Alternative Looks with Flower Dresses

The flower dresses not only are romanticones, empalagosos or repipis, this pattern as spring and summer and like out of women desperate may also be Bohemian, hippie, punk and even trash. It all depends on how combine you it.

It is clear that if we add a few pastel ballerinas, a tie as a headband and a cardigan for the shoulders, it seems that we have emerged from the secret of the Abbott, but if you are looking for breaking the bucolismo With cane details, We break the rule.

Chloë Sevigny is that deletes all sweetened trace its florid look at the hands of grunge boots and cardigans over three sizes large. But there are much more sophisticated options & #8230;

In the line of some of the outfits perpetrated by Patricia Field to Carrie in sex in New York. Field is one of the best architects of looks anti-total looks, i.e. that you love wreck with the PRIM and conventional and manages to combine a beautiful Dior vintage belted a flea market and an Eiffel Tower bag, and stay as wide. And in addition to succeed.

And their ideas from Plus-size-tips seem to me to be great, that Yes, for putting into practice much less bizarre way.

Patricia is a big fan of this pattern and has been one of the bastions in his career when it comes to emphasize by their strange combinations: simply refer to the bizarre style of America Ferrera in Ugly Betty. That while they are designed to highlight by flat, not far from the Sarah jessica Parker, and removing anything exaggeration and colorful weight, may be a perfect alternative.

It can cost to think of it, but the simple detail contrast big flowers on pink background bubble gum with a belt of animal print, can serve as shock and looks great.

Although Gloria Baume, Editor of fashion magazine Teen Vogue, it seems that it is not the work of minimizing risk and mixed flowers, plaids or stripes, and manages to remain the object of desire of the conservative taste of the Sartorialista & #8230;

Anyway, no need to go very: measuring just sandals, abotinadas for example, or include different accessories and contastados as an ethnic scarf, a metallic clutch, or a biker jacket, for example.

Or even, and although it seems that you give cakes, a Sailor striped Blazer…

You can also pull through preppy-glam with night-time options such as of Peaches Geldof: an adjusted model, plan melange with black and white flowers, and that the country touch refer to a Provencal queue as a handkerchief. A good nod.

Or follow the precepts preppy-street of Kate Bosworth and his dandy with male moccasin point.