Bikini Trends For 2016

The spring summer 2016 fashion shows a trend in swimsuits and bikinis where you can see a retro style and classic bikinis as always, adding new trends and colors that are fashionable.

What is your best holiday destination on the beach during Easter week or in summer? Whatever your vacation destination, and you are looking for the best swimwear that suits your body, every year you will always find new trends to choose the best for you. Whatever your figure, always look beautiful with the right swimsuit for it. That is why today we show you the bathing suits 2016 and its trends in color, shape, texture and style so you can choose what style you want to wear this holiday and go for it.

Bikini Trends For 2016

Certain tendencies of this season are noticed more diverse, like the styles and fashions in clothes in general, where fused styles or are obtained retro styles easily, today the tendency is universal, no longer there is a single style to choose where all we saw equal . Today you can find a wide variety of styles of bikinis and swimsuits in one piece, that will not fight when you choose.

From classic bikinis, bandeau (tops), sports, retro, romantic with holans, sexy with strips, to bathing suits or complete meshes in their same varieties, sexy, romantic, classic, sports, etc. For all kinds of figures.

However, it is evident the trend of 2016 swimwear such as sporty bikinis, with wide cuts, with holanes, the shoulders stand out, it is also very obvious the trend of super-basic minimalist one-piece suits, even Those that have attractive strips on each side or down.

Find out all the news in swimwear and bikinis 2016 fashion so you can come up with what you are going to surprise yourself with, or dazzle your friends.

One Piece Swimwear

The single piece swimwear can be of different shapes and sizes, and one of the major sub-trends for them, are cuts, fringes, holanes. They even come in long sleeves, in leather, with ethnic and other prints.

Swimwear With Prints

Patterns are common in the swimwear of 2016, whether we are looking for a single piece or bikini, high waist or pronounced necklines. Magnificent ethnic designs, rhombuses of colors, floral and geometric details you will see in any type and style of swimsuit in this new season.

Sports Bikinis 2016

The sportswave is new in today’s clothing style, as we can see it in the latest trends in fashion, and this has influenced trends in swimwear as well. With creative zippers, neoprene materials and interesting slogans, sportswear designs come packaged with a great dose of style and comfort.

2016 Swimsuit Fashion Retro Or High Waist

Retro fashion comes back with everything! And it is now coupled to bikini styles for the spring/summer of 2016 for all kinds of figure. This retro trend in swimwear comes from beads for women who do not like to teach so much, because the waistline in two-piece suits, are high. It’s a retro style but they like the fashionista.Inspired in the 50’s and 60’s with a special charm, the options of retro high-waisted swimsuits can now be seen everywhere.


2016 Swimwear With Holanes

Continuing in the same feminine mood we find these beautiful and beautiful details that give innocence and tenderness to simplistic designs. The bikinis with the top with holanes are especially excellent options for those who have a smaller bust, while those with a large bust are advised to stay away from this style. Also, holans are also very good options for women with fewer hips.

Swimwear With Cutouts

Cut-out swimsuits are possibly one of the main trends for this spring / summer 2016 in bikinis . Parts of the body bare through strategically placed holes. These cuts reveal a lot of skin while still covering enough and emphasizing what is needed, such as hips, waist, shoulders, accentuating even more those parts that we want to grow a little more.

Swimsuits With Long Sleeves

They were sensation in 2015 and continue to appear in 2016. Long sleeves tops in bikinis or one-piece costumes, give it a sophisticated feel and also make a more inclusive line. This line of suits is a plus of protection to your skin on very sunny days. You can find them in sporty and sexy styles with cuts, in elegant and youthful lines.

Swimwear With Bangs

This trend in swimwear of the seventies fashion was strong in 2015, and by 2016 is still the fashion. Maybe that’s why we see many bikinis with Pocahontas style bangs on the dressers. You can find these bangles in bikinis, full tights and one or another detail of these showy strips in other styles of swimwear.

Bikinis With Turtleneck Top

These bikini styles are positively gorgeous, whether they come from long sleeves or bare shoulders. They give a more stylized and elegant figure, besides accentuating the shoulders. They come in all its variations: with fringe, with cuts, embroideries, prints, with holanes, and more.

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