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Diamond and Jewelry of Christina Onassis are Auctioned

While the price of diamonds is through the roof, a spectacular selection of jewellery from the collection of the Greek multimillionaire Christina Onassis will be auctioned on June 11 in London, announced the House Christie’s on Friday (11) AFP.

Rings, earrings, necklaces of diamonds: about 40 jewels of Christina Onassis, who grew up surrounded by rich and famous and died in Buenos Aires in 1988, at the age of 37 years, will be offered in Christie’s jewelry, which calculates that will total 8 million pounds (about 27 million dollars).

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Antonio Bernardo Jewelry Come to Curitiba

Today the opening corner of jewelry Antonio Bernardo, in maison Bazaar Fashion. The franchised, Paola Malucelli’s Manager, receive guests and impose

ANTONIO BERNARDO-more than a jeweler, Antonio Bernardo is a designer.
Self-taught, he began creating jewelry in hardware store for goldsmiths and watchmakers of your father. Engineering student, if disillusioned with College and dropped his studies to dedicate himself to his creations.

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Jewelry Pawn is Easy Credit Option

Search for registers growth mode; in the region, amount of money lent jumped from R to R $13 $10.4 mi mi in the quarter

Low interest rates, lack of bureaucracy and quick release of credit are some of the factors that lead more and more people pawning jewelry. The line of pledge of Caixa Econômica Federal loans took place across the country in the amount of R $1.42 billion in the first quarter of this year, 8.8% amount above the same period last year.

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4 Foolproof Tips to Never Lose Your Jewelry

Jan 22, 2017 | The discovery, useful tips, Look how cute

4 foolproof tips to never lose your jewelry

If men love wallets, hats or ties, women have a big fall “for shoes, bags and jewelry. Each with your and OK. The problem is when these passions spread everywhere and they lost the trail. For example, we women have a tendency to drop earrings and rings in any place we work. Or then putting everything in boxes, completely losing track of what we have and eventually damage to some parts. So that this doesn’t happen again, we must think about storage solutions for the jewels. It is not difficult and it is to choose the earliest convenience to you, depending on the space you have! Meet here 4 foolproof tips to never lose your jewelry and get inspired.

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Serralves Heritage Inspires Portuguese Jewelry Collection

Six domestic brands are inspired by the beauty of the gardens and architecture of the iconic buildings of the Serralves Heritage to give rise to an exclusive jewelry collection , the Portuguese Serralves Jewellery Special Edition. A limited edition that was the result of a partnership between the Serralves Foundation and the Jewellery and Watchmaking Association of Portugal (AORP).

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Jewelry Collection Signed by Anitta Controversy in Social Networking

Announcing the release of the collection Anitta Life by Vivar, the Brazilian jewelry store received a series of criticism of its profiles in social networking. The dissatisfaction of a portion of followers was with the choice of the singer who, according to them, does not possess the profile of the jewelry.

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Jewelry Market in Japan

Hello everyone! What do you imagine when you hear the word Japan? Let me guess. I guess the first thing that comes to mind is the sakura flower, sushi, a tea ceremony, the beautiful kimonos and of course the Japanese woman who possesses fine features. But I think you did not know that Japan is still the third largest jewelry market in the world, after the United States and China. So today my post is dedicated to the jewelry market in Japan and its famous brands. Continue reading

5 Men’s Fashion Items to Leave Aside the Prejudice

It’s fact that the masculine fashion has gained more and more space. But, among new trends and brands, some prejudices still resist. If you usually use blankets, you see no problem in wearing pink pieces and/or carries your stuff in a bag for men, OK, you can move on to the next story. But if any of these 29 items makes you flip your eyes, well, these tips are really for you: it’s time to find out that fashion is also a man’s business.

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Steampunk Jewelry: Victorian Cyberpunk

I had already told you about the history of precious stones, metals and other jewelry materials.I even talked about all the latest trends and about the antique jewelry we still use today.But now I want to tell you about an unusual style, which is in modernity and captured the new styles in wedding fashion.The designers created steampunk jewelry, so that we stand out from the crowd. Continue reading

The Colombian Behind the Celebrity Jewelry Door

I’m going to tell a story whose protagonist’s name is PAULA MENDOZA. Once upon a time there was a Colombian journalism student in Bogota, his hometown. Because I wanted the life that Paula took a trip to the United States and seized the occasion to take some parts of her beloved hobby: jewelry. And that’s the way life is. When it’s written in the Stars, Destiny opens doors. To Paula, the gates of destiny as jeweler were wide open in America.

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The Exclusivity of Aresso Jewelry

Good afternoon everyone! Long ago I did not publish about the designers and brands that I find on the web, that’s why today I wanted to do it, bringing them a spectacular Spanish brand with jewelry for everyone and when I say all, I mean women, men and something very important, for babies and children , We had never mentioned that topic, so I think it’s time to dedicate a space to the little ones. Continue reading

Tips on How to Use Costume Jewelry

Most women love accessories and often have boxes or drawers full of costume jewelry. However, at the time of use, do all know what to use or not and how to properly conjugate the pieces? To give you a hand, here are some tips, which can be helpful to you…

  1. As beautiful as your jewelry, remember always less is more. Many bracelets, a very striking necklace and an XL earrings, all in one look, can be more pieces…

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Jewelry of the 50’s: A Charming and Flirty Season

Each season is a new trend search. Sometimes I sit in front of my computer to see fashionable comments, online shows and photo reports, to have a great source of inspiration. I still remember the first time I wanted to be fashionable and become a true fashionista. And since then I started to visit blogs, to see their recommendations, and this time I read an article, called: “In a new season, jewelry will have the style of the 20s, 50s, 80s and so on, being very popular … ” But what is that? And how does it look? If you have not lived through those centuries, you’re unlikely to really know. That is why today we will try and see the style of the jewelry of the 50’s. Continue reading