance that the athlete performs both tests to obtain the bag.


It will not be the TOEFL that will give the scholarship to the athlete, this exam is only for the athlete to be accepted or not in a certain university(each university requires a minimum value in this evaluation). The SAT, yes, it can give the athlete what we call an academic scholarship.


It is simple: If the athlete draws a note that is satisfactory, he can get up to 100% only from academic scholarship.

5-This story of INTEGRAL BAG(100%) is true?

Here at Go Use this is true YES! As we work with all types of athletes, those who have passed through grassroots clubs or who, with just the divine gift, are really above average, we can put it in the USA with 100% of the bag!!!

To not be alone in the text, check out some of our athletes who went to the USA with INTEGRAL BAG!

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