A Stroll in the Vintage and the Culture Pop

Shoes lovers know that to make them required a process long and full of details. By the same people who venture into this field, you have to deal with many difficulties before achieving “perfect pair”. Designer Carolina couple knows this very well. The couple shoesbrand, seeks to conquer the domestic market and enchant the fashionistas who don’t fear color. It succeeds? You judge.

The proposal of the couple shoes

“The proposal of the couple shoes it was born inspired by a striking woman, cheerful, female and a bit shrill that he is not afraid to combine what seems impossible”.

The creative process of the couple shoes

“The creative process inspired it my aesthetic referents. Whether is it vintage, as kitsch or pop culture, things that I like. Also much influences mood I want to give it to each design. Either something very striking and cheerful, or something more calm or relaxed. It is also important that the shoes are functional and ultra while female”.

Attributes that must be a shoe to become protagonist

“To my I think that shoes are always the protagonists of a look.” Since they communicate the intention that that person had to dress up, so that it must not neglect your choice. Shoe speaks of as it is your personality and your self-esteem. The pair of shoes gives you options that will make your special look, since both designs and colors come out of the standard”.

A look at the evolution of the national author shoe scene

“It seems to me that there has been an evolution, but even the domestic industry away much of what exists in other South American countries.” My brand brings to the market an option other than the homogeneous which is generally offered in the malls. A personalized attention giving the client the satisfaction of knowing they are buying an exclusive product, handmade and made excellent leather and materials, a contramano de culture of imitation and mass production”.

How easy or how difficult take on fashion in Chile

“In Chile has not given a significant value to the national fashion industry.” He trusted that that’s going to be changing as proposals so cute to be irresistible to buy are offering”.

The future of the couple shoes

“I can imagine that will expand the universe of clients gradually, but without forgetting the exclusiveness of each model, since the majority of the sales are made to order.”