6 Rules To Wear Leggings

They are comfy, easy to put on, and most of all, they are cheap and come in a bunch of colors. But have you ever thought that maybe those leggings you have in your closet don’t fit you at all and they’re not meant for you?

I mean, we are all allowed to wear whatever we want, that’s a fact, but you know there are always better alternatives to enhance your silhouette and make you look good in general.

Here are some simple rules you can follow and then determinate if maybe this piece of clothing suits you or not.

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They are comfortable and cheap, but you have since you think that perhaps those leggings you have in your closet does not make you look good? It is clear that all we can wear what we like, but we must bear in mind that there will always be fashionable alternatives to wonderful to replace something that does not conform to us, and that ultimately, we will see much better.

Here you discuss some simple rules that you can follow and thus determine if leggings are for you or not.

Six Rules For Legging Use

(6 Basic Rules For The Use Of Leggings)

  1. Make sure you are not replacing your jeans or pants leggings for(make sure that you are not replacing your jeans or pants by leggings).

This can be very tricky but at the same time it is common sense. Leggings are not pants and you’re pretty much going naked on the streets if you’re only wearing this piece, specially if you are not covering your butt with a long top. Maybe, just maybe, if you are going to the gym to work out,leggings are for you.

It can be misleading, but let’s use common sense. Leggings are not pants and you feel safe (or you will be) as if you had taken to the streets naked, especially if you are not covering most of your back with a shirt or t-shirt long. There may be an exception in the gym. Maybe.

  1. If you are overweight, think twice about leggings(if you have overweight, think twice before using leggings).

There are beautiful plus-size ladies who can pull off leggings, but some others look like they are about to rip them off just by walking or sitting down. Leggings are like a second skin so they reveal pretty much everything, so if you have cellulite or very thick tights, choose a pair of beautiful high-top jeans instead of leggings. Trust me.

There are women in thick texture that looks quite leggings, but others sees that “simply unpleasant and painful”. Remember that the leggings are like a second skin and reveal too much, so if you have very thick legs or cellulite, it is best that you prefer a pair of classic jeans straight boot, instead of leggings.

  1. Make sure the leggings fabric is not see-through or they are not fitting you very tight(Asegúrate que la tela de los leggings no sea muy translúcida o que no te queden demasiado apretados).

There’s nothing worst that seeing a woman with see-through leggings that show her underwear line, or even worse, her entire underwear. White or nude leggings are a huge no-no for everyone, and don’t trust 100% black leggings because they can show your business as well, and even more if they are way too tight.

No hay nada peor que verle a una mujer la línea de la ropa interior, y aún peor, cuando se le ve al completo (con todo y estampados-texturas). Los leggings blancos o color piel son un gran error para cualquiera, y no confíes del todo en los leggings negros porque con estos también se notan bastantes detalles, en especial si te quedan extremadamente apretados.

Prints against cellulite(Usa leggings con estampados para disimular la celulitis).

Like I told, leggings are like a second skin, so if you have cellulite or very thick legs, they are gonna show very much if you use them. Hide your cellulite by wearing leggings with a intricate print, they can help out a little bit in this arena. But making your legs appear thinner? Not so much.

As commented, the leggings are like a second skin, so if you suffer from cellulite or very thick thighs, you will notice the use of this garment (usually in a very unpleasant way). It hides cellulite with leggings that have creative and expressive prints. Keep in mind that this can help conceal cellulite, but not the size of the thighs.

  1. Camel toe disaster Avoid it!(It avoids areas that you don’t want to show mark)

Talking about leggings revealing everything underneath, one of the worse things you have got to be awful the camel toe, don’t wear this clothing piece so high-up, it’s not necessary. By avoiding this you’re gonna make yourself a huge favor, and a huge favor to the rest of the world. (See picture above, disgusting).

Another unpleasant thing that can occur with the use of leggings is is revealed when the female genital tract, on some occasions, leaving nothing to the imagination. Avoid much climbing leggings to avoid areas that do not suit us are marked.

  1. Hide your butt(hide your butt).

Or at least try to show it just a little bit. You can hide it by wearing a long top, shorts, or to dress over them. There’s something so tacky with women wearing leggings and showing their butts, and then again, not only their butts but their hello-kitty underwear. Yes, we can see it.

Or at least tries to hide it a little. You can do this using a shirt, shirt, blouse or long jacket. There is something very vulgar with some women who try to show her butt with this garment, and not only its back, if not to accidentally reveal their underwear.

  1. They are NOT pants(do Wait, did I already say that?), leggings are not pants (as said you, really?)

Write it down on every leggings you have.

Put a note on all the leggings you have so that you remember it always.

There are some examples of how you can wear leggings beautifully at hartselleclothing.com.