Black Leather Gloves

Every year I have the same problem with finding some gloves, which I like. Although it is often cold, so can I still cannot bring myself to take mittens on, because I feel like an overgrown child, when I do it.

I know many who would never give over 500 KR. for leather gloves, but if you want leather gloves, you will not be able to buy some cheap, because they are really bad. You can of course be lucky enough to find some nice, but the ones I’ve seen for less than 500 DKK have like to clear stitching, and they work for large. If you’d like your hands look like Hulks, so you should ignore the really cheap.

That being said, so you can also get some ok nice leather gloves in The only problem is that they are not particularly thick. Yes, you get a little what you pay for. If you both want them to sit well on your hands and be warm, so lets go you not to pay 500 us $.

I know that the image from j.lindeberg is not the best, and the gloves seems a little too big on the picture. But I think they’re very good when I get them on. It comes, of course, depends on how your hands looks like. I assess my hands to have a regular size. So if you estimate the same for your hands, so you can still buy these leather gloves.

If you find that it is expensive to pay over $ 50 for the pair of leather gloves, you must remember that they last a long time. So if you can avoid to throw them away, so they should be able to keep for a long time. At least a winter or two, and then it is not expensive to spend $ 50 on a pair of leather gloves.