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2016 Summer Fashion: Swimwear That Will Be Trend

The heat is around the corner and now is when we start to think about the days of Sun and beach.Operation bikini or suntan joined in the typicalreview of bathing suits we almost always do at this time of the year.

Why not you caught you the bull and you can be up to date on the beach or by the pool, we are presenting bikinis and swimwear that will be trend this summer of 2016.

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How to Combine Printed Leggings

I was the other day browsing by the shops, at this strange moment in which you are the clothes most spring with the remains of the winter in the same space. I never buy on these dates. It gives me a very bad feeling. If I see something cool for spring me cannot put it up within two months, so I see him hanging in the closet so long that when it comes already I’m even boring of the garment. Continue reading

Reebok: Sports Collection For Yoga By Tara Stiles

The American fashion and shoes company Reebok presents with Tara Stiles their new collaboration for Fall / Winter 2014/15 of women’s sportswear.

The new collection consists of a series of garments specifically designed for yoga, in which the former North American model founder Strala Yoga in New York participated.

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Dresses for Weddings Summer 2009

Taking advantage of rebates already here (albeit not as buoyant as expected), here is a selection of dresses perfect for a summer wedding. The good thing about weddings in full summer season, from July to September, is that heat allows us to dispense with certain supplements which, for many, are more cumbersome (e.g. the shawl). Continue reading

Vintage Underwear: Let Yourself Be Won Over By Our Site

Fashions change, but do not go: some items never die, they just set aside for some time before returning to the forefront in explosive fashion. ? success in corsets, Basque, baby dolls & balconies which, along with push-ups, bloomers and knickers,have made the return of the forties and fifties with their sensuality and irony.

Just the retro style is inspired by our site, which offers us the Vintage look Appeal:you won’t know resist lace, embroidery and baby pink that you feel the real movie stars like Marilyn Monroe, Ava Gardner, or Bette Davis. Vintage Appeal awaits our site website and in the many outlets throughout Italy: Let’s find out together all heads of lingerie that make up this look so trendy, designed to highlight the forms of each woman. Continue reading

JOG Swimwear

Behind these 3 letters are the initials of an ex of France of synchronized swimming : Jessica Othnin-Girard. In the bath since the age of 6, she herself draws its own models of competition and it’s at 26 she naturally creates its brand of swimwear JOG SWIMWEAR inspired directly from the charm of the aquatic ballets to offer high-end and glamorous ornaments.

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Do Not Be Fooled. These Are Really The 5 Types Of Leggings That Every Woman Needs In Her Life

Long since the leggings replaced the Cowboys as our pledge wildcard. We have all fallen one, two and several times andleft the jeans or the miniskirt at home and opted for one of these meshes so comfortable.

And our closet would be incomplete without them, as much as we ourselves. From lazy days to athletes evenings, these are the 5 types ofleggings we all need in our lives.

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William Vintage

It was the fashionable highlight of the Berlinale 2016: Amal Clooney entered the red carpet of the opening gala in a sequin-embroidered vintage creation by Yves Saint Laurent. The 1981 robe came from the exclusive collection of William Banks-Blaney, founder of the vintage haute couture label “William Vintage”. This is the first address for high-quality designer roles of bygone times. Banks-Blaney, as a student of art history, kept an eye out for old treasures during each of his travels and brought them home with his friends. Soon his talent became known to a larger group of people, in 2010 the Briton opened his first shop in London. It was the beginning of a success story. Meanwhile, Banks-Blaney is nicknamed “The Vintage King,” the American Express’s “Global Style Ambassador”, and author of the book “Iconic Dresses: Twenty Years in Twentieth Century Fashion”. When exceptional vintage dresses appear on the red carpets of this world, the probability is high that they were discovered by William Banks-Blaney.

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Accessories Spring-Summer 2009: Bimba & Lola

One of the clear strengths of the Galician company Bimba & Lola, they are the Add-ins: These make up the bulk of their collections, and it is the variety of shoes, bags and accessories We provide season after season is considerable.

Their prices are cheap enough to be accessible to almost all and expensive enough that not everyone take them, moreover, within its possibilities the catalogue is vast but not infinite, and although each day they spread more, and will maximize the chances of encountering the same bag, shoe, or cuff, continue to be exclusive within the lowcost. Continue reading

Wedding Dresses: How Have Changed Over The Years?

Since in 1840 Victoria of England married dressed in whiteQueen, this color became the most popular among brides of the West. However, although this tone has remained over the decades, the dresses have changed… and a lot of it! Discover here how it was the bridal fashion of other centuries and decades. Continue reading

Bargain!! Cardigan Pull & Bear Only 9.99 Euros 50% Off 3 Colors

Looking For Cheap Designer Clothes? Buy This Jacket Pull & Bear Here.

As you can see that out of the megachollazos from Amazon is not becoming too easy to find bargains in clothing retailer. Why certain offers are as interesting as Pull & Bear promotions where you can find clothes for men and women with up to 50% off. It was precisely in this selection where we found this Cardigan Pull&Bear now you can get for only 9.99 euros, exactly with 50% discount on its official selling price.

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Vintage Kids Fashion

The idea, which had 2 Berlin families there, is not quite new, but simply brilliant implemented in this form. Our site talk certainly countless parents in two respects from the soul with their shop. Where they usually only a few wash and dry course endured about themselves be mountains of great children’s clothing, from which the dwarves out are grown often so quickly and are therefore still in top condition? And on the other hand repeatedly buy-it should be chic and fit must es-and all of a sudden, sustainability has become an issue. You think about children’s clothing over the huge mountains, must-once produced and transported often for a rather short life. Thus was born the idea of the online shop for good used children’s clothing.

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Wedding Dresses with Sleeves

If you wish to look beautiful and sexy at the same time in the most important and special of your life day should check the sleeves of the wedding dress you choose, to help disguise the effects or make highlight the qualities. Which type of sleeves are ideal for you? Find them here in this article.

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20 Practical Ways To Use Your Leather Jacket

The rage in the world of fashion by the leather jackets took off in the’ 80s, would who not dying by John Travolta with their T-Birds jacket in Vaseline?

The stereotype of the sexy man included, par excellence, a black leather jacket. But the women were not left behind: celebrities like Madonna and Drew Barrymore were faithful followers of this trend which became rule;There are few items that arrive to stay without an expiration date in the world of fashion and the leather jacket is undoubtedly one of them.

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