Addicted to The Point: This Spring You Will Learn to Knit

The point is spring-summer 2015 It asserts an important role in our closet. So if you like knitting, or if you want to wear clothes so cute to offer us the gateways point, inspiration comes from the hand of all designers. Handcrafted garments which fall in love, for day and night, crochet dresses that range from the simple to the more laborious. This season, all we will end up being addicted to the point.

Emilio Pucci

70s fever invades the collection of Emilio Pucci, and crochet shines in evening dresses very sexy, tops, vests and even bikinis. The crochet bikinis have always loved me, they are unpractical, but look me divine.

Proenza Schouler

The point of Proenza Schouler It is in the form of punching, teaching more than necessary. Everything seems to be done by hand, and if you decide this summer you can do to make your own clothing designers.

Isabel Marant

As if they were rescued the Ibizan flea market apparel, tops and dresses of point of Isabel Marant they end up in fringe as if they were without top. There is nothing that is more summery than a top inlaid seashells.


Loewe get a minimalist style with point by mixing it with white. The dresses are delicate and romantic, very tasty touch.

Tommy Hilfiger

The point sweaters and ponchos of Tommy Hilfiger they are dyed in a rainbow of colors. As the jumpers and cardigans that made us our girls grandmother. Are oversize with a rockero point.


Romanticism makes it always Valentino. The point in pastel shades is combined with long skirts to walk by the sea and leave us to swing in the breeze marina.