Black Sports Bra In Big Sizes for Maternity

Maternity sports bra is constructed of heavy duty microfiber and cotton.

Black Sports Bra In Big Sizes for Maternity

It has extra reinforcement in the side of the bowl, which support and centers the barmen. The bowl has a fixed sewn soft cotton posts that provide additional support and lift-also for the large and heavy breasts. The bowl is without a hanger for optimum comfort. On the upper side of the bowl is a wide extra reinforced elastic bands that keep Bras close to your chest also during movement.


The shoulder straps are extra reinforced, broad and quilted with cotton on the inside for comfort and relief of the shoulders.

The shoulders being offloaded by the bra also supported well by the extra wide side panels and back. The sides are reinforced with double layers and a small very flexible hanger.

A fantastic good bra for you are playing sports to you who wishes extra support and comfort for everyday life. See for more.