Analysis: TOP 5 Spinning Shoes

The first one raised to think about spinning shoes is: what differentiates them from the rest of cycling shoes?

Generally a spinning shoe uses the system of holding SPD (Shimano Pedaling Dynamics), system that shares with the MTB shoes. But its main feature is the comfort, since the use “indoor” that we’re going to give this shoe is not as aggressive as the conditions that the “riders” will give the tracks or paths.

How To Choose Spinning Sneakers?

We will have to look at several factors:


Must be borne in mind that the spinning is usually practiced indoors, so we must wear light clothes that we provide and we sweat so much a proper evacuation of sweat.

In the slippers for spinning this is decisive, we always seek the maximum quantity of vents or breathable fabrics to keep feet cool.


Although most of the time we will use the slippers on the stationary bike, also we will make other exercises in the gym, so shoes should be comfortable enough to walk and move.

However remember that you it’s a cycling shoe, comfort and mobility will never be affordable to some sports.

Ease of use

Spinning sneakers do not require excessive attachment, with which the use of Velcro is the safe bet so they are easy to remove and replace.

Another feature to consider are the strips on the tongue and heel, these will help us toRemove and put on the slippers with ease.

At we have selected these 5 models of slippers of spinning, divided into 4 main types, so you sudes them as they deserve

MTB Shoes Adapted To Spinning

While these do not cease to be a shoes for cycling mountain, they serve well for spinning.

In fact they have been reference in spinning shoes until specific models have entered the market, since they have system hitch SPD, good ventilation, fastening Velcro or micrometric closure and soles with studs that allow a better grip to any irregular surface.

1 SPIUK Risko

We are before entry level MTB sneakers and are very good if what you want is alternate mountain trips and workouts with the static.

It especially highlights their sole with generous rubber blocks that make it easier to walk through diverse terrain, in addition to its broad strip off top which ensures, by his micrometric closure, a subject suitable loosely, since the pressure is distributed throughout the area.

2. Shimano XC MTB 31

New sneakers MTB range of input, in this case the XC31 don’t walk with frills and incorporate a sober design without forgetting functionality.

It includes a synthetic mesh in the front which, besides being resistant to stretching, provide the necessary ventilation at the foot. The Velcro straps are designed with the Cross system, remain the central velcro attached away from the rest to provide secure loosely in any part of the instep. Highlight their soles with longitudinal tacos, interesting by the grip in order to smooth floor surface.

Casual MTB shoes

These slippers are focused for those cyclists who practice casual MTB, wanting to have cleats SPD shoes, but also having a shoe with a look “less cycling” and more in keeping with a “mountain” style.

Even though they can’t be MTB shoes, materials and soles that are constructed are less rigid (not suitable for enduro or serious XC) but at the same time more friendly with our feet, allowing them to be confused with trekking footwear. Especially by the fact that do not include velcro, but cords, a system that many feel more comfortable.

3. Shimano MT34

The Shimano MT34 are perhaps the greatest exponent in terms of casual MTB shoes. At a glance and without look in mark, or the SPD logo on the side, we juraríamos that these do not include the anchor to cleats.

Their sole resembles more a shoe trekking, with the advantages of face to practice the sport off the bike that entails. Your toe comes well reinforced and also includes a handle in the heel for ease of footwear. But its most notable aspect is the large breathable mesh surface including, being a shoe that makes “breathe” well to the foot.

4. Shimano CT41

At the other end of the MTB shoes casual found the CT41 Shimano, a model very in line of sports shoes from day to day.

Note, as in the MT34, breathable mesh surface wide and especially your sole, clearlyfocused on moving with them in the normal way, it almost seems that Shimano has designed a normal shoe and added them the holes for the cleats, as a complement.

The CT34 have a model brother, the CW34, aimed at the female audience.

Specific Spinning shoes

Marks realized a couple of years of the need for specially designed slippers for the practice of spinning, is for this reason that took into consideration the needs that we have and began to design specific models.

As we have stressed at the beginning of the article, a spinning-specific shoe should be comfortable, breathable and offer easy remove and replace.

5. Northwave Multi-App

Just look in its construction and the sole we see that comfort has been the maximum when designing the Northwave MultiApp.

Its much more flexible than a conventional MTB shoe rubber outsole, its greater surface aeration and its multiple adjustment via velcro make footwear more suitable for the room and fitness than outdoor. Highlight your main “housing” consists of a breathable mesh that closes like a glove on the foot and it will fit with the 3 Velcro straps (including that of the heel). It also has straps at the heel and tongue which both help to how to remove the shoe with the sweaty foot.