Abigail LöRick, the Designer of the Gossip Girl Dresses

The majority of followers of Gossip Girl you may have wondered a lot of times who is hiding behind Eleanor Waldorf dresses, as well, it is not any designer of prestige, but a young creator, born in Florida, but based in the Big Apple since the 18, name Abigail Lörick, profession designer with field based on the East Side, former model (is gorgeous, the middle in photo) and I am sure that will give much to talk about.

I suppose that at first he never thought that his work from anonymity would transcend so overreact, but like Patricia Field on sex in New York, its good to do has not gone unnoticed to the general public and the small screen has become the best platform but already take years working: no one is le has overlooked its excellent taste as well House with the glamour of the series.

I’ve finally deciphered who signed the blue and Red vetidos of Blair and Serena… do you remember them?

So yes, they were yours, specifically in the spring/summer 2008 collection.

And the truth is that giving you a tour of their web FANCIESTPANTS, you realize that the merit is all fruit of his talent, and not the famous and deseadisimos characters who dress in fiction.

Although it is almost impossible not to associate their sense of aesthetics with stylistic quirks of Blair Waldorf and Serena Van der Woodsen: each of their garments portrays its chic cosmopolitan essence to perfection.

Therefore I believe that you honoring the wealthy teenagers who have made it so popular, has launched a line of limited edition called Lörick Lady, made in his image and likeness.

So even if at the moment your single point of sale in Europe is in Switzerland, we will follow him closely track.