Armani Privé High Couture Spring/Summer

The world of the Haute Couture produces too much respect to me. More that a presentation of collections see it as another example of, in which designers are striving to show the unique innovations that just out of his mind and art are not shot by collections low cost that then they are assimilated both between it is hard to distinguish.

The lesson of John Galliano at Christian Dior was superb, as well said my friend Laia in an excellent summary.

Armani Privé is another of the signatures that were presented in Paris.

Giorgio Armani explains that the inspiration for this new High Couture spring/summer 2010 collection is”the Moon”. One further justification for giving a meaning and a value extra to new designs. If the past summer Armani Privé He chose a range of colors as unique as the mauve and intense yellow, among others. This season is limited to the the black and white, for the most part.

according to cosycardigan,In this way is you can not fail. Gimmicky and classical, but is Armani and although in recent years has managed to throw overboard the respect of many, in the Haute Couture It retains the class and elegance that once had on all their brands.

Two-piece sets consisting of skirts and magnificent jackets. Looks to be seen in numerous cocktails and posh parties.

Black dresses that you welcome to the Moon in their designs and their coats.

Combinations where soft colors cake are added to the collection. Jackets with shoulder pads and polka dot fasteners.

Mini-dresses that play with the ruffles creating fantastic designs.

And what I say this long dress? Can you imagine it in the body of the famous smarter? Of my favorites.

On the other hand, the party glam and futuristic to me I am not convinced. Okay that fashion is fashion, but I don’t want to imagine Rihanna with this.

I’d rather stay with strapless dresses electronic blue. Elegant nothing else see them.

And finally, the corresponding architectural influence in very rigid ways.

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