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Skinny Fashion Scarf

Timeless accessory and full of personality, the skinny scarf is a skinny scarf that came to leave any look more modern and sexy

It’s been sometime since I have noticed a trend that came softly. Was a famous here, another celebrity there, until the skinny scarf (scarf thin, in Portuguese), began appearing in weight through the streets of big cities like Paris, Milan and New York. Continue reading

Mens Mufflers Scarves Buying Guide

A scarf for men is not only for the cold months, when it comes to retain heat. It should rather be a regular ingredient in your outfit all year round – for it is just the right accessory for you who want to be dressed fashionable and trendy. It is perfect for leather jacket, cowboy jacket, the warm winter jacket for those extra cold months, but also for the cool t-shirt in the summer (because we know well that Denmark’s temperatures are somewhat volatile). So regardless of whether you freeze on the neck or not, so you should have more delicious, big scarves lying in the wardrobe.

Mens Mufflers Scarves Buying Guide


In addition to be indispensable when it comes to retain heat, so it is also become an accessory, which is essential if you want to make a fashion statement. With a scarf for men are showing you as good sense of men’s fashion and stylish attire. In addition, it is an accessory that you can use both to put a damper on a little too formal or fine outfit, so it achieves a more laid back and casual look, especially if you choose one of the larger or more colorful models. Conversely, an ordinary t-shirt can be more elegant, if you either add a classic and elegant one of its kind, or a trendier with e.g. print or pattern. Therefore, you should have a solid selection of different models, so you have a little for every occasion.

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