Charismatic Clothing Company

On engineering Street, a side street to Kungsgatan, Gothenburg houses the tailor Christoffer Gissy. An enthusiast with a love for his profession, but with a unique and charismatic style. Ever befinnandes in the borderland between tailoring and fashion creation creates Christoffer unique clothes for each customer.

The Studio, which Christopher parts with another, is very Spartan, with Dim lighting and completely whitewashed stone walls. And whose stagecraft that flows out of the unit creates a nice contrast that feels far from everything what Savile Row luxury called. Although Christopher is extremely proud of its venerable profession and speaks warmly of his buttonhole machine from the ‘ 40s is Christoffer no traditional tailors.
-There is not so much in Mr tailor shop in Sweden. With my business, I have tried to create a kind of image of the modern man. Classic, but in a free way. It reflects a lot of myself according to

After having browsed the magazine found Christopher an ad for an evening course at the cutters which then led to a year of studies in pattern construction. It was followed by dedicated studies in men’s tailoring in Boras, where Christopher after several hand-sewn costumes and undergone journeyman got it all desirable title tailor.The vast majority of which is tailoring the training ends up in theaters for sewing scenkkläder, but Christopher chose to focus on fashion:
-I’ve always been more interested in men’s fashion and weak feeling to make customised clothes. Many don’t think about is that it is a very hard job and requires patience, but I like the challenge. Every thing will be completely unique.

Gissys design language is quite classic but with quirky details. For although Christoffer largely working for skräddarhantverkets art, the clothes no Slavic rules. Sports jackets are just like the pants pretty short, and the garments are imbued with a playfulness with details placed on somewhat unexpected places. It is very 50-and 60-tal, and at the same time, a little cocky. In comparison with classic menswear sits buttons often completely crazy, creating a beautiful asymmetrical sense.

A large part of the Gissys clothing is inspired by American jazz musician Albert Ayler. After several hours with avant-garde free jazz sketches Christoffer down their ideas and out of these sketches is growing a collection out. Fashion in itself is not a major source of inspiration for Mjd:
-I’m actually quite uninterested in fashion and are not at all with can not say that I am inspired by the clothes hanging in the shops without it are entirely different things that inspire me. My next collection, for example, it is inspired by the forest.

To keep down the price has chosen to suit Christopher SEW much after the construction of a konfektionskostym. This means that Hassam uses glued inserts instead of completely resolve. The detail level is high, however, including hand-stitched buttonholes.
“It’s a subtle difference, and very difficult to see any difference. The fit is, however, exactly the same as for a custom-made suit.

The price of a suit varies a bit depending on the choice of fabric. The actual cost to sew a jacket is 5000 and a pair of pants 1800.For it is then cost of the fabric. With the fabric that Christopher will provide the total price for a complete costume 7500-8000 kr. The tailored shirts cost about 1300-1400 SEK including fabric.

The total time to get a suit usually amount to a month. The customer may only come with their wishes and then taken a suit up for a first test. After this test can be adjusted smaller details like the legs and waist. It requires major adjustments needed an extra testing, but as a rule, the customer can pick up his suit after the third visit to Gissy. The actual working time to sew a costume amounts to five business days.

Creating clothes with a perfect fit for the customer, however, is not easy, but requires time and experience.
-It is not just about taking measurements. It’s more about making a proper assessment. I always try to look at the big picture and see what, says Christoffer and then provides a quick analysis of my body shape.

Although tailored clothes are a relatively small phenomenon in Sweden so think and hope that it will be Christopher a stronger foothold in the future.
-There is a reason that someone who I actually started this. It’s a very special feeling with tailor-made. It’s not just going to the store and buy what you want.

Christoffer takes a positive view of the future, although he realizes that tailoring purely in economic terms is pretty tough.
-There is absolutely nothing you must do if you want to earn big money. It’s actually incredibly foolhardy, but at the same time, I do not know quite what it will end up in if I have a tailor shop and its own clothing brand, it’s not completely unrealistic to this becoming a functioning business. So completely out and bicycles, I am probably not.