A Bikini For Each Body. How to Choose the Perfect Bikini

I am very happy with the results of the new workshop of Personal image and style that we are teaching in Las Palmas de GC. There is nothing better than learning how to make the most of our silhouette. Get to know our strengths and maximize them. It’s great when we know which clothes are that most favor us and enhance our most positive characteristics.

The truth is that I love my job as a Driving of the Personal charisma! can not help it! But of course, approaching the summer and on the beach there is no trap or carton.

But it’s okay, we can dip tricks of the Personal Shopper and image consultants to get us out also on the beach.

In addition, can we feel stress when thinking in putting us in a bikini again. Perhaps not feel prepared yet, but remember: holiday and good skin color, things look different.

In addition, always start with healthy routines that will help you feel better: lighter, better mood and better prepared. And why not! Start already!

How to choose the perfect bikini for your body

Little chest?

Bet on the eye-catching bikinis. Fluorine and neon will be great allies of your figure and your moreno. Looking for striking and large size prints preferably: Lunar, horizontal stripes, different textures and fabrics pursed. Take advantage of the tendency of the fringe and the flyers. It seeks to have glass to enhance the chest. Padded triangle is also an option, and if you have flyers or beads, much better.

Much chest?

If you have a large chest, many times you will be a little complicated to choose a bikini that is comfortable but that at the same time you see you favoured.

Choose halternecklines, they are the more flattering if you have a generous breast. They will help you look more stylish. It is important to achieve the chest to remain collected using cups or a good strapless widths.

Do not choose the bikini triangle, since not collected and, in the case of voluminous chest, will make the bust look larger.

You can also opt for solid colors, which does not have brightness or call so much attention to the chest.

Wide hip?

You can play with colors. A good choice is to take a color at the top than the bottom. The aim is to attract attention to the bust leaving the hips in the background. To achieve this, the ideal is to use colors, designs and eye-catching prints on top and opt out of uniform and neutral colors for the bottom.

In terms of form, an excellent choice are the parts down with high-waisted. For example, the panties style pin-up creates the optical illusion of a flatter abdomen and legs long, stylized, leaving aside the width of the hip.

In short: Use bottom with dark colours, straight lines, without loops or knots. Prevents the volume and prints. In case of using loops that are fine. Remember to upload the waist of the bikini from sides and procurement that is more low-cut for the central part. Those panties with “FORMIT”. Avoids that they are straight and hip, argues that a horizontal line giving amplitude.

Broadband back?

The ideal is to say yes to colors and more daring designs for the part below, and thus widen the hip and create a perfect balance with the back. Ruffled panties and falling to the hip will be your great partner

At the top, you can choose to type bodices halter. Everything you have strips attached to the neck will be very flattering. You can also use triangle bikinis. Avoid the use of bandeau, because they do not help to tune back.

Much curve?

If you’re a woman with curves, wear them with confidence. You know that the attraction is always a question of attitude: the more secure you feel in your skin, better will see you others.

If you have belly the best option is a swimsuit. Drapery fabrics or bands get a flat stomach effect. Today, bathing suits are a very elegant and modern option. It has no why outdated or put us over age.

If bathing suits do not convince you, you can choose with high panties bikinis or, even the “tankinis”. Tothose who with top type shirt.

Pay special attention to the size and the seams. Does need to tighten too much, needs to stop freedom of movement to feel free and comfortable.

Remember, gives equal whatever is fashionable, the important thing is what we well to us. Absolutely all women have a part of the body of which we are proud, so: look carefully!