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Ballet Slippers or Sandals Strips?, The Lace Up Flats, The New Shoe of The Moment

What happens when Isabel Marant throws something at the market?, exact, that instantly becomes a hit (or that they emerge from it clones everywhere). If last year his Sandals Edris hit strong, this season it is the turn of the model Leo, some dancers merged with sandals Mary they start to emerge as it shoe of the moment. Do hollow to the! lace up flats, because this is your time! Continue reading

The Flatforms, The New Ugly Shoe That Has Unleashed The Madness (And Want to Sneak into Your Wardrobe)

You saw it coming and wanted to look elsewhere, but not, the flatforms have come to stay and they are not meant to stop conquer land this season. That mixture between sandal with Double sole and a mini platform (which in some cases has become maxi, touching a bit ridiculous), has endorsed the proposals of all brands. Here’s a new invasion. Continue reading

Instagram Is Full of Them: Join The Trend of Silver Shoes

“Shine: Shine, discharge, or reflect light”, exactly what you will do if you sucumbes to one of the This spring season trends, shoes in silver. The street style, fashion blogs, and above all, the source of photographic inspiration and social network most used ever, Instagram, already have echoed it. And you, would you decide to shine with your? metallic shoes? Continue reading

Take Advantage to Buy Ones Dr. Martens Sales Inside Little Will Be a Boom in Spain

Fashions come and go, if we could save of lifetime all the clothes we buy I’m sure that every ten years we would use that which we loved and that carried around the world. It is something that happens with almost all garments but especially with footwear, occurs with the Converse, New Balance, Nike… and of course with the Dr. Martens. After a few dark years return to appear as if it were a plague, in United Kingdom there is no one who does not step on with Dr Martens. Continue reading

News from the Outdoor Blogosphere in January

For a year, there was no news from the blogosphere. This was especially due to the lack of time on my part. This year, however, I decided to concentrate again on this blog and continue this series again. Unfortunately, in the German UL scene is just a winter break, which is why this month is slightly English-heavy. Here is a little excerpt from readable articles from this month:

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Kate Middleton Makes a Pair of Shoes

The Marks & Spencer made a copy that is to be a success

The Duchess of Cambridge became an icon of fashion and everything she wears is a sales success. Fans of the style of Kate are enthusiastic and the Brand Marks & Spencer which is currently have a success with a pair of shoes very similar to ones that the Princess has already used in several appearances. The shoes with that Kate Middleton has arisen in actual tours and public events are the LK Bennett brand.

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Oprah Winfrey’s Shoes are Magical

Almost 20 years ago, Jani Jacques bought a pair of slippers worn by the hostess in a joint sale. At the time, he could hardly imagine the importance and the preponderant role that a mere pair of shoes would play in his life.

Although fairy tales do not exist, this story has all the ingredients necessary for its realization.At the beginning of the 90s, Jani Jacques, an American like many others, was going through one of the most complicated periods of her life.Unemployed and going through a very complicated period on a personal level, by the irony of fate knew that famous host Oprah Winfrey would make a sale of solidarity.

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Selling Your Used Clothing

After desentulhar your closet, one of the things you can do with the parts that are still in good condition to sell.

Particularly, I’d rather donate directly to who will use or to thrift stores to donate the money raised with sales for any institution, but I understand the difficulty of simply letting go of pieces involving a larger investment. In this case, you can organize bazaars(just between friends or open to the public), create a blog and spreading out among acquaintances, enjoy Facebook groups or register in any site or application that proposes to broker the sale. Continue reading

A Stroll in the Vintage and the Culture Pop

Shoes lovers know that to make them required a process long and full of details. By the same people who venture into this field, you have to deal with many difficulties before achieving “perfect pair”. Designer Carolina couple knows this very well. The couple shoesbrand, seeks to conquer the domestic market and enchant the fashionistas who don’t fear color. It succeeds? You judge. Continue reading

9 Infallible Tips for Choosing the Bride’s Comfortable Shoes

If poorly chosen, the shoe instead of dreaming can become a nightmare for the bride. See how to choose the best model for every second of the party with great elegance and comfort

The shoe is one of the top items in a bride ‘s checklist.Finding a model that combines beauty with comfort and, at the same time, matches the rest of the look may not be an easy task.

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How to Choose the Right Shoes for Your Child

The model wrong can cause blisters, muscle aches and even overhead in the legs and knees. Not to make a mistake see our tips.

There are so many models of shoes available on the market which can be tricky to choose infant. Know that the shoe needs to be comfortable, functional and provide a healthy growth of the child.

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Mountain Trails in Winter: No Snowshoes

Snowshoes, or snowshoes, are easy to use and very useful for mountain routes where snow can make walking difficult.

One way to enjoy nature and the mountain is through hiking. However, in winter, due to snow, we have to sharpen our sense of orientation, because it is often difficult to follow the marked routes. But the snow not only adds this difficulty, but also causes that in order to walk we must pawn all our forces because, with each step, our feet sink. Therefore, snowshoes are useful for hikers who do not want to stop enjoying their favorite activity or for those who want to live the experience of having a good time outdoors enjoying the winter.

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Shoes and Bunions

Find out the connection

The shoes, despite being adored by many women, are often synonymous with a serious problem and that ends the good will of any woman! The problem worsens when the Hallux Valgus appear, more commonly known as bunion. The bunion is known to be bony toe inflammation caused by several factors. It has been scientifically recognized that the first of these is the foot shape:people who have a big toe longer than the rest of the toes tend to develop bunions more easily, beyond this factor the use of inappropriate shoes, and genetics Development. In general, bunions affect more women than men – for every man with deformity on the side of the finger, there are 16 cases of women. That is why it is very important to know what alarm signals, which shoes to choose and what to do to mitigate the problem and the complaints.

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What Shoes Use with White Jeans?

We are in an era where the classic blue jeans seem to be giving prominence to other styles and other colors, for example; the white jeans, which have had a growing popularity in recent years, no matter that you have to be a little more careful in its use, have become an essential part in every girl’s closet. Continue reading

Sandra CÓIas Launches Eco-Friendly Shoes

The actress designed a collection that respects the environment and animals

“Vegan and mother of actress 17 (dogs and cats)”, as she presents herself, Sandra Cóias designed a line of shoes, the “Walk in MyShoes”, which promises quality and comfort, in full respect for nature, in General, and by the animals, in particular.

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