Alessandro Couture Wedding Dresses

Alessandro Couture wedding dresses 2014, the new collection is inspired by the beautiful marine atmospheres with fine workmanship that seem almost return the reflection of the Sun on the sea.

Alessandro Angelozzi Couture, a name that is almost always associated with the pure romance, presents us with the 2014 collection of wedding dresses, a line that is inspired by the beauty of the sea: it’s no coincidence the name d every template has manifestly dealing with marine atmospheres.

Classic romantic and sinuous dresses but also original, rich in features and tone-on-tone or colored crystals, evoking the beauty of the reflection of the Sun on the sea water. But Alexander Couture does not miss even more sparkling shades, or “battered” much appreciated by younger brides, coming to offer us some red fire model.

From where does the success of brand Italian Alessandro Angelozzi Couture? Undoubtedly a unique style, refined and eccentric at the same time that has always characterized the collections of the atelier, with a touch of sensuality and elegance blend to lace and fine fabrics and sophisticated play of transparency. The range of models is very wide, ranging from Classic Mermaid dresses to voluminous tulle dresses for a bride who dreams of wearing a princess dress. Curious to see the new collection of Alexander Angeolozzi Couture? Take a look at our gallery, you will be enchanted by the beauty of these dresses.