7 Ways To Wear White Pants In Winter!

As I said in a previous post, white is a color that is not usually associated with winter. When the weather is cold automatically ( and as a reflection), we think of black sweaters, brown pants or brown coats.

Investigating a little I found that black is a color that absorbs solar radiation, keeping the heat and sheltering us a little when the sun peeps out. The white clothes-on the contrary-reflects all the light that comes to him, being more comfortable and fresh. That’s why we use it in summer.

However, we should not completely omit this color in our winter wardrobe, because as we know white is a very elegant color and has a very special wave ( at least for me ). It is also very high-seated for both warm and cold skin. It is also super combinable according to medicinelearners. So today I want to show you some ways to wear white pants at this time of year, starting with some trend pieces.

  1. The first option is to wear amonochromaticlook, that is a total white. We must be careful in choosing this option, not to fall into excesses and be as subtle as possible. My recommendation is to choose a sweater of wool or thread until half a hip. With this option we can lengthen our figure, but if we have very prominent hips or pear shaped figure, it is best to wear a blouse/sweater/polo that covers that area. Use it with heels in nude tonesor a strong color. Even some in print would lift the outfit a lot .
  2. TheBlack & Whitenever fails and in this case better than a leather jacket to give character to the look. This option is very versatile since you can combine it with super high heels, with leather boots or loafers for a more relaxed look as we see in the photo. I loved this idea !!!
  3. And if we put on asweater of a vibrant color?A different alternative is undoubtedly a cashmere sweater in a striking color like yellow ( or even fuchsia, electric blue or orange ). The accessories in this case should be of a tone that goes within the range of colors of the upper garment. If the sweater is yellow, the accessories should be in earthy ornude tones.
  4. You can not miss theStripestrend in this post. And is that a striped sweater combines with everything !!! The accessories can even be of a totally different tone to break the visual balance or even have a second stamp inside the outfit . It’s super, do not you think?
  5. Ananimal printblouse combined with white trousers and stilettos or pumps is  an option that can be worn even for the office. In addition they will look super different from the rest of mortals. I assure you… Try it!!!
  6. Another super “in” option is the mix of white withpastel tones. A wool sweater in light blue ( or even pink ) for the most romantic. We can give the finishing touch with some white heels or even with pastel accessories like the one in the photo below.

We continue with the same idea of ​​the pastel shades and this time I chose an oversizedpink coat , so that they have a more precise idea of ​​what I speak to them. The accessories in nude tones. Does not it look cute?

  1. Finally, I wanted to leave a garment with a very winterprint: the pictures ( a print we see a lot in ponchos, shirts and coats ) and a trend color: Burgundy. ( Ideal for this time of year ). The mix of everything looks spectacular!

And is that white is a timeless color. Whether winter, summer, fall or spring, if we have a little creativity we can wear white pants all year… What did you think girls? You know, they tell me!