Bag and Favorite Shoes

… a combination that makes me feel good!

Does low L * asked me a photo of my favorite shoes , but my favorite shoes were ill. One Strip had dropped them and they were “outstanding” fix. But I have more favourite, at least not so favorite shoes. So I had to fix because none others could appear in this photo. It could be said that thanks to L * beat laziness and I again have my operating shoes!Thanks guapi!

But to be better still put on your favorite shoes? Of course!Also use your favourite bag! So we make sure we have a round day and in which we will feel special and beautiful according to INCREDIBLEFLASHLIGHT. It is a sensation that no man will understand and maybe some other woman either… but it is that you feel so good! You is indescribable… know of what I speak the truth?


And of course, that that bag and shoes must be of the same color is not, but they must also have some harmony in the look. It is clear that black always be hits, with colours so strong in the plug-ins we use colors that don’t remove them prominence (grey, black, white…), but also this time I chose the cardigan also in mustard as shoes. What you think about the result?

And before dismissing me thank you for your votes in the contest for best CURVY BLOG, almost three hundred participants, this blog has been a not inconsiderable 17 position which is incredible! Congratulations to Eli’s dress that come curves and Anatxu Anatxu corner who have been among the top 10 and opt for the prize, best of luck girls! Great truth representation? I think we have in general been in good place and demonstrated that level there is also!

And nothing more for today… ah yes! A huge besote!