Bras Sizes: Sports Bra

Hello girls, today I’ll talk about the sports bra. This bra is to offer a complete subject, you can move and do the exercises without the chest you condition.

If carry a correct bra daily, it is important, when we are going to train even more, since the chest will be in constant movement and the sagging is easier.

Wear a bra uncomfortable to do sports, you can make, your exercise will become a nightmare.

Many girls with big breast, have confessed to us that to make sport, carry two clips, one above another, because movement can even cause you pain.

It is a very important thing to choose the bra sports is the size.You can not take one bra either, you have to take one which cup is your size, so rings are not you nailing while moving. You must go very tight, but not without making you damage.

We work with various kinds of sports bra.

One of them is the model Energisafrom Elomi, for girls with a little more than outline:

Energisa is a sports bra that offers excellent control for better performance. Their glasses with rings contain the bust to minimize the bounce and that you can take advantage of 100% of your training. Energisa bra comes updated with a hook that allows cross straps. It is available in four colors: white, black, skin and a new color at

Another who also works is Freya active, to large glasses.

This bra offers grip and comfort required for sports. Their padded cups allow you to keep the round shape of the chest, to remain cute.

Frey active 4892

We’d love to share with you all about your sports bra. You can do it through the comments.

Girls, any questions that you may have, ask us without problem.

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