Button Down Shirt

Button-down collar is often associated with distinctive casual shirts. Alternatively, uncommunicative computer consultant in the early 1990s. Manolo has taken a look at it a little more well dressed version of button-down shirt.

Traditionally imposed are often hard on the rule to never wear a tie to a shirt with button-down collar. At the very least merge with affärskostymen. To some extent, the rule is actually relevant; many button-down collars are simply too small to wear with the tie without giving a disproportionate impression. But as always, there are exceptions.

With a bit of width and height of the collar can actually button-down shirts represent a good alternative to the cutaway or turn-down collar. Because this kragtyp often complete lack or have very thin shims are feeling considerably softer than that of many more traditional businesskjortor. For those who do not want to embrace real preppy look, however, it is recommended in the true Italian spirit to snap up kragsnibbarna from the chest of the shirt.

Likewise, the fabric of shirt is of extreme importance to the overall impression. Classic button-down fabrics like light blue or pink matt oxford quality can certainly be a nice contrast to a suit, but for those who want a more consistent feel recommended fabrics with a little more oomph in. Preferably in discrete grid or with faint stripes.