9 Tricks to Make the Best Use of Bra

From young girls we look forward we gift the first bra yet this item of clothing as well as being a weapon of seduction of great value can be a real instrument of torture, or ruin a stylish mise studied in detail.

So here are some tips on how best to use the bra

We avoid the straps on sight

Some like the bra strap in sight, but some clothing with special necklines not match adequately to this particular.
A quick and easy trick to eliminate the problem? Use clips to sheets of paper will block the straps under clothing and the neckline will look very different.

“Ammortizziamo” pains

A part that can be painful bra underwire is that of which in contact with the skin can make it hard to get through the day.
A tip from fashionissupreme is to use a simple panty liner: cut it into strips and attaccatene a height of the wire leaving the part soft to the skin. A bother in the least.

Goodbye pain of shoulder pads

Here’s another annoying point: the shoulder pads. Especially those destination can be annoying especially if you are busty women. One solution is the patch silicone: it found in the trade for many blisters … you can use it to write off the shoulder pads in contact with skin.

Use the safety harness

Many bras allow you to unhook the bra straps to use as a headband. The best way to avoid the bra we face some surprises and dips suddenly used a strap as a safety belt. Turn a strap around your chest at the bottom of the bra and you stay calm throughout the evening.

Correcting a shirt with too deep neckline

Often we find ourselves in the closet a jersey V-neck that leaves out the bra and do not use it much because we do not want to put other clothing underneath. An alternative is to create a “fake shirt” with a small piece of cloth, perhaps decorated. Stop the cloth triangle to the straps with the pins and you can use your knitting without problems.

Recycled the old bra to enhance an outfit

Sometimes the clothes of some tissues do not fall right on him, maybe seem appiccicarvi the breast to the chest. Well an old bra can be a good alternative to give shape to your outfit. Bra sewn inside the dress have a much softer effect.

Use the bag Protect linens

Use a laundry bag in the washing machine protector is not a waste of time and money, indeed!Your bras will be protected and will avoid damage to brackets or to tissues … so less hassle when you wear them.

Hang the bras to avoid damaging

Sometimes bras end up in overflowing drawers twisted one another and so on. This only serves to ruin them and therefore makes it more annoying to wear. One way to keep them in order is to use a coat hanger and hang there in order: less wasted space, less money thrown into new bras, less nell’indossarli hassles.

Use the bra for not bringing her purse

Very useful for those who turn to local and do not want to bring the dangerous and uncomfortable handbag with it. A small pocket applicable to the bra is a way to keep close at hand and safely small essential items