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Antique Jewelry: Gold And Pearls

Jewelry is known from ancient times and even the ancient Romans and Greeks used a variety of ornaments to look good.

All over the world there are many jewelry finds, dating back thousands of years and usually featuring figures of animals and birds.Later, the Greeks began making metal jewelry, using gold to create simple and strange shapes.

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All You Need to Know About Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings

Choosing engagement rings could become one of the most important decisions that couples should take alone throughout their lives. A decision that should not be taken lightly and with which one should not rush. The same goes for wedding bands .It is not necessary to choose the first that are seen to remove the task from us.They are pieces that one will carry with him all his life, therefore, it is necessary to choose them with head and considering many more factors than you can think. Continue reading

Pearls: Eternal Tendency

From the depths of the blue sea through the crowns of monarchs and necklaces of our grandmothers to our cabinets, this gem is an eternal classic, a symbol of elegance and beauty throughout the seasons and times.

The pearls are an indispensable accessory for every woman, able to give a fashionista touch to any outfit that decides to use, either for the comfortable day to day or for a formal dinner Why not learn more of the history of this eternal companion who it never gets old-fashioned?

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Scarlett Johansson and Her Engagement Ring in the Art Déco Style

Her Partner, the French Journalist Romain Dauriac, Has Opted For the Engagement For a Very Individual Piece of Jewelry: a Retro-Inspired Engagement Ring, Reminiscent of the Days of Art Déco.

On the ring finger of the left hand of Scarlett Johansson, you could see a suspicious-looking diamond ring at the premiere of under the skin, which took place on 3 September 2013 within the framework of the 70th Venice Film Festival. First in the media only vaguely about the jewel of speculated, but now it is clear: it’s the engagement ring from her partner Romain Dauriac Scarlett Johansson gave.

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How to Clean Silver Earrings

When a jewel of silver makes contact with elements like oxygen is very common start to a process of oxidation, which corresponds to that change of Hue where the workpiece is turning dark and almost black completely ruining it. This of course can be controlled and to be avoided if we learn the care and basic hygiene for these accessories. Continue reading

Steps to Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

Here are the steps to choosing the perfect diamond engagement ring and here it goes:

(1) clarity

Choosing the right Diamond , there are 4 things to keep in mind, the famous 4 C’s. The first C is so for clarity, the purity of the diamond. Diamonds are not perfect, but can be small cracks and contain enclosures. Depending on whether one can see these flaws only at 10 x magnification or with the naked eye, the categorization ranging from “flawless” (FL) to going to “gross characteristics’ (P3). An engagement diamond should correspond to at least the quality of VS1, so have no defects discernible to the naked eye.

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Rings For 2017: 10 Reasons to Love Your Hands

Fantasy rings will be included in the new season, but do not be afraid, since this type of jewelry has been in our lives for a long time, the only difference is that this time it is sure to use them correctly. The ability to wear jewelry or create a unique look with elegant rings, is an independent science. It’s important that you do not feel the need to use global trends and that you want to stand out from the crowd, it’s all about feeling your natural flavor. Continue reading

Accessories Necklace Veronica Mars Choker

This winter, fashion is very interested in our throat. While turtleneck made a comeback, is also emerging here and there chokers lace, wool or ribbon. A brief overview of the celebrities who have succumbed to this trend decisively nineties.

The first time we saw it appear funny accessory was around Lily-Rose Melody Depp’s neck during a Chanel presentation last March in New York. The daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis was entering the courtyard of the people with some semblance look straight out of the 90s: pencil skirt, crop top and tube … neck. Since then, the starlet reiterated. At the Chanel show for Paris Fashion Week in October, it had thus completed her outfit with a red ribbon encircling his throat sparrow. We thought kitsch, relegated to our teen dressing, but the neck has managed to make their way to the fashionistas of Hollywood and elsewhere. Continue reading

Learn the Best Tips to Match Your Jewelry

The jewels give elegant touches to the look, whether day to day for casual combinations or on formal occasions. They are the element of sophistication of any simple and basic look. But be careful with the combinations so that the whole look is harmonious and pay attention not to cause the opposite effect and to become inelegant.

Some tips are precious when choosing parts and do not go wrong. See 4 of them and learn how to match your jewelry with clothes and accessories! Check it: Continue reading

How To Make a Fairy Dust Necklace

Fairy dust collars are beautiful pendants, magicians, used for any occasion and now you can learn how to make a simple and cheap. Especially if you have girls or boys at home will love do to you this craft that will travel to faerieland and of imaginary beings. In this article of a we will explain, step-by-step, how to make a necklace of fadasde powder very quickly and simple and that will delight your children. Make them believe in magic by creating a pot that stores post and you will be able to use hanging from the neck, they will love it!

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Men’s Necklaces

The jewels are already part of the visual of many men, but most choose to traditional models, such as the flat pieces. We talked about men’s chains in another post, focusing more on the thickness of the jewelry and how to use them on a daily basis. These pieces tend to attract the attention of most men by ease of find options in physical stores and jewelry online. However, some people prefer male necklaces with unusual formats and using conceptual inspiration. Split up some templates that can help you compose your visual and running away from conventional accessories. Continue reading

Buy Designer Anklets Online

Anklet is a beautiful accessory that has a touch of rebellion and tradition in it. Anklet worn around one or both ankles together with toe rings sterling silver free shipping. This sweet piece of jewelry originated in Southeast Asia where it is still worn by married women as a sign of prosperity and happiness. In India and Pakistan anklets are known as Pajeb and usually made of silver or gold. Traditional ankle bracelets have figures attached to it, creating a beautiful sound while walking. These days, anklet and especially charm sterling silver anklet is receiving very popular as an accessory for all occasions. Contemporary charm anklet designs are made with a number of materials such as glass beads, pearls, precious stones and other. Anklet is one of those accessories that suit almost every outfit. From jeans to the chest from short dresses to full length gowns ankle bracelets look good with everything. Although anklet is mostly associated with young girls designer charm anklet can be worn by women of all ages, thanks to their wide range of designs. Ankle bracelets with freshwater pearls or Swarovski crystals look very elegant and suitable for older and younger women. Charm sterling silver anklet also makes for a very good gift item. Since most of them are adjustable sterling silver chains, you even need to know the ankle or foot size to make it a gift to someone.

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The Beauty of Ethnic Necklaces

In summer it is a must put on new colors and absorb all the energy of nature, sea and sun. Will serve to recharge our batteries for the next few months! One way to give us a special light is also to wear colorful necklaces, rediscovering the ‘joy of glass beads or ceramic, creating lively and original combinations.

Wear necklaces richly colored part by centuries of culture of many peoples, especially those tribal, for which the shape, materials and colors often have a tradition and a precise meaning and jewelry in addition to give beauty to the women who wear them are also the powerful amulets.

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Perfectly Imperfect Jewelry Yoko Shimizu

Will the rigor and lightness of Japan, the country of origin of the designer, dressed in Tuscan sauce, that is, the region of which they are original and I… do not know where she resides. I know that to me the jewels Yoko Shimizu like to go crazy. Read: Someone stop me or I make a killing (the euro on bank cc)!

It is a simple and harmonic style to this fantastic jewelry designers experimenting with shapes and materials, building her jewelry a piece at a time, stopping to see what effect they have on the body. Sometimes the imperfection is needed, other times must be removed, but remains something unexpected, a sort of hot voltage.

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