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We Continue with The Pandemic of Yellow Fever. Are You an of The Affected?

If I have to pick a color I am with Yellow. but when you dress cost me: is so striking that I use it in small doses and in summer (playing with the contrast of my brown skin). But it seems that every day is gaining more ground and appears in large doses and in all types of garments. I think it great to be a trend for this Spring 2013, as SueMissIndie said it this week, but there are some who have not been able to resist and have already taken to the streets with the … it seems that yellow fever strikes again, do you affect your day to day? Continue reading

What a Single Skirt Can Do: an Infinite Number of Looks

There are times that a garment look at it and know that you like but you’re unable to bear it, it will succeed. That is what happened to me to see the campaign autumn/winter 2012 / 2013 Zara where Freja Beha Erichsen He was wearing a skin, ruffle and studded skirt. Yes, I fell in love instantly of her (garment) but I knew that: he bought me to the now and wore it during these days of late September and early October or the dejariaen Cabinet since stockings not just it I imagine. Well, these girls know how to get him out and all agree with it, but the result is completely different. Continue reading

Write Down It Well: The Pants a Pictures Will a Stick Strong, Much!

I can’t be more happy to be writing this post: one of the items that more I like they enjoy from trend this season. Yes, a few years have obsession for finding the Plaid pants (large and dark preferably) that were part of my day to day. I think that my obsession dates back a decade ago (or slightly more) when the Lois flared were the most. Yo me emperré a model dark blue and green Plaid (Scottish print but in those colors) never found. Continue reading

Trends Autumn/Winter 2012 / 2013: Everything Is Geometrically Possible

The geometry classes I were never well: was letters and everything that is out of this world I was lost. But I can now recall the subject thanks to the fashion, and it is that you for this Autumn/winter 2012 / 2013 it comes (and with great force) the geometric print. Rhombuses, squares, … would convince you? Whatever your answer, safe to just finding the garment which will accompany these cold months. Continue reading

Trends Autumn/Winter 2012 / 2013: Shelters Yes That Will Be Heated in Winter

These are not good times for those who seek a shelter of the more feminine over the footbridge. About this have been uploaded a large number of options, with proportions, and drops that are the opposite to figure. Typical of the male wardrobes that of yours. One thing is clear: this time the shelters that will be heated in winter. Continue reading

Touched and Sunk by Fashion Neon

Yes, I know, now I have told you many times and I have several posts dedicated to the neon colors, but it is that every day that passes there are more which are attached to this fashion. More and more fresh ideas that we provide. For the more daring, those who just want to give a touch of chic to the styling or those that still they don’t know how to do it. For tastes the colors and today we show different versions looks as cool. Which one do you prefer? Continue reading

Five Precious Dresses Green: Which Is Dressed in Green, by Beautiful It Has

If beautiful have you, or simply find yourself heavily favored with green, don’t miss the chance to show off a total look thanks to these green Green dresses beautiful today that we suggest. Remember all the ratchet are giving from magazines and blogs with the Mint Green, even us we could not resist the temptation to talk about the most talked about tone of the season. But green has many more shades, all of them equally appealing. Continue reading

Five Tops That Encourage Your Outfits with Heat

With the heat and the summer happens a little when it is too cold in the winter, you have enough with surviving against the bad weather up to worry about go stylish. So today we want to facilitate you to the work by choosing five tops monkeys that solve you look. With them, and combined with items as simple as white trousers, jeans shorts or a skirt of blue Dragonflight have guaranteed a look that is stylish and uncomplicated. Live tops! Continue reading

And You, Do You Dare This Summer to Wear Shorts?

Of to the bib shorts There is a gap which seems that many brands have dared to cross. And the trendsetters have dared to look cool at the moment. But I, I am clear that I do not fall in that short. And it is that while I love fashion with all my strength, there are things that I’m not willing to spend. and this trend is one of them. I really don’t think it is established with great force while the firms try to prove us otherwise (as happened with the microtops). Continue reading

Trends Autumn/Winter 2011 / 2012: Orange and Tangerine, Colors of Your Wardrobe

The Orange He was crowned as the King between the colors of the season spring-summer 2011 / 2012 and, for this winter, still going strong within the unusual range of low seasons. And despite the fact that we do not dare with this color in cold weather, we guarantee that vibrant, attractive, and very feminine looks can be achieved. Takes note of this trend. Continue reading