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What Women jeans are curvy women?

Bootcut Jeans for women conjure slender legs. The section is located on the thigh and is issued at the ankle. Heels combined to extend the additional figure. High-waist jeans flatter feminine curves and are particularly suitable for women with a wider hip. This fit the band sits above the belly button and the leg is narrower at the bottom. Ideal to hide small figure-problem areas, is the boyfriend jeans. You sit casually on the hip and fall loose and comfortable on the leg. Usually it is worn with rolled-up trouser legs. In general: Dark, uniform washes slim. Hand Less advantageous are bright pants or flashy effects.

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What jeans are for tall, slender women?

Welcome to Jeans Cockaigne: Large, slender women can draw on unlimited resources, because they simply stand for each fit. Particularly good effect but is the slim silhouette with skinny jeans. This figure-hugging cut is similar to the classic tube, but is for Wade narrows, so that the pants the whole leg rests skintight. The washes you are welcome to access also to light variations.

What jeans are for small, petite women?

Skinny jeans and tubes stretch optically and let petite women looking bigger. This effect is enhanced when you wear the high-heeled shoes. Also bootcut pants or boyfriend styles are a good choice, as long as they are combined with high heels. Width sections compress against and are rather unfavorable. The washes everything is permitted – from light to dark, from used-up Looks Destroyed. See more on

Which jeans conjure up a nice butt?

Small, centrally to closely placed back pockets to make a firm bottom. Too high or sloping versions the rear view can seem flat and wide to deep pockets pull optically downwards. Pull optically downwards. Women with a flat bottom work best on to the hip fitting low-rise jeans. Those who wish to conjure female curves, is well advised with larger, decorated back pockets. A small Po also comes in push-up jeans to better advantage.

How long Jeans for women should be?

Ideally, the collar should be flush with the bottom point of the paragraph. In flat shoes jeans for women must also rest lightly on the ground. Too short jeans are a no-no – too long they may on the other hand like to be time.

Buy Women's Jeans Online Cheap

Further information

Typical sections: Regular, tube, carrot, bootcut, skinny, baggy, Boyfriend, Low Waist, High Waist, Straight, Slim

Typical washes: Bleached, distressed, destroyed, colored denim, dark denim, black denim

The Women’s Jeans: A garment made history – from the simple worker trousers for fashionable must-have

Blue Jeans for Women – the indigo-rounder is not an indispensable part of our everyday fashion. 2013 celebrated the popular trousers his 140th birthday. A ripe old age, but well deserved. What began in 1874 in America, writes today world fashion history.

Jeans have cult status

Blue jeans are an almost self-evident garment in the fashion world today. But why? What began as a worker pants, will be presented by designers on the catwalks of the world. And the ladies jeans shows today multifaceted than ever: now the variety has no limits more, whether in shape or color. They are available for every figure and every occasion. If combined correctly, they can be worn in leisure time or evening events in the office.