Baggage Will Have to Be Delivered

The Committee for the facilitation of flights, the organ within the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) which includes Infraero and the aeronautics decided to establish a waiting limit for the delivery of the baggage of passengers landing at Guarulhos Airport in Sao Paulo. From next year the suitcases will have to arrive in up to 12 minutes on domestic flights and in 18 minutes in international.

According to the newspaper Folha de S. Paulo, the goal foresees penalties for undertakings that disobey the deadline and Vale of the plane’s stopping to the arrival of baggage on the treadmill. The assignment by the service is divided between the companies (from the airplane to the mat) and the airport administration (on the treadmill).

Today, a passenger arrives for more than 1 hour for the suitcases in Cumbica. But on average the delay is 20 minutes on domestic flights and 30 in internationals, according to Infraero.

The goal meets the quality indicators that will be required by the secretariat of Civil Aviation and is within what advocates Iata (International Air Transport Association). State intends to deploy the new rule at the beginning of the year.

Anyone who exceeds the deadline will have a certain tolerance. In domestic flights, tolerable is waiting for up to 15 minutes; In the international, 24-minute. Companies that disobeying the deadline or extrapolating frequently will receive sanctions, said Infraero to the committee.

At first glance, the initiative seems very good. It remains to be known whether there will be an oversight of the waiting time and if the companies will actually be punished. Furthermore, it is necessary to keep an eye out for the companies lobby not to postpone or suspend this measure before being deployed and charged that limits are stipulated in all Brazilian airports, benefiting passengers.

What about you? What do you think of this measure? Have you ever had a problem with baggage delay? Leave your comment below and participate.

With information from the newspaper Folha de S. Paulo