A Little about Anatomy, Proportions and Fit of Clothing

All the time we heard that we should wear appropriate clothing to our physical type, pay attention to the trim parts and trying to highlight our qualities through the resources that the sets in offers, but little is explained about the human proportions, where really gets what, and, finally, how to follow these steps to create harmony in our silhouette.

The first thing you should know is that the human body is remarkably proportioned and clothes that you use must respect this proportion. There are some standards of sizes that apply to everyone, with minimal variations, like for example the height of a person is equivalent to .5 7 times the height of your head (can be 8 x in some cases) or the width of the shoulders that has 2 times this basic measure. In the image above you can clearly see that relationship.

Let’s use as an example to trim the most basic of all clothing: cotton shirt. Shoulder seams have to be perfectly positioned on the joints, that way they come together when drawing the chest, creating the shape of a trapezoid, giving the illusion that your shoulders are larger. If he shirt is too small it will narrow your shoulders, if is too large will decrease your arms and make you look sloppy, then say goodbye to the proper proportions that nature gave you.

Now, an example of a piece that, in my opinion, should be avoided: the hammer pants. Unconsciously we all know where the hook of a pair must be, when we played this hook down, stretch of unnatural way d

ORSO (or, if you prefer), causing the illusion of shortening of the legs, something that nobody wants, right? The result can be nothing short of a disaster, as the anatomic moderninhos say that this type of pants is the coolest thing in the world!

A part of the anatomy that reflects not on fashion is the waist. Long ago the waist was between his ribs and hip, just above the navel, site of real anatomical waist, today, however, is at the beginning of the hip. This change is due to several factors, but I believe that the main is the aesthetics of the year 2000 based on the cult of the body, where the six pack ABS stole the attention given earlier to the biceps and chest, therefore, cover it with the pants doesn’t seem a good idea as it was in the early 90.

Don’t think the trim helps just one with the body, on the contrary, well cut and well chosen can make you taller, stronger and even more elegant, using only small visual tricks that take into account these universal measures, it’s up to you to pay attention to what you’re wearing and be aware of your body type.

See a few more facts about the proportions of the body, they may not be as useful, but serve to impress your friends at the bar:

  • The eyes have among them the exact space of other eye;
  • The distance from your Chin to the base of the nose, the nose until the eyebrow line and eyebrow line until the beginning of the scalp is exactly the same;
  • From your Chin to your nipples you have a distance equivalent to the height of your head until the navel the size and fold with 3 times the measure comes to the end of the trunk;
  • The elbow joint is at the time of your waist, but not the pants, the true, the one between the ribs and the pelvis;
  • The size of the feet or hands doesn’t have the slightest relation with the size of the genitals, of course!