And You, Do You Dare This Summer to Wear Shorts?

Of to the bib shorts There is a gap which seems that many brands have dared to cross. And the trendsetters have dared to look cool at the moment. But I, I am clear that I do not fall in that short. And it is that while I love fashion with all my strength, there are things that I’m not willing to spend. and this trend is one of them. I really don’t think it is established with great force while the firms try to prove us otherwise (as happened with the microtops).

And is the trend of the bib shorts It is not suitable for every day and occasions. Although has nothing to see the body you have (many will think that they can only wear it those with thin legs, but with curves may also be), is that it must be our country still not ready to see people look as one likes. Probably this trend will only triumph in USA or United Kingdom (where I made the entire selection of options). Are you prepared?


ASOs are always all, absolutely all, trends that you exist in the market. That’s why won’t cost us to make us with that most go with us (are you sure?). Paillettes of colors, metallic tones or handkerchief style. You choose what and how.

Miss Selfridges

With lace details, details in leather or tribal print and sequins. So are the proposals of the online portal Miss Selfridges.


There is no trend that can resist to Topshop, and as more alternative, better. And it is that the British firm given well all these fads and striking. In silver, with tacks or leather details. These are some of the proposals that show us & #8230;

Will this trend go unnoticed?