Campaign for H & M Divided, Autumn-Winter

H & M already face positions it advances to next fall and shows us his next campaign autumn/winter 2010 / 2011 its more youthful signature: H & M Divided, which comes to the same thing that the brand main but focused on a target of age, seeking to bring the latest trends at the best price without losing the modern touch that Swedes are looking for.

It is one thing to debate if they manage to get get that air modern or long they lost in pursuit of other brands, but that would be for long and hard. Best on another occasion. Now is time to talk about her latest collection which, fortunately, has nothing to do with the tracksuit image.

Pictures follow: anyone doubted it at H & M?

We are talking of H & M and two things are clear in all his collections. The first one is that lumberjack fashion is eternal. It will not come the day that contemplate their new proposals and cannot see a picture among them. And if it comes, it is that Swedes have lurched into crisis and desperately looking for new ideas.

By now the always operate them. That picture has gone out of fashion a long … da same! We are still betting on the lumberjack of the hills with very masculine looks for women that make more wearers with short shorts.

Animal print: H & M does not rest in winter

And the second of the things that needs to be clear when we speak of H & M is that we will see something similar to a animal print among the collection. If not, we are wrong shop. Check you view if this happens because it can be serious. In H & M habrá animal print for all tastes.

For the more NAFF, the option is choosing a blouse like that you see in the image of Mustownjewelry and try to opt for a look to the lady like that by no means is this way, but hey, we can appear a little that it is. If the pattern of the blouse is not worth you, backing the beige jacket also has animals. Two for one!

Military trend: a winter in the trenches

The military trend It was clear that he was returning this winter. All brands that had appeared in previous editions of Paris and Milan had given signals that this autumn would spend it in the trenches, with the army. Prepare us for this best soon. We choose our best parka and let’s go to the street to look it.

As good parkas are very expensive, long and give heat (that is all about in winter), H & M proposing its short model, with bolsillitos hands to hood, who knows when it can rain.

For the interior an short dress, military green game with black printing. And as a complement to the horror: the studded bracelet. I this year exile me or plead conscientious objector.

We can also play imitating the rococo and loop the loop. In the absence of the tack in our look, why not combine jeans military with an animal print blouse. Pump.

Black and white: the timeless combination

This photo is of Versace or Armani and we do not we have been advised. We have given Jack by free will. Once again makes low-cost go ahead as to seek divine inspiration and models-opt in short and prom dresses better not to use or to a Busca of your worst friend.

Geometric prints in different modalities. Jailer style but with transparency to break the touch strapless either incorporating a maxi cardigan which is very modern.

We like that the snakes or crocodiles more leopards as ale, we already have another print for our closet. Black, grey and white, for not passing fashion, with or without a pet in clothing.

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