7 More Things That Have Already Been Considered to Be Errors of Style

As promised in another post, here is more of a list with seven items that were already considered to be errors of style in the past, but today are fully usable, like you them or not. It is interesting to note how the most up-to-date in the name of freedom and of creativity, after all some of the customs and rules of etiquette must be maintained, however there are many who need to keep track of not only the fashion but the need of the convenience and mobility of the day-to-day.

7 More Things That Have Already Been Considered to Be Errors of Style


1 – Running-Shoes with tailored trousers or suit

Two decades ago people were not as tolerant with the mixing of styles as they are today, was for each monkey in its branch, a few clothes or accessories creeping in costumes that were not the beach, but the time will show what continues to be taboo and which can be incorporated into our daily lives without hurting our retinas, the use of shoes with tailoring is one of these things and is gaining strength each year.


2 – Costume or a suit without a belt (or suspenders)

His father and grandfather could not bring a suit or costume without thinking for a few moments in which belt to match with the shoes chosen. The costume social (or ride) up until today it is mounted in this manner, however on occasions a little more tolerant, it is possible to abdicate the belt, something that is considered modern and well until clean.

If you want to join the trend, know that it is possible to use the tailored trousers that way by doing it or not part of a usual, only don’t make that a rule, uses those who feel the urge and have the opportunity to do so.

Note: some pants have a strap with buckle on the side that hits the waist according to your body, ensuring that it is securely fastened, thus dispensing with the need of the belt.


3 – White Tennis shoes

This is the third part of the godhead fashion the male of the present day, along with the striped t-shirt navy and tailored trousers. If when you was a child, I was afraid to use white tennis shoes because the crowd would trample mercilessly on it when I got in school or in your circle of friends on the street, today he symbolizes the visual cool and minimalist which marks the end of this decade.

Note: nothing sapatênis, please, choose the model canvas or leather that has a footprint more classic and simple, the idea is to give a touch of slightly sporty and trendy to look.


4 – Bar folded or shorter

This is a craze that is still taboo in some places, I still receive many emails from men asking if all is well do not like to fold the pants or use it more shortbecause “it looks like they’ll jump wetland” – a term very much used to this type of clothing in the past few decades. No problem, as I already said, didn’t like it, don’t use, but at least think about, especially in the summer!

Just for the record: this trend has not emerged out of nothing, it was a feature used to work around a problem of the pants more fair (skynny, slim fit), whose bars come in or embolam in the footwear, since the opening is not sufficient to then converting it, this way, this problem disappears!

Author’s note: even though their reasons to exist, I am not sympathetic to the pants folded in the middle of the shins in the urban environment, I think that a finger of the leg appearing is ok, much more than that seems to me exaggeration.


5 – Accessories that do not match each other

I do not recall when this rule liberating was charged to looks casual, but I remember how people looked ugly to those who did not fit the shoe with the belt, or the bag with the rest of the accessories. The result was kind of boring and very neat and tidy, sometimes claustrophobic, it seemed that you were using a kit that could not be broken.

Today it is completely possible to wear a shoe of a different color of the belt, the pouch can be completely disconnected in terms of color and material, provided that it all matches in style.


6 – horizontal Stripes

Horizontal stripes are fattening! Simple as that! And because of this you should not use them ever, even weighing less than a squirrel!

I don’t know very well where they came from this concept, but there are a few decades may have been relevant, the fashion has changed a lot, especially in the beginning of this century to here and currently gives to use stripes and they are in vertical or horizontal position without the headaches, just have good sense, in fact, we even did a post about it.


7 – Mixing tailoring with casual clothes too

Since the blazer was to stop at the costumes the more informal the man allows himself to give a mixed in the styles as long as this does not decrease the elegance, we can even say that there is a zone fashion grey where a long time ago existed only in the extreme of style, even before the Slash resolve to put a top hat and a leather jacket. ; P

In Brazil we still have the aggravation of prejudice with the clothes that many believe should stay within the office only, but this is not written in the constitution, the civil code or in the bible, then who can stop you?