Bikinis And Swimwear For Curvy Women

With the summer, play go to the beach and wear bikinis or swimsuits. But the curvy women-or with curves-sometimes have difficulties to go to the beach and boast of body, either cellulitis or with its imperfections, because of what society imposes on us.

But long ago that our society seems to be changing, accepting that not all women – or men-are equal nor perfect. This is the premise of Swimsuits For All, brand of swimwear that has just launched a campaign in which the model-with many curves has not been retouched with Photoshop. What do you think?

The campaign, entitled Beach Body. Not Sorry -Beach body. I have no regrets-starring Denise Bidot, who poses without complex model is to demonstrate that all bodies have the right to go to the beach and wear bikinis and bathing suits. With a size 46, the model poses without be retouched by Photoshop, so we see her stretch marks and cellulite.

In addition, also shows that the word sexy does not have size. Poses with the designs of the firm – specializing in sizes for curvy women-ranging from bathing suits and trikinis that mimic leather to the vintage-style bikinis.

The campaign wants to help women with curves and sizes considered to feel good about their bodies, and to enjoy the summer. And is that size matters little if there is health. Importantly, feel like with the same, be healthy and be proud of the body of each one. This model of Latin origin boasts curves of infarction, wearing their body with cellulite and stretch marks, and expressing how proud that is him.”Women should not have to apologize for being as they are, by their appearance”, says in the ad.