Antique Jewelry: Gold And Pearls

Jewelry is known from ancient times and even the ancient Romans and Greeks used a variety of ornaments to look good.

All over the world there are many jewelry finds, dating back thousands of years and usually featuring figures of animals and birds.Later, the Greeks began making metal jewelry, using gold to create simple and strange shapes.

In ancient Greece they had a true passion for jewelry, however, it was considered tasteless to wear much jewelry at a time. In the early stages of the development of Greek civilization, laws appeared that demanded little jewelry. It was a beautiful opportunity to only use jewelry to visit the theater, weddings and parties.

Jewelry in Greece was under the great influence of the works of the masters of Egypt, embodying the elegance of the metal in flower petals with astonishing accuracy. Also the mythological themes and martial arts scenes were the perfect works in ancient jewelry and applied art.

The techniques of the Greek jewelers were characterized by their subtlety and grace.His favorite method was filigree inlaid with glass and colored beads. This technique allowed them to create jewelry with the best gold threads and metallic alloys.

The gold that was very expensive was said to have magical properties and usually gave it at a wedding or birth. When someone died, they put gold jewelry in order to expel the evil spirits.

The rarities that were extracted from the sea had a special appeal. These trophies were the most luxurious ornaments worn by women. In ancient times, the sea was generally associated with women, so men tried to give their wives jewelry with pieces that had been born at sea.

In Greece, pearls were not particularly common. The Greeks used jewelry made of precious metals without stones or minerals. It was not until the end of the fourth century that jewelers began to use semiprecious and precious stones. The Metropolitan Museum of New York has antique jewelry decorated with pearls dating from the third century.

All jewelry items in Greece were made from precious metals with precious stones and ivory inlays. The Greeks were very careful about such things and made special duplicates of clay or bronze. To make jewelry samples, they used special containers in a certain way.

The necklaces were in great demand and had chains, beads and pendants in the form of animals.

The earrings also had images of gods and always had two elements: a small disk and a pendant.

The citizens of Greece showed the people of other countries their beautiful rings, brooches and buckles. Their jewelry sets were very diverse.

The forks had precious stones and the crowns were made of gold with wings in the center.

Greek women trying to demonstrate the elegance of your hands with the help ofbracelets . They also wore bracelets reaching their shoulders and decorated their ankles with bracelets. Bracelets could have strands of beads or wire cloths with images of animals or fantastic creatures. Greek women’s jewelry was made by skilled craftsmen with a good imagination.

The people of Sparta had a strict lifestyle, so the big jewelry was not in their favor.The Spartan women were very modest unlike the people of Greece who used jewelry in their hair, ears, neck, hands and ankles.

Roman masters inherited all the characteristics of Greek and Etruscan jewelry designs. However, Greek jewelry surprises us by its fine and elegant work.

Gemstones were expensive and very rare. Even many jewelers used sea pearls. The pearls were for a long time a luxury ornament for the Romans. The high cost of this material is due to its beauty and complexity.

Consequently, women gave preference to pearls because of their unusual color and pearly luster. That’s why there are a lot of beautiful legends that have a connection with this creation of nature. One of the legends is that the pearls are tears of angels.

By using the pearls on slopes, one could admire all the merits of this material;Brightness, size and texture. In the first centuries of our era, there were different types of earrings with pearls. For a long time it was fashionable to wear beads combined with beads of stone, glass or metal.

For a long time there were simple earrings decorated with pearls. This type of jewelry lives in museums around the world.

The necklaces were not simple and had gold, colored stones and emeralds.

At the beginning of our era, Greek jewelers used numerous pieces from other countries. However, during that period, the influence of the art of Rome grew more and more. For the production of jewelry they used metals, wood, glass and precious stones. Jewelry for the Romans became one of the main attributes of everyday life. They used brooches, pendants with perfume and even rings with seals.Sadly after his defeat, all his wealth was scattered throughout the world.

Ancient civilization was expanding its geographical borders, coming into contact with other cultures. This made the old art of jewelry very eclectic and collective. In turn, ancient ideas of aesthetics have spread and now ancient jewelry lives in many parts of the world. In addition, thanks to the work of archaeologists, we can see the grandiose creations of the old masters in different museums.