And What If It’s Cold? The Monkeys May Also Be Present in Our Closet

One of the clothes that I most like to bring in Midsummer is the monkey: Besides being cute (very bad grace), they are comfortable, cool and make you be perfect with little. But, why not follow it in midwinter? It is clear that the versions that we have been in the summer where the heat threatens to our streets We can not serve, therefore firms launch versions in long and perfect for cold days. There that they have sleeves, are of heavy fabrics and are designed to counter the cold.

The truth is that I like what I see and I think are why I don’t dare to take them? Yes it is true that I have one that I bought last year in the Zara sale black and oversize that I wear it all the time… To go out at night. So maybe one of these most urbanites versions also the take advantage of a lot.

But if I think of a version most point to spring or for those special nights when one wants to highlight, I set the version of Jessica with heart neckline. Can it be more divine? Yes, the monkeys are cool mogollon at all hours.

That already looks they are their? Winter version?