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Patek Philippe Watches

A rare rarity from the House of Patek Philippe. The glass dial offers insights into the delicate movement of the Grand complication REF.5104P.

If watch lovers earlier laid to an elegant timepiece, they went to the jewelry store of confidence, could consult and took the precious pieces scrutinized on site. But as in many areas moved the business himself of High Clocks propagated on the Internet. So, the platform for watches of chronext for a rare Patek Philippe recently reached the record price of over half a million euros. But which are to justify this price: is it the precious timepieces or something more behind? Continue reading

Digital Watch

Since the advent of electronic watches that incorporate small computers, digital displays have also been available. A digital display shows the time, simply as a number, for example, 12:08 instead of a short hand, facing the number 12 and a hand long 8 / 60 of the turn of the dial. The digital watch is the new way of telling time in 500 years.

The first digital watch, a LED press prototype in 1970, was developed jointly by Hamilton Watch Company and Electro-Data. John Bergey, the Chief of the division of Hamilton press, said he was inspired to make a digital clock in the then-futuristic digital clock that Hamilton was made for the film’s 1968 science fiction 2001: Space Odyssey. On April 4, 1972, the press was ready, made in 18-karat gold and sold for $2,100. It had a red light diode (LED) display. Continue reading

Filip, Because Smartwatch Is Also A Children’s Thing

To the overdose of smartwatches that awaits us this 2014 adds one: Filip. But in this case you will not have to put your wrist to your service because your target consumers are the kids.

Filip is an advanced clock that includes mobile connectivity and GPS to support its two main functionalities: real-time localization and communication with parents.

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Omega Globemaster Annual Calendar And The Master-Stop Watch

Omega adds a selection of prestigious new models to the Globemaster Annual Calendar collection with a new size, a new movement and a new design. Each of the watches continues the revolution Master watch manufacturer and impose high quality standards in terms of precision and performance.

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Roger Dubuis: New Watches for Divas

The “Velvet Couture mink fur” by Roger Dubuis with a bracelet from fur.

A bracelet made of mink, one another, which is covered with a silk stocking reminiscent of a corset. This provided the dials with sparkling diamonds and large Roman numerals. The three new watches of Swiss manufacture of Roger Dubuis are anything else than usual – and only thanks to a function of change of begin everyday use. Continue reading

Affordable Vintage Style Watches

Well, then I break me times. The background: I already have a post on the topic of new watches in the vintage style written – they were all under $500 at that time. In this article I would like to once again reduce the price mark-Maximum 200 euro will cost them. One of the watches is even far below 100 euros. And of course you’ll find quartz in this price category rather than mechanical watches. The mechanical watch presented in the aforementioned article Orient Bambino (amazon affiliate link) is an

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Where To Buy Vintage Watches

Definitely one of the most interesting sites that I met during my search for watches on the net is. Judicial auctions you can bid for almost everything, what has taken the justice or the bailiff in the one or other (bad finger?). Since watches are of course at. In addition to fashion brands such as Esprit, fossil & co. can be found occasionally real (vintage) honey by Rolex, Breitling and some other interesting brands. The ultimate advantage: One can assume that these vintage watches are real. They are tested in advance by Jewelers or expert and often made with the documents – including time value estimate-online. Regular look can be worthwhile here really. You just don’t expect that every week is a sweetheart here.

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Best Watches to Buy on Ebay

With the best thing about blogging is Yes, if you get positive feedback from his readers. Anyone can “Rumhaten” in the network and controls. To give praise and appreciation, seems to be much more difficult and rare. For example: “You’re doing a good job” or “The rubric is great!”. Actually that happened the other day-the “find Friday” meant. Reason enough, this little tradition bound to continue.

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Junghans Max Bill Chronoscope Watch

Sponsored post-(what’s this?)

Anyone who regularly reads Our site, knows that of Junghans watches are welcomed here. And for a simple reason: when it comes to retro-or watches in the vintage design, this traditional German watch manufacturer is really just about anything for several years. Various honors and awards show that I am not alone with this assessment. And even if not everyone can do something with the designs of solar and Junghans radio-controlled clock models, the retro models with the names max bill, master and Chronoscope move in terms of watch design on a pretty high and taste-safe level:

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Bulova Moonwatch Re-Edition

It was on the moon–like the Omega Speedmaster. Like her even a little bit.

The Bulova Moonwatch by NASA astronaut Dave Scott walked away recently at an auction. Anyone paid Considerable 1.62 million dollars for it. And now this announcement. A rogue who thinks that slyly marketing…

The “Moonwatch for everyone” comes with high-frequency quartz movement. And Bulova requires no Mondpreis for this lucky. From January 2016, she should be available for $550.

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Casio Smart Watch Android Wear

The brand developed a smart clock back for people who enjoy extreme sports and need a sturdy piece

São Paulo — Could have happened during the Baselworld, but it was during the CES technology fair 2016, which takes place in Las Vegas, in the United States, which held the presentation of your Casio first smartwatch clock, which should be available in the first half of this year, initially only in the markets of the United States and Japan. The model was called the Casio Smart Outdoor Watch WSD-F10 and is one of the first to pursue the adventure activities such as extreme sports. Continue reading

Vintage Watches for Beginners

To buy a vintage watch is not for everyone. Is it because you would hate to have round-the-clock used, another on the arm; be it because we simply do not have the time and leisure, is the topic of mechanical watches to work-including the sub-themes of repair, revision and “original or fake”.

And, at the latest since my article at Burj “3 affordable vintage watches for beginners” I know that is not everyone dares to buy an old clock. Even if it is less than 200 euros. And let’s certainly not, if under such articles are finding interest-driven and “fear-mongering” comments (from vintage dealers, who fear their margins?).

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Vintage Style Watches

Orient Bambino

This watch is a real price breaker. Most of you are probably do not know the brand Orient. And that’s too bad. Because it offers mechanical watches with an amazing price-performance ratio. And as you can see Bambino at the Orient, is still a great vintage design from the 50s/60s. All at a price to the €200. I don’t know what more to say to do so. Continue reading

Buy Vintage Watches on eBay

Today, there is still a little “Tip” in terms of in addition to the usual vintage recommendations new watches. Who dealt extensively with watches and reads much in forums, which a term this German watchmaker will very probably be (see cover photo). Everyone else can look forward to a small light bulb moment.

But in turn. If you don’t know the Find Friday-here along to the first output and some explanations.

And anyone who reads not like-well. Here it goes directly to the Watch tips: Find Friday (ebay affiliate link).

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