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How to Combine Your Clothes with Sneakers

Sneakers or also known as sneakers have become the best accessory that we can have in our closet. In recent years, we have seen how they have acquired more and more importance and protagonism in both the fashion and the street runways and everything is because some sports brands decided to reinvent and recover their classic designs such as New Balance, Nike or Adidas . Thanks to this boom, women can say goodbye to the saying “to presume you have to suffer” because we can get elegant and sophisticated look with simple sneakers. Continue reading

Fair Stand For Shoes In A Castle

A Makeshift Stand Of Fair For Shoes.

Last weekend I was invited to participate in a local fair in which traders could promote our businesses, I have already commented on any occasion which, in addition to interior designer, I’m also owner of a small zapatearía female, and this seemed like a good opportunity to promote it.

In an exceptional setting such as the castle of La Bisbal d’ Empordà, a former episcopal Palace of Romanesque style which was residence of the Bishops of Girona. You can imagine the site… centuries of history in their rooms of stone walls and floors of Tuff, a building which you can not miss if you come by this area.

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Big Test: Winter’s Best Dobb Shoes

Winter has taken a firm hold on the entire country. But have you seen over the grip during your running shoes? We guide you among this year’s option.

Running in the winter can be demanding in our latitudes. In addition to the cold and darkness, it’s either wet or slippery. Still, it’s usually superb nice to come out on a run during the winter, especially if you have the right clothes and good Dobb shoes.

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Development of the Shoe

Pumps, moccasins or platform sandals. There are now a variety of different shoe types for every taste, every weather and every occasion. But what shoes were worn 50 or even 500 years ago?And how did the idea of ​​wearing shoes actually come about?
The triumph of the shoes began quite early – probably about 14,000 years ago. At about this time, people began to wrap their skins in skins and skins. This served for practical reasons such as protection from cold, heat or stony subsoils. It is true that these footwear were not very similar to the shoes we know today, but the idea of ​​the shoe was born.

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How to Tell If Shoes are Good Quality

17.3 pairs of shoes the German woman has on average – in men it is with 8.2 pairs scarcely half as many. The frightening thing about it? According to a study by the German School of Shoes, 80 per cent of Germans do not fit their shoes. What may sound harmless in the first moment can lead to major health problems, such as pain and malaise.

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How to Choose Running Shoes

It is capital for pleasure and comfort, and sometimes a headache. You need to know to choose the running shoe suitable for practicing this sport.

Frequency of trips and number of kilometers run by week, road racing or in the woods, training level… To find model at its foot, a number of parameters must be taken into account. It explains that, with the guidance of David Pochot, head of training products from asics.

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ASOS Lookbook 2011 – the Shoe Collection

Winter, you’re out. But something like this by. Christmas and new year’s Eve are behind us – and the serious, even snow needs here in the city any more. Where lights no longer burn, where Christmas markets are no longer available and where Carnival practically at the door knocking, needs ’ to be s not cold. Loose Cape or poncho and the Please ugg boots off in the crate, winter shoes only aside and pure in the casual scarf around the neck swinging. When the gorgeous weather out there, a really wonderful idea!
And Yes, what fits better as time and time again to look at the spring collections expected with anticipation and especially the shoe trends of the coming season? Nothing. And because when the last update of the asos Lookbook 2011 really escaped me and Nike, that the online store has a wonderful shoe collection in store, we want to consider but closer: Continue reading

SPFW: Shoes Spring Summer 2012

Everyone wants to know what’s going to be used next summer. The nice surprise are the colors of summer fashion 2011/2012. What colors of trends (color palettes), brazilian fashion will use?

Let’s look at the feet of the São Paulo Fashion Week!

Red, fluorescent yellow, blue, white, gold, gray, Orange, pink, earthy tones are some fluorescent colors that will be on her feet this season. White is the big sweetheart in terms of colors. The Orange will have a unique importance in this season.

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Choosing Trail Shoes

As you may have noticed, the trail is becoming more and more extensive in the world of running.

