Autumn-Winter Trend: How to Combine Your Clothes

Combine our footwear and other accessories with the rest of the clothes is not always an easy task, since it makes the question of the what to wear?

Fashion, colours and styles always change can be combined in different ways and style, but there are some basic rules which we must take into account when combining our clothes with shoes.

Remember that you can create the image you want, always keeping in mind that with this you express your inner essence and is consistent with your style.

We want to provide you with some tips which you can check with insurancejust to combine with your shoes clothes

  1. To match the prints in a balanced manner

Always have taught us that we can combine the bag with the belt and shoes. From our point of view, and as in all areas of life, it is important to strike a balance.

If we are guided only by this premise we will never achieve a bold and varied style but that we luciremos a rather boring look. However, we can not opt out of the other end, i.e. merge without most all add-ins that have different color, texture and style.

  1. It suits the style you want your shoes

The first thing we must bear in mind when we are going to combine our shoes, is to know what style will take to the streets. For example, never we will get some sneakers with a suit jacket. We will try to choose all the accessories according to the characteristics of the occasion and clothing that we will carry implementation.

  1. It goes well the colors

You choose the color of the shoes that match your clothes, instead of color competing with her.

As an example, when you use a dress with a colorful and eye-catching design, used with a simple heel slippers, black and unadorned

If you have a very active come evening, consider sneakers, with or without heel, that you can use with all.

I invite you to keep in mind the rules of combination of colors according to Itten’s Color circle .

  1. It avoids the monochromatic looks

Do not use a single color from head to toe. If you have placed a blue blouse and a blue skirt, avoid wearing blue shoes

Instead, it is advisable to consider different hues. If you have placed a pink blouse, you try to use flat shoes or high heels in a tone of different rose, rather than a pair of shoes in the same shade of pink.

  1. Choose more traditional colors for the working meetings

Use leather shoes in brown or black if your work is conservative. It is preferable to incorporate color only if you have a less strict work with a casual dress code.

  1. Choose the right shoes for the season

Each station requires a type of footwear: be flexible in spring, choosing both shoes winter as summer according to your wardrobe will evolve. Lighten you in summer, enjoying your sandals and espadrilles. It reverses in the autumn, with some flexibility as in spring. Choose practical shoes for the winter, making sure that the heel of your shoes be wide to prevent slips

  1. Play with heels to favor your silhouette

Combines the stilettos with clothes that will help you to see longer than your legs, such as skirts and tailored trousers.

If you have short legs, prevents heel shoes with ankle straps since they tend to shorten the leg.

Use with casual wear high heels to add a touch of style to your everyday clothing.

  1. Fashion is important, but it is more care for your feet

Both the extremely high-heeled shoes and flip-flops are known to cause problems in the feet when they are used excessively. It limits this type of footwear for occasions that require it (formal and overnight for high heels, casual and short-term for flip-flops) and avoid permanent damage to your feet.