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Bracelet Misfit Shine (Speedo Version): Analysis, Testing and Opinion

We have had the opportunity to try Misfit Shine, particular activity bracelet model Misfit Shine “Swimmer” Edition “, carried out in collaboration with the brand specialist in swimming Speedo. A bracelet of activity which has as its main novelty compared to the model “Shine”, and the rest of monitors market activity, the accurate record of our session of swimming pool thanks to the algorithm of calculation provided by Speedo. The three-axis accelerometer integrated in a package no bigger than a coin 2 euro, as well as monitor our daily activity and sleep quality, accurately records the number of lengths of the pool. Once synchronized the data recorded by the mobile application via bluetooth bracelet can consult the number of long, swim away, while we have been swimming and calories we burned during this activity. Continue reading

Tips for Identifying Authentic Designer Handbags

The market for new items is gaining strength in the city. Fortunately, the iconic(and dusty) stores have been deployed in modern boutiques and even on websites and apps. Have you ever heard of a shared economy? Learn more about the trend In this new scenario, the resale of luxury goods has consolidated[…]

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Baggage Will Have to Be Delivered

The Committee for the facilitation of flights, the organ within the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) which includes Infraero and the aeronautics decided to establish a waiting limit for the delivery of the baggage of passengers landing at Guarulhos Airport in Sao Paulo. From next year the suitcases will have to arrive in up to 12 minutes on domestic flights and in 18 minutes in international.

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How to Pack the Suitcases of Children

This is the last post in the series how to pack the suitcases, in which we will talk about how to pack the suitcases of children.

Children still have no discernment about what is important to carry, so are adults who must organize. But it is worthwhile to involve them at the moment they are packing, asking for opinions and involving them so that they already feel the climate of the journey and get accustomed to it.

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From Culture to Toys

Most experts today agree that biology is a major influence that causes boys to act “male” and girls, in a “feminine” way. Still, hormones and anatomy fail to fully explain the huge differences between the sexes.

Here are social forces, something we do in society as a whole to push boys and girls in such different directions from the moment they are born.

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Hobby Know Elegant Wallets

Learn already won the suitcases on the skin of the Portuguese cast mark that will check (yet) more style to their coordinates. We had two to offer

Wallets and shoes are, without a doubt, two of the great passions of women. Any of these options is certainly right to leave your beloved with a smile of happiness on your lips on the next Valentine’s Day or any other day of the year in which the fancy pet. The cast’s portfolios combine the shape of the function and adapt to the lifestyles of each woman.

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Follows The Trend Fluoride Only in Your Add-Ins. Success Insurance

Pastel Vs colors. neon colors. the truth is that today still not me I opted for neither, but if I have to choose I am with the cake for garment and the neon for add-ins. And is that these are a unique force and flair so original that no matter what: I’m fan of this shade. Pink, yellow, lime green, Orange … does not matter! What we really want is that she is much more better. So dare to make your own mixes, is a guaranteed success. Continue reading

The Fashion Book of The Week: Dessine-Moi Un Parisien

The Book of fashion This week is both in English and in French. Yes, in French! It’s a very similar to the Spanish language, and they can learn by reading Vogue Paris and according to the TV channel 24 h, with a multitude of highly recommended fashion documentaries for fashionistas. But back to the book. Already learned some of the English style, but… What is the French style? Continue reading

The Beatles, 49 Years of a Love Song

Love, love me do.
You know I love you, I’ll always be true, So please, love me do.
Whoa, love me do.

49 years and day topic ‘Love Me Do’ of The Beatles. 49 years since we were listening to Paul McCartney to take care of the serious part in a song he composed along with John Lennon. At the time the Liverpool group dressed in which innocent young, white shirt, jersey neck and black tie. While they were all aware began to lay a fad that would transform as they grew. Continue reading

How To Choose A Good Helmet For Bicycling

When we got on the bike, it is vital to bring helmet. At the end, and after we move at high speeds and a fall could be fatal.

For this reason, it is advisable to take it always, regardless of the route you are going to perform. As there are many types and with very different prices, buying a MTB helmet, it must take into account the morphology of the same so that, depending on the use we give, we decantemos us by one or the other.

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Bicycle Helmet

Bicycle helmet is a safety device that delivers any protection in individual falls to no more than 20 k/h.

There are two types of helmet, the so-called integrated helmets, hard cover and thin or soft cover helmets. The first are widely used in extreme cycling as the descent. Others, more lightweight and better ventilation, are preferred in track, route and the city. Thin cover helmets are designed and certified to protect the head from impacts arising from falling or individual events to no more than 20 km per hour.

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