It is never easy to choose your trail shoes, which must be adapted to oneself, but also to the ground on which one is going to engage. Whether you are doing a trail in the mountains, in the countryside or on the coast, several criteria are to be taken into account. On what kind of terrain are you going to run? How far? What will the weather be like? Many questions are to be asked before embarking on the purchase of a new pair. So here are some tips. Continue reading

How to Choose Casual Sneakers

Sneakers – shoes that are practically in the arsenal of every fashion. Such popularity is due to the comfort and practicality. Before shoes are just sports and intended for use purely professional purposes, such as running, sport or fitness training, today this type of footwear perfectly complements the daily images. Stylists successfully harmonize fashion model with stylish clothes in kezhual style. However, choosing shoes for everyday socks, you need to know which model is suitable for this purpose, and in no case should be worn every day professional version.

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Enrico Coveri Shoes

Even Enrico Coveri tells her the last day of Women’s Shoes for Small Feet of Milan Fashion Week for spring-summer 2012. The fashion brand gives us a great show in the days of glamor capital of Lombardy, which have attracted the eyes of the city of Milan and the ‘attention to fashion insiders and visitors who just want to see the trend of the next season hot. Today is the last day of the fashion week in Milan Men: let’s see what we proposed in detail Enrico Coveri with its amazing collection of fashion for the male wardrobe. Continue reading

New Brand Shoes for Cheap

Tadaa, the Mannheim label footwear Mannheim is now in the online shop. The young company has designed a shoe collection for men. The first ten models can be purchased already. Casual masculine look, expressive, innovative forms – this is the handwriting of footwear Mannheim. These shoes are designed for men who define themselves not about age, but about style. There are just men’s shoes with character: handmade, masculine casual, always on the move. They exude passion, spirit, success. Anyone dressed stylishly, can complete his outfit with trendy shoes from footwear Mannheim and give impression during leisure time, as well as in the business. Most of the men’s shoes are kept in the Budapest style and are available in black, blue and brown leather or black lacquer. Thus, a part of them have the following characteristics:

-made with a broad, relatively straight bars

-high and relatively broad rounded tip

-Double-stitched construction

-Double sole

-Leather sole

-Derby style with heel cap


-Perforations ornament

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Sandals with Shaft for Ladies

If you want a good pair of sandals for the summer wardrobe, try the one with shaft. Sandals with shaft come in a large selection, with everything from the regular sandals with strap around the ankle, to the gladiator sandals that stop around the knee. In our range you will find a wide and varying range of sandals with different designs like peep toes, high heels and much more. The sandals are also available in different colors, so you can not only find the neutral colors such as black, white, gray and beige, but also more daring colors such as orange, serpent print and brightly colored patterns. The advantage of sandals with shaft, rather than flip-flops, is that they sit well on foot and therefore not so easily to fall off.

Stiletto Sandals for Women

It is important that your sandals are securely attached to the foot, and look good as well as comfortable to wear. Sandals with shaft for ladies may be a good candidate, since the shoe sits firmly on the foot and is available in a very wide range, giving you ample opportunity to find a pair that best suits your style. In our collection of sandals with shaft, you will find everything from classic sandals with a stylish look, to the more daring designs with beautiful details and attention-grabbing colors. Sandals with shaft in a strong color can be worn to add a little color to a dark wardrobe, while a pair of classic black sandals can create calm to a colorful outfit. You can experience the whole range of the beautiful and comfortable sandals with shaft right here.

Hiking Boots for Ladies

For the fresh outdoors woman who leads an active life and love outdoor lifestyle is a pair of hiking boots for ladies almost a must-have. For tours in the open is it incredibly handy to have a pair of shoes that are sturdy, supportive and has good grip in the substrate. And all three things satisfy this practical catalogue of hiking boots for ladies. This is for a collection with some of the best, most functional and practical-aesthetic boots that are on the market.

So whether you’re taking on dedicated trekking excursions abroad, enjoy a brisk walk in the nature or simply lacking a practical shoes for everyday life, you can probably find something that fits your needs and your style in the range here. The selection is incredibly broad, so here is something for virtually any style, economy and any practical needs.

Increase your performance, take care of your comfort and get at the same time, a pair of boots that are durable and that will certainly last for several seasons from the range of hiking boots for ladies on this site. Here you will find for models from a wide range of the world’s leading brands within the field.

Here is brands like Salomon, KangaROOS, Hi-Tec, Viking, BCE, Columbia, Lowa, Merell and many more. They are available in a variety of colors and shapes on, so there is probably also a model that will fall in your taste and compliment your style